Great Images in Time: Steve Gullick’s NIRVANA Diaries…

Posted: March 19, 2014 in (All Things) CULTURE, MUSIC
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One of the great rock photographers of a generation, Steve Gullick, has produced a priceless photo journal capturing his time with some of the greatest bands and musical personages of one of music’s most fertile, legendary eras.

Such was showcased in his Punk As Fuck exhibition in London last year, which exhibited a selection of his favorite photos from the early nineties music scene – an era that, I maintain, produced most of the greatest, most enduring, music that has ever been recorded. The main picture above is from the Melody Maker in April 1994 featuring a Gullick live photo of Cobain as the main image.


PJ Harvey in her Tottenham flat, 1992; featured in Gullick’s ‘Punk As Fuck’ exhibition in London.

Gullick captured some of the most resonant and enduring music images and moments-in-time from the last two decades, including everyone from PJ Harvey and Radiohead to the acts and shows right in the thick of the grunge scene in Seattle. The coffee-table book will contain reproductions of Gullick’s most iconic images, with additional unseen and rare photographs of influential early nineties/late eighties acts including Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam, the Jesus Lizard, Hole, Sonic Youth, The Melvins, among many others. And features a forward by the renowned music journalist Everett True.

“Nirvana entered my life in October 1990 when I heard ‘Sliver’ on the John Peel show,” the prolific photographer says on the Pledge Music site. The NIRVANA Diary (a slightly misleading title, given the other superb bands and artists) is a picture journey spanning from that time in 1990, through Nirvana’s Reading Festival appearance in 1991, right through to the famous and somewhat disturbing Eddie Vedder session with Melody Maker the week of Kurt’s death in April 1994.

I remember that Eddie Vedder interview; Cobain and Vedder were my two foremost cultural and musical heroes at the time (I was only 14);  that week one of them had died under horrible circumstances and the other appeared to be losing his mind; the Vedder photographs from that interview were disturbing, though iconic, and have stuck with me ever since.

Which is in itself a testament to how powerful music photography can be and how indelible a mark the right image can make in one’s consciousness.

This being one of the reasons a book like Gullick’s The NIRVANA Diary needs to be out there.


You can pledge your support for the book here..


Hole, 1994, photographed by Gullick.



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