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Posted: April 8, 2014 in (All Things) CULTURE, (Politics) CURRENT AFFAIRS
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As everyone probably is aware by now, Peaches Geldof was found deceased at her home in Kent earlier today. As undoubtedly sad as this is (her father Bob Geldof has said “We are beyond pain” in his emotional public statement), I don’t want to talk about her life or about Peaches Geldof as a person, as I am no fashion expert nor celebrity lifestyle follower and I only know her as a newspaper celebrity.
And besides, the newspapers, magazines and websites are about to be awash with commentaries about her life and passing, about fifty percent of which will be by people who didn’t have anything particularly nice to say about her when she was alive, the same sorts of writers and social commentators who’ve made a career out of taking periodic pot-shots at famous people, particularly women, for the sake of celebrity or tabloid ‘journalism’ and then conveniently backtracking when obituary time comes.
The same sorts who essentially did the same thing when Peaches’ mother Paula Yates died in 2000.

This post isn’t really about her as a person or about her terribly-premature death, but about how poignant and curious her final tweet has proven to be. A prolific Twitter user, Peaches Geldof happened to post an old photograph of she and her mother, the TV presenter Paula Yates, who also died young in September of 2000. While information on the cause of death or the events of Peaches Geldof’s final few days aren’t known at this stage, it’s highly curious that she was clearly thinking about her mother’s death just shortly before her own.

This is an area of general fascination to me, as it touches upon issues of the subconscious or superconscious mind and precognition; do elements of our complex ‘minds’ perceive at a higher or more “all-seeing” level of awareness than our cluttered, conscious minds and do we often act in small ways or big ones from this higher sphere of unconscious awareness? I bring this up becasue there have been instances in my own life where I’ve wondered why I’ve done certain things that I’ve done; things that seemed illogical or arbitrary at the time but later proved to be meaningful. I don’t want to be specific about what those things were, but it’s happened to other people around me too.

Given that this week has been the 20th anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain, which I’ve written about extensively on this blog, it was also something I wondered about with Kurt in the months and weeks leading up to his own death; why he kept posing with guns in photographs and why especially in a French magazine photo-shoot just weeks before his death, he was posing with a rifle in his mouth. While it’s possible that he could’ve already entirely consciously been planning his own departure, it also occurred to me that this might’ve been entirely subconscious behaviour driven by a part of his mind that already knew where things were going even as his primary/waking consciousness was only dimly aware.

I’ve driven myself up the wall one or two nights in my life by wondering if my own subconscious or unconscious mind – and all of our subconsciousness, for that matter – has its own plan or agenda for my life and whether my conscious mind is merely a helpless passenger. How would I know? How would you know?

What if your subconscious motivations are completely at odds with your conscious desires and intentions? I mean, what the fuck would you do about a problem like that?

Thankfully I did not go crazy from this thought-process (at least I don’t think I did); I simply stopped torturing myself with it and moved on. But incidents like this tend to remind me of that thought process and wonder what the truth is about the nature/relationship of the subconscious awareness in regard to conscious decision-making. Because it’s worth noting just how often someone will say that such-and-such a person just days or weeks before they died said or did something that – with hindsight – seemed to curiously hint at what was coming.


The photo of Peaches and her mother Paula Yates that Peaches Geldof posted on Sunday.

The fact that Peaches posted up a very sweet picture of she and her mother, who died when she was just 11, just hours before her own passing makes me wonder if some department of her complicated mind knew this was to be her final public act; her final, poignant pebble thrown out into the vast water of cyberspace and public consciousness for all time.

If so, it’s a fascinating, as well as poignant, element to an otherwise very sad story.

It also reminds me of something the brilliant British comedienne, Roisin Conaty once said in one of her acts, regarding her uneasiness using Twitter; the joke was basically that she (Roisin) was finding it hard to post tweets because she always wondered if she might die that day and her final tweet – her “final words”, as it were, out there for all time in the public domain – would be something either stupid or horribly mundane.

It’s a very modern, 21st century hang-up and a comment on how pervasive modern social media is in people’s lives. The amount of utter bullshit – about 80% of what people post on Twitter or even Facebook is, of course, utter garbage – almost guarantees that a lot of people’s final words into the world, their final footprint in the sand, will be something entirely stupid or pointless.

For Peaches Geldof, at least, it wasn’t the case. On the contrary, that last tweet, that poignant photograph, has almost a prophetic poetry to it.

Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof, 13 March 1989 – 7 April 2014


  1. loz says:

    This was great. I’ve often found myself in the thought process of subconscious and predetermined outcomes in my life. So tragic for this whole family who have seen enough death with Yates and now Peaches.


    • Thanks Loz. It’s a big one – the subconscious motivations versus conscious intentions thing. I thought about doing a real, proper article about that, but I’m a lazy, lazy man. Speaking of Yates, I’ll just ask this because I’ve been wondering – I’m sure there was an interview Paula Yates did with Kurt Cobain in 1992, but I can’t find reference to it anywhere on You Tube. Do you happen to remember that happening? Or am I just imagining it?


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