Are These the Guys NATO and the West are Falling Out With Russia For…?

Posted: December 8, 2014 in (Politics) CURRENT AFFAIRS
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They say pictures speak a thousands words and in many cases that’s true.
And the picture above of anti-Russian, Ukranian forces may communicate something about the nature of what’s going on in that country, contrary to the mainstream news agenda’s portrayal of the situation as a plain-cut case of pro-European and democratic Ukraine on one hand and aggressive Russian domination and interference on the other.

The source for the picture, by the way, is this Russian language site. If there’s one thing people should have learnt from Iraq, Libya and Syria, it’s not to trust the mainstream news narrative on major international crises or conflicts. That point doesn’t only apply to the Middle East; NATO and the West’s increasingly antagonistic attitude towards Russia in recent months over the crisis in the Ukraine is both conspicuous and enormously hypocritical. Neither NATO nor the US can truly claim any moral high ground when it comes to criticizing ‘intervention’ in foreign countries.

It was evident months ago when the Crimean Crisis first began to be reported that among the most influential anti-Russian forces at work in Ukraine were what could legitimately be called ‘fascists’ or even ‘Nazis’ with highly questionable ideologies. Yet these are the sort of people the Western governments and media tell us are the ‘good guys’. Which is not to dismiss the entire 2014 Ukrainian Revolution as having been furthering the causes of unsavory parties (just like the entirety of the groups making up the Syrian rebels aren’t all ultra-violent, fanatical terrorists), but merely to illustrate how slanted the mainstream narrative has become in almost all coverage of this type of international situation.

It highlights the folly and the danger in Western politicians’ lazy tendency to view all and any ‘democracy’ as laudable and as preferable to all and any ‘dictatorship’ or perceived aggression. A ‘democracy’ in and of itself isn’t guaranteed to do good things either for its people or for the larger world.

Adolf Hitler came to power initially via a democracy, after all. And bear in mind that our governments and mainstream media spent significant time and resources trying to convince us that Muammar Gadaffi was trying to slaughter his own people (almost certainly not true) or that Bashar Assad and the Syrian Army were committing war crimes (highly questionable) or that the Syrian Rebel groups were “the good guys” nobly fighting for freedom (highly spurious), or that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was involved in 9/11, and so on and so on.


The point being that our governments and media (and all  governments, for that matter) are very good at measuring the ‘truth’ very carefully, presenting a predetermined picture of any given situation while omitting other elements of the same situation depending on what the agenda of the day is. In that context, it’s no surprise to note how little was made in mainstream news coverage (at least that I was aware of) of the Nazism aspect that is a clear part of the Ukrainian standoff with Russian Separatists, just like very little was said until relatively recently about the rampant extremism that characterised many of the rebels fighting against Assad and the Syrian Army or about the nature of the armed gangs trying to overthrow Gadaffi in Libya.

Which begs many questions: are there powers in the European Union, America and NATO that want to allow a growth of fascism and a new Nazism in Eastern Europe? And did those same powers want the utter collapse of Iraq so that Islamic fascism could run riot over there in the form of Islamic State/ISIS? And is that why we bombed Libya and helped murdered Colonel Gadaffi – to create the same climate in that country too? Just read about the state of Libya in 2014, by the way; it’s grim reading (and then read about the quality of life in the country under the so-called ‘evil dictator’ Gadaffi).

And is that the point of the War in Syria too? Destabilisation, destruction, vacuum and then rising fascism?

Do you ever get the feeling that someone is carving out very dark, bottomless pits across the world and that the majority of people are being completely conned in regard to what’s really going on?


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