Posted: April 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

the burning blogger of bedlam


To mark this Easter Sunday, I’ve decided to take the chance to pay respect to a largely forgotten film that no one ever talks about, but that I think it utterly worth talking about. That film was called The Greatest Story Ever Told, a 1965 Biblical epic produced and directed by George Stevens.

Now first off – I’m not big into Biblical films and I tend to dislike overly evangelical works of any type. In fact I resent any art that is really just sneaky evangelism masquerading as something else and I’m instinctively turned off when anything gets preachy. There’s a reason Biblical films have been so out-of-favor for decades now; the social and cultural climate has changed very much since the hey-dey of the Biblical Epics in the fifties. A more liberal film and entertainment industry in general displaced the more conservative old-guard a very long…

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