Coming Soon, the MOVIE EVENT of the Year- ISIS and the ‘Flames of War’!!

Posted: October 20, 2014 in (Politics) CURRENT AFFAIRS, FILM
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In light of the continuing travesty that is ISIS (or Islamic State) and the now international conflict in Iraq and Syria that has no end in sight, now is a good time to remind ourselves of how much of an amateurish, intellectually retarded organisation ISIS is – as opposed to the allegedly “slick”, Internet-savvy operation numerous journalists frequently paint it as.

While ethical arguments continue over whether sick propaganda videos of journalists and aid workers being beheaded should be shown in Western media or whether this is simply playing into the hands of terrorists, it occurs to me that what certainly SHOULD be shown more is this video above; no, not a promo for a new console game, but the embarassing ‘trailer’ for the propaganda ‘film’ that IS/ISIS intends to put out into the world.

If you haven’t seen it yet elsewhere, then you’re in for a treat; especially if you’re one of those who loves an intriguing, exciting trailer ahead of a big movie release (though be warned, kids: The Phantom Menace this is not).

Al Hayat Media, the English-language media branch of Islamic State, released the video a month ago and describes it as a ‘trailer for an upcoming movie entitled Flames of War’. The epic promo, which straight-to-video, B-movie action film makers the world over would be proud of, ends with a title card reading “Flames of War: Fighting has just begun.”

This extraordinarily tacky video is the one that should be broadcast when mainstream news station’s talk about IS/ISIS. The video has all the vision and sophistication of something wanked out by a Metal Gear Solid fixated teenage boy on a laptop with access to Windows Movie-Maker. Tacky, tasteless and unattractive, it’s remarkable that their ‘media department’ would think it would make an effective call to arms; but then I’m probably not realising how many young men might find that kind of footage somewhat engaging and/or inspiring.

Anyway the point is that, instead of the “Jihadi John” execution videos, this is the ISIS video that should be shown on the news; again and again. With its really bad CGI flames and multiple dramatic explosions and all the rest of it, this is how Islamic State should be depicted; it looks like something the old Monty Python crew would’ve come up with if it was parodying Holy War, yet the irony is this is intended as a serious statement and is therefore parodying itself (without realising).

Unlike the relatively simpler days of a sedate-looking Osama bin Laden recording a sober and simple message on VHS and from a cave, one increasingly has the impression that the younger, media-savvy minds within Islamic State’s ranks are the Westerner recruits who’ve grown up not just on web culture and social media, but on popular (warfare themed) console games, explosion-heavy action movies and other tropes from the tackier spectrum of the modern entertainment industries. Having said that, given some of the unofficial footage we saw of certain groups of US troops going into Iraq in 2003, this is probably the kind of war-glorifying video those guys would’ve made too if they’d had any need to.

I’m making light of it, I know; and I know there’s an underlying seriousness to this video and to anything to do with ISIS. And I know that to some, this video isn’t funny at all. One does wonder what this ‘film’ is going to consist of? I can’t imagine what would constitute a more lengthy feature beyond the basic tone and message of what’s in the ‘trailer’; a fly-on-the-wall documentary with a heartwarming narrative maybe?

ISIS… in ‘Flames of War’! (Probably not) Coming to a cinema near you soon.


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