Superheroes aren’t just the stuff of comic books and fantasies, you know.
We already know that something like Batman could be possible given a billionaire with enough incentive (and both the physique and cave-converting capacities to match) and that Iron Man could feasibly be a reality in the future, though again given a billionaire and a sufficient level of technological capabilities. And there are those like the Black Widow, for example, who remain well within the realms of possibility. Alas, X-Men’s Mystique won’t be a possibility :(.

Videos recently published by Stanford University purport to offer real-world explanations for the possibility of two other iconic comic-book favorites, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk.

In the videos (below) Stanford biologist Sebastian Alvarado examines the fictional origins of the characters and using real-world examples to posit how their abilities might work in reality. In regard to Captain America for example, Mr Alvarado focuses on ‘photo-sensitive carriers’ of drugs that are already present in scientific research today.

Of course the thought has crossed the mind of most comic-book readers at some point or another as to whether there might ever be real-world ‘superheroes’ (emphasis on the ‘super’) aside from mere Kickass styled costumed vigilantes of which there are already a few – and with highly limited impact on the general level of crime in their given cities, it has to be said (but top marks for effort).

With no sarcasm intended at all, it genuinely would be a good idea for a super-powered being independent of governmental or legal restrictions to fly about the planet putting shit right, like Captain America famously giving Hitler a good punch in the face or Superman diverting nuclear weapons into space. Superman, let it be said, could disarm ISIS in a couple of days (and Captain America might’ve found some way to prevent the 2003 Iraq Invasion in the first place; can’t imagine Steve Rogers being happy to see troops sent into the desert to fight a non-existent threat), while the Avengers would’ve probably found Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-370 by now. Just a thought.

At any rate, what this blogger wants to know is how to acquire/develop the teleporting powers of Nightcrawler, the mastery of magnetism belonging to Magneto or frankly the Power Cosmic of the Silver Surfer. If you happen to look into those possibilities, Mr Alvarado, I’ll be all ears…


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