FOR YOUR PATIENTS – New Katastrophy Wife Bonus Album!

Posted: April 17, 2014 in MUSIC
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All Kneel - Cover

As part of the 10th Anniversary re-release of Katastrophy Wife’s second album All Kneel, a bonus album For Your Patients is being included. A download link for the digital compilation is available on April 19th as a companion to the 1000-copy limited-edition vinyl of All Kneel released for Record Store Day.

The 10-track compilation features previously unreleased, rare and exclusive bonus recordings, including alternate takes on existing Katastrophy Wife tracks, including work by Babes In Toyland’s Nemsisters producer Tim Mac and by nineties indie icons Bis.

The Tim Mac version of Sweetheart is a snazzier, more danceable take than the grittier feel of the album version, while the Spatula remix of the same song accomplishes the almost unthinkable in making Kat Bjelland sound like a Hip-Hop artist.

The stripped version of Blue Valient sounds very different without the meloncollie (yes, that’s how I spell it – the Smashing Pumpkins way!) guitars on the album version, but gives more prominence to Kat Bjelland’s vocal and is an interesting listen. The Jon Glass remix of the same song, meanwhile, has a much more elaborate production than the standard mix.

Meanwhile the electro-remix of Liberty Belle by Scottish indie favorites Bis changes the feel of that song completely, putting the essentially punk-rock song through an Industrial filter; but it works better than I would’ve imagined on paper.

For Your Patients makes for an interesting companion to the All Kneel album. It’s always interesting as a musician to listen to multiple visions or re-imaginings of existing material; meanwhile for Kat Bjelland or Katastrophy Wife fans, it makes for some curious revision to songs they already know well in their existing forms. Well worth a listen.

Audio previews of the entire release are available here.

April 19th aside, however, For Your Patients is also part of the All Kneel 2-CD release on May 5th, along with the digital release that is available via all the standard on-line music stores.


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