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Posted: January 14, 2015 in (Politics) CURRENT AFFAIRS
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It’s a perverse thought that while over a million citizens were marching together in Paris and other cities in a perceived defense of freedoms and liberties, thousands of armed soldiers were about to be deployed into the streets in a move that bears a striking resemblance to the beginnings of Martial Law in Europe.
There is a very specific reason to suspect London may be next.

French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian declared on Tuesday that 10,000 Army troops would be deployed into the streets to secure so-called “sensitive points”. Reports estimate that some 5,000 of the 10,000 troops will be deployed to the country’s “Jewish schools, synagogues and neighborhoods, this being to safeguard France’s Jewish community from the perceived threat of terrorism or hate crimes (though curiously there’s no mention of any protection for mosques or Muslim targets, which have already been attacked following the Charlie Hebdo killings). Safeguarding members of the Jewish community may well be very wise, even necessary, but the numbers of soldiers seem excessive to say the least.

And why so many armed troops are being deployed across the cities is rather unclear; only three people were allegedly involved in the Paris attacks and are all dead already. The other individual mentioned has been widely reported to be in Syria by now. Even if there are more terror operatives at large in France (there is a suggestion that six  supposed terror operatives may be at large), they are unlikely be anything like numerous enough to warrant such a massive deployment of troops. Justifiably, some observers are wondering if some kind of massive event may be looming on the horizon, known about by French intelligence but not yet announced to the public. Whether that event involves Islamic State, Al-Qaeda or something else entirely is unknown.

This entire, miserable unfolding story since the Charlie Hebdo attack, particularly given the intimate Israel connection now further amplified by the Paris Kosher store victims being taken to Israel for a highly emotive funeral ceremony (and Netanyahu propaganda exercise), made me think immediately of a story from late last year; a story that may have passed under the radar of a lot of people and was not covered in the mainstream corporate media. On December 1st 2014 I came across a piece on the Films For Action website titled ‘Why Are London’s Police Traveling to Israel?’

Quoting its source, it highlighted that in the six-month period from 1st March 2014 to 31st August last year, eighty of London’s Metropolitan Police staff had gone to Israel for unknown purposes. The Metropolitan Police would not reveal the purpose of the trips, nor would it identify the ranks of the police personnel involved. A reason given for withholding the information was that it would “have the effect of compromising law enforcement tactics and strategies”. What “law enforcement tactics and strategies” specifically?


This is curious in itself; but recently it was revealed that the Israeli Army was systematically training US police forces in tactics and strategy they themselves had honed and developed as an occupying army in Palestine; a fact that could be said to be especially interesting in light of widespread revelations about US police brutality last year, as well as the immunity of offending police officers from legal consequences. It also begs the question now as to whether European  police forces have received any similar training? Why *were* London police personnel in Israel last year and so secretive about it?

Incidentally, the period that the London police staff were in Israel happened to coincide with ‘Operation Protective Edge’, the bombardment and massacre of over 2,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, in the Gaza Strip. What could the London Metropolitan Police have been learning  in Israel at that time? London, after all, is nothing like Gaza.

This video below is of a talk given on March 3rd last year by Eran Efrati, which includes information that United States police forces were being trained by the Israeli Army. Eran Efrati is a former IDF soldier and the talk was filmed in Denver, Colorado.

I had found this information interesting at the time; but now that French soldiers are being deployed en masse in a society that this passed week has been emphatically celebrating its liberty and freedoms, one has to suspect that something much more is unfolding than what is presently apparent. And whatever it is is unfolding behind the smokescreen of a ‘terror threat’ that has at least in part been artificially created in order to evoke widespread public acceptance and support for this mobilisation. In other words, the collective psychological trauma over the Paris attacks and the extraordinary sense of national unity and affirmation that the terrible event inspired creates a perfect hysteria in which a government can take actions that might otherwise not be so easy to take.

What it looks like at this stage is a kind of testing of the waters; a warming up of the population to the reality of armed troops in public places and seeing how the people react.

What’s happening in France might be being watched and assessed by other Western nations who may be preparing for something similar in the near future. Because the question remains: what were  London police personnel doing in Israel last year?

The UK government has been insisting repeatedly in recent weeks, and especially since the Paris horror, that a major terror attack on the UK is imminent; that may be true, but given that last week’s Paris attack clearly wasn’t the clear-cut terrorist atrocity it has been portrayed as, we have to be very suspicious of whatever it is that is being envisioned or even planned. Bear in mind that last week’s attack on Charlie Hebdo, as deadly and disgusting as it was, was a false-flag operation; and that no one in the mainstream media seems willing to talk about the suicide of police commissioner Helric Fredou virtually at the same time as the three terror suspects were being hunted down.

The sight and the implications of the army being mass deployed across a democratic society is a troubling one with grim implications. I read someone compare it to a “scene out of Nazi Germany”; actually it resembles more something out of Star Wars. And the Star Wars analogy isn’t me being facetious; in the Star Wars prequels the vast army of Clone Troopers was embraced as a fighting force to defend the great Republic from a large (though artificial) enemy, when in reality the same soldiers were later used as the very instrument for carrying out the dismantling of that Republic and were then deployed as the enforcers of the new imperial order.

We’ll have to watch to see how long the deployment of soldiers in Paris and beyond lasts for; but the sense is growing that people not just in Paris and France but everywhere else too are being warmed up for something, prepared for something, serious. The thought of cities like Paris and London – cardinal world cities of culture, history and social diversity – being occupied by armed troops is unsettling to say the least. I never used to do the ‘new world order is coming’ line; but since the French-led atrocity in Libya and the international campaign against Syria, I’ve had to reconsider. And nothing I’ve seen since has made me think otherwise.

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