KATASTROPHY WIFE’S ‘PREGNANT’ Remains a Mystery, But Let’s Celebrate ‘ALL KNEEL’…

Posted: April 15, 2014 in MUSIC
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All Kneel Vinly
Disappearing projects or albums long rumored but never materialising are not entirely a new phenomenon, neither are highly-anticipated releases that take an exceedingly long time to emerge, one of the more famous examples being the decade-plus it took for Guns N’ Roses to release Chinese Democracy. But a current example of note is Katastrophy Wife’s mystery third album, initially planned for release in 2008 under the speculative title ‘Pregnant’.

A subsequent release date was announced for 2009, but that didn’t materialise either. Very little is known or has been announced from any relevant source about the project; so fans of the band or of Kat Bjelland’s work will simply have to wait and see what happens and merely hope for new material some time soon.

However, Katastrophy Wife fans can console themselves in the meantime with the fact that the band’s second album, 2003’s superb All Kneel, is getting a “10th Anniversary” record release in conjunction with this year’s Record Store Day on April 19th.

The album, for which former chief Babe in Toyland Kat Bjelland gathered a band featuring drummer Darren Donovan, bassist Andrew Parker and Vanessa White on additional guitars, was critically acclaimed and included the fan-favorite Liberty Belle, along with superb material like Blue Valient and Ice Cream and Cigarettes, as well as being noteworthy for Layne To Rest – Kat Bjelland’s tribute to her friend, the late Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley.

Marking this 10th Anniversary release, the album comes complete with the complimentary Bonus Album For Your Patients, a 10 track compilation of previously unreleased, rare and exclusive bonus recordings, including alternative takes on existing album tracks Sweetheart and No Thing by Babes in Toyland Nemesisters Producer Tim Mac and an electro-remix of Liberty Belle from Scottish indie favorites Bis.

The 1000-copy Limited Edition, coloured, 180 gram vinyl, plus the For Your Patients download link, will be available April 19th exclusively for Record Store Day.

Find your local participating store here: www.recordstoreday.com


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