Nirvana, Soundgarden, Katastrophy Wife, Hendrix and More… It’s Record Store Day!

Posted: April 16, 2014 in MUSIC
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Inspired initially by Free Comic Book Day, the now-annual institution of Record Store Day takes place this 19th April in various countries. Record Store Day 2014, as was to be expected, already has a bunch of interesting releases in store (or literally IN store) for collectors and aficionados, including items from Nirvana, The Doors and the Pixies.

Having come into being in 2007 when over 700 independent stores in the USA came together to celebrate their unique place in culture, Record Store Day saw the UK soon following suit and 2014 marks the seventh annual celebration of the UK’s unique independent music sector; a special day when all independent record stores come into solidarity with artists to celebrate music itself, with special vinyl releases and various promotional products produced exclusively for the day.

I’ve come across some negative commenters in a few comments sections about these kinds of releases being pointless, money-making schemes designed to rip people off. That’s kind of missing the point; clearly many or most of these sort of reissues and special edition releases are targeted at record collectors, aficionados or super-fans, who are willing to fork out. It’s also a celebration of the institution of the extinction-facing independent record store in this modern age.

It’s not like music fans who don’t want to fork out for collector’s items don’t have any other way to access the music; for example, the Pixies are releasing their new album on vinyl first for Record Store Day, but the mainstream, standard release will follow a week or two later and everyone’s happy.

Among a list too extensive to mention fully, standout items from this year’s releases include a 7″ vinyl release of Nirvana‘s deleted Pennyroyal Tea single from 1993’s In Utero album, REM‘s Unplugged show on 12” LP, David Bowie’s Rock n Roll Suicide as a 7” picture-disc, The Cure/Dinosaur Jr with a Side By Side series 7″ Vinyl, and Frank Zappa’s Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow/Down in the Dew 7″ Vinyl.


Also being reissued is The Doors Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine, being reissued on amber vinyl, the 1972 Elektra Records release having been the first Doors release after the death of Jim Morrison.

Cult 60’s garage rock band The Sonics are releasing an unheard track on Muddy Roots Music Recordings, Bad Betty, with Sub Pop kings Mudhoney on the flip to this 7” split with I Like It Small.

A week ahead of the official release date and exclusively for Record Store Day, the Pixies make their hotly-discussed new album Indie Cindy available as a special, limited edition, 2-disc, deluxe gatefold, 180-gram vinyl set, available solely from independent record stores participating in Record Store Day around the world. In all other formats the album is released on April 28th in Europe/UK, 29th in the US. It is the first Pixies album since 1991.

All Kneel Vinly

A 1000-copy Limited Edition, coloured 180 gram vinyl of Katastrophy Wife’s superb 2003 album All Kneel is also released on April 19th, ahead of a 10th Anniversary special edition of that album in other formats in early May, showcasing some of Kat Bjelland’s best work post-Babes in Toyland.

Jimi Hendrix – LIVE AT MONTEREY is reissued in 12″ vinyl, with material including Like A Rolling Stone, Hey Joe, The Wind Cries Mary, Purple Haze.


Joan Jett and the Blackhearts’ Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth is being issued in limited 12″ pink vinyl format, and includes Cherry Bomb, Frustrated, Long Time, New Orleans, Push and Stomp, among other tracks.

In addition, Soundgarden’s super-classic Superunknown album, now celebrating its twentieth anniversary, is being issued on April 19th as a set of five limited edition 10-inch vinyl records, featuring the Superunknown singles – including Black Hole Sun, My Wave, Fell On Black Days and the awesome Day I Tried To Live – and their related B-sides from 1994/5. This package will include freshly interpreted artwork from Josh Graham.


There’s also a lot of less interesting stuff being put out too, particularly as there’s reportedly more RSD activity from chart and pop acts this time too, which was perhaps inevitable. Still, from the list above you can see there’s plenty of interesting music involved; and besides that, it’s more about the record stores as an institution or at least it’s supposed to be...


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