KATASTROPHY WIFE’s ‘ALL KNEEL’: 10th Anniversary Release…!

Posted: April 15, 2014 in MUSIC
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A decade on from it’s critically acclaimed UK release, Katastrophy Wife releases the “All Kneel – 10th Anniversary Edition” for Record Store Day on April 19th. The band’s 2003 album is also making its long-awaited international debut on vinyl and digital release in early May.

Katastrophy Wife (or “Kat-as-trophy-wife”), aside from having possibly the best band name ever, also has one of the very best front-people of the last few decades in the form of former Babes in Toyland singer Kat Bjelland. Babes in Toyland remain one of my all-time favorite bands, their singular style and sound and Kat Bjelland’s distinctive, trademark frontwomanship being one of my fondest memories of what was my generation’s own rock golden-age.

Bjelland’s post-Babes musical activity has proven just as worthy of attention, forming Katastrophy Wife at the turn of the century, with the 2001 debut album Amusia, followed up in 2003 with All Kneel.

All Kneel is a superb album, simultaneously feeling like a trip back in time to when music was simply better and yet also a demonstration of what we should wish rock could be like in the twenty-first century. In All Kneel, Katastrophy Wife managed to be both sweet and violent, dark and tuneful, over the span of a single album, as has always been Kat Bjelland’s trademark.


Katastrophy Wife

Photography Credit: H. Mack

In an era of decline in rock music, Kat Bjelland’s second band is a reminder of what brilliant rock music can sound like, and All Kneel is one of the best, most underrated releases of the 21st century.

The fan-favorite Liberty Belle is pure punk-rock with a catchy-as-fuck chorus. Meanwhile the angel-voiced chorus to Money Shot is beautiful, pure Babes in Toyland-esque, as is the classic Kat-scream at the end. Sweetheart is proper kick-arse, mosh-pit stuff, that you just want to rock out to, the kind of track you just want to see performed live.

Blue Valient, with Kat accompanied by acclaimed singer-songwriter Carina Round, is a standout moment; evocative and harshly beautiful, featuring Kat’s sweetest vocals building to a super-chorus reminiscent of all the best bands of alt-rock’s prime era. It’s music with acheing, sweet heart, but yet compromises none of Kat’s incisive edge. Babydoll is brilliant, having major punch to it, but also offset by quieter, delicate guitar work, and fronted by sheer, trademark Kat vocals, every blood-curdling scream reminding me of both what was awesome about Babes in Toyland and also of why we need a band like Katastrophy Wife around today. Sheer punk-rock wickedness, aided by kick-arse drumming.

Suffrage is a trademark tune typical of Kat’s writing, in that you think you’ve got the song worked out with its mad-preacher shouted lyrics, driven by pounding drums and crashing symbols, but then it drops into this haunting, brilliant bridge permeated by Kat’s wordless, addictive and gorgeous harmonies.

Meanwhile Layne To Rest, a total grunge-fest, was Kat’s tribute to the brilliant Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley, who’d tragically died in 2002 while material for All Kneel was being written. What’s so clever about the song is that it sounds so much like something you could imagine Layne singing; it’s as close to an early-nineties Alice in Chains sound as Kat Bjelland could’ve gotten, making it a fitting homage to her friend as well as a wicked track in itself.

Marking this 10th Anniversary release, the album comes complete with the complimentary Bonus Album For Your Patients, a 10-track compilation of previously unreleased, rare and exclusive bonus recordings, including alternative takes on existing album tracks, which makes for a fascinating companion to the main album.

A 1000-copy Limited Edition, coloured, 180-gram vinyl, plus the For Your Patients download link, will be available April 19th exclusively for Record Store Day, and is one of the most exciting elements of this year’s plethora of special releases.

Find your local participating store here: www.recordstoreday.com

The 2 CD and Digital releases follow on May 5th, available on iTunes, Amazon and all the usual outlets.

All Kneel Vinly


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