Mutant brothers and sisters, I am happy to announce the first Burning Blogger podcasts. Yes, the X-Men: Days of Future Past film was just too big a deal to limit to only a blog post – instead it was the catalyst for this blog’s first foray into the world of podcasting.

Joined by Mumra2k of, our joint X-Men: Days of Future Past podcast can be downloaded (free) here as an mp3; simply follow the link and click on the download option. Above is the video version created by Mumra2k and appearing on his You Tube channel, and below is the embedded player if you prefer to listen to it right here.

Discussing altered timelines, Mystique, Blink, Charles Xavier and Magneto, Sentinels and all the other key elements of the film, with everything from Holocaust analogies, Avengers comparisons, “geek racism”, Josef Mengele, JFK and Nixon along the way, this was the only way to begin our podcast collaborations.

Download the mp3 and enjoy! And share the link with your friends! And here by the way is the link to our How NOT to Talk About  X-Men: Days of Future Past podcast, which basically discusses everything but the movie.


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