100 years ago there was a war; a rather devastating war that wiped out half the male population of Europe. It was called ‘The Great War’, now commonly referred to as World War I.
At the time, it was even optimistically referred to as “the war to end all wars”. However, as the Second World War – occurring within the lifetime of most of those who fought in World War I – demonstrated, the capacity and the will of nations to go to war with each other was no thing of the past.

Speculation, predictions, even prophecies, of a Third World War have been around for decades, based on various ideas or forecasts. In fact, some believe we are already *in* a Third World War in all but name, and that among other things the War in Syria, Iraq, Libya and now Yemen are all battlegrounds in that conflict, with the Ukraine Crisis added to the list too. Yet the thing that unifies all of these ‘fronts’ is that they were all externally generated and deliberately brought about.

The large-scale ‘Jade Helm’ drills due to take place across seven American states imminently have a lot of Americans worried; this is parallel to an equivalent ‘training exercise’ due to occur in Canada called ‘Maple Resolve’, which involved thousands of NATO personnel including hundreds of UK military personnel.

But that’s not all of it. In addition to whatever it is that’s going on in America;

  • NATO is running its own drills in Europe, comparable in scale to what is being reported in regard to Jade Helm. We’re looking at thousands of military personnel being mobilised in these exercises, reported to involve American battle-tanks, German air-defense units and NATO warplanes. Some 13,000 army personnel and reservists are said to be involved in exercises in Estonia, including personnel from America, the UK, Germany, Belgium and several other nations.
  • The Lithuanian Army is also conducting its own large-scale drills, under the title of ‘Lightning Strike’.
  • Meanwhile in Norway, 10 NATO countries and about 5000 personnel are involved in Operation ‘Dynamic Mongoose’, with exercises involving submarines and other activity.
  • As if that wasn’t concerning enough, Russia and China are believed to have activated their own ‘war games’ in the Mediterranean, involving Russian and Chinese warships and live firing exercises. Never before in history has China been involved in such exercises in this part of the world.
  • Then there was the exercise ‘Joint Warrior’, which ran from 11-24th April off the coast of Scotland; this NATO exercise consisted of over 50 warships, as well as submarines and 70 aircraft, and involved some 13,000 personnel from 14 countries.
  • Elsewhere, Japan is also engaging in its own naval drills.

All of that listed above is just the tip of the iceberg, however; there’s been more but I’m getting bored of listing them. For the record, this blog is a very good resource for keeping track of these things. So what is going on with all of this? In the mainstream news and media in the UK and Europe, there has been no reference at all to any of these mobilisations or military exercises: a total blackout. Remarkably, even RT  has neglected to draw much attention to any of it.

The simple fact is that all of these concordant training exercises and mobilisations wouldn’t be going on in the same period of time unless something was being prepared for. Countries have drills and training exercises of course, but not such large ones all around the same time and involving so many nations coordinating with each other. There are two major possibilities; (1) that an across-the-board military intrusion into civilian life is about to be conducted through all these nations, and (2) that we’re simply preparing for war.  It could be both of those things, in fact, working hand-in-hand.

So let’s look briefly at (1) and then we’ll get to (2).

Now the main suspicion in America in regard to the Jade Helm exercises is that America is moving towards some form of ‘Martial Law’ or that a staged false-flag (probably involving ISIS/ISIL) is going to be used to turn the US into a Military State. That may or may not be the case;  I said back in January that a militarisation of our societies was being maneuvered towards and that the Charlie Hebdo false-flag in Paris was a catalyst. The military were sent into the streets in France in early January, marking Martial Law in all but name, and the same then quickly happened in Belgium with armed forces deployed out into the streets to ‘protect Jewish locations’ and in particular to protect NATO Headquarters and various NATO-related buildings. This was happening in January and I was highly suspicious from the outset, particularly given that Charlie Hebdo without a shadow of a doubt was an event staged by intelligence agents.


For the record, we still don’t know why the French Police-Commissioner Helric Fredou committed suicide on the *day* of the Charlie Hebdo attack: but there were stories circulating very soon after that that Fredou had, during the immediate investigation of the Paris attacks, issued arrest warrants for a number of American government officials, allegedly including members of the Obama administration. We might be justified in speculating that Commissioner Fredou knew something was being brought about through the Charlie Hebdo false-flag (something with implications beyond just France) and was ‘suicided’ to make sure he didn’t go public with it.

The point is that deploying the military in large numbers into the streets in France would’ve been unthinkable but for the false-flag catalyst. Whether this same sort of military intrusion into public life is about to occur in other European countries, the UK and America and Canada too is one possibility, with additional ‘false-flags’ applied to act as a catalyst (witness the National Guard being sent in to Baltimore). A France-style militarisation certainly appears to be about to happen in the Southern states of America. The West in general might be about to be turned into a series of Military/Police States, fulfilling the predictions of every ‘New World Order’ conspiracy theorist ever. That might not be what happens, of course; and I hope to God it isn’t.

But is the world maneuvering towards war? Well, if it is, it’s important to understand it would be a completely illegitimate war with no moral basis or foundation.

I’ve already written on this site how all the ‘ingredients’ are present Geo-politically for an orchestrated World War III, analogous to the lead-in to World War I a hundred years ago. When we examine the events of the last few years we observe a deliberate creation and agitation of situations designed to spawn global conflict.

  • Iraq was quite deliberately destabilised and turned into a sectarian bloodbath by the US, designed to create a catalyst for the flourishing of Islamist jihadism, and also to draw in Iran and eventually engulf Syria.
  • Libya, entirely stable under Gaddafi, was destroyed and destabilised (based on absolute lies) by NATO and left in chaos and without a government, this being crucial to (1) destabilise Africa, (2) allow for the fallen Libya to act as a staging area for further wars in the Middle East, particularly Syria, (3) create a playground and training arena for Al-Qaeda and other Islamist/Salafist terror groups and (4) allow Libya to become a gateway to Europe, with terrorists and the US-created ISIS/ISIL able to invade Europe via the Mediterranean and Italy.
  • The externally-generated War in Syria was also created to further destabilise the region and draw in, again, Iran, Iraq and other nations.
  • And then in 2014, concordant to the advent of America’s love-child the ‘Islamic State’, the US and NATO agitated the Neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine to provoke Russian aggression and has been provoking Russia ever since. This operation to resurrect Nazism in Europe via Ukraine is, again, designed to create conflict. The Russians, like the Iranians, can be said to have been remarkably patient and steady-handed so far; but the degree of provocation of both nations has been remarkable.
  • We also have an active war now raging in Yemen between US-backed Saudi Arabia and the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels; talk has turned in recent days to the possibility of Saudi ground troops being sent into Yemen.
  • Most of all, the monstrous, unchecked expansion of the American military-industrial complex (which John F. Kennedy warned America against) has made a Third World War a remarkably likely event. In light of America’s ruthless Geo-political activity after the ‘official’ end of the Cold War, Russian hawkishness is hardly surprising.

The illegal War in Iraq and the illegal/immoral NATO intervention in Libya were both left unopposed by the international community, but by the time Syria and Ukraine were unfolding there was far more opposition to the Imperialist/World War III agenda. Any subsequent march towards war now is going to face a lot of opposition from domestic protest, but every effort appears to be being taken to prepare for such an eventuality; I never believed that all those military personnel in France and Belgium were sent into the streets to ‘defend Jewish locations’ – there was always some other reason for it. And with what might be happening in parts of America this year, we begin to wonder if armed military are being deployed into civilian locations to put down or discourage any dissent.


A particularly interesting view of the First World War, which was raging a hundred years ago at this time, is that the war was in fact organised by the aristocracies and the ruling classes of the various European nations in order to wipe out an enormous amount of the young male population *to prevent them from domestic uprising or revolution*.

In other words, the royal/ruling class were so fearful of dissatisfaction and desire for change among their populations at this time that they conspired to stage the war to eliminate a large percentage of those who would potentially be revolting *on all sides*. Remember that, as far as Europe was concerned, most of these ruling establishments/families that were at war with each other’s countries were inter-related by blood (particularly Britain and Germany); once the war was over, after four years of horrendous, deeply traumatic fighting, no one was going to have an appetite anymore for revolution or for overthrowing their ‘masters’ (although Russia proved to be an exception).

At this time in history, in 2015, the degree and scale of dissatisfaction, unrest and anti-establishment feeling across the entire Western world is higher and more vociferous than it has been in a hundred years. The ruling establishments, the financial/corporate elite and the guardians of the global financial/criminal system know that popular uprising or revolution in various Western nations is overdue and may be coming any time in the next few years, especially as ‘austerity’ continues and even more so if a financial collapse occurs.

The entire system – financial, political, media – is rotted and is losing its hold on people, who’ve begun to wake up in enormous numbers and have begun to look beyond the illusion: in order to protect itself, in order to survive, is it possible that a World War would be brought about? This would be the ultimate, last-ditch act to ‘save The System’ and divert any revolution. ‘War-Time’ powers would also give the American government and any other state the ability to do all kinds of things, even to their own citizens’ liberties and freedoms. A large-scale war in fact might be the *only* way to save the system in this hyper-information age where anti-Establishment activism and info-exchange is occurring so freely and on so vast a scale; a large-scale war to shut everything down for a few years or more.

This is just speculating, of course. But then why *are* all of these massive military exercises going on?


While most of the mobilisation and training exercises in Europe (given their geographic locations) might be perceived as preparation for war with Russia (with Ukraine as the pre-fabricated trigger), it is worth noting that Iran is still the major target of American/Western aggression. And a story emerged recently suggesting that Saudi Arabia and Israel might be planning a joint attack against Iran. Should a war erupt with Iran, America would undoubtedly go in on the side of its friends Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Syrian Army would be on Iran’s side, necessitating that Israel, the Saudis and the US – all of who have been operating covertly against Syria for four years already – move to directly attack Syria. And we know that Vladimir Putin has already said that if the US or the West directly attacks Syria, Russia will come to Syria’s defense. This long-term vilification of Iran is nothing new, of course; George W. Bush was trying to maneuver America down that road as far back as 2003, and we all remember the comedic scene of Benjamin Netanyahu addressing the UN with his childish drawing of an ‘Iranian bomb’.

There’s one theory already being suggested that the entire ‘Jade Helm’ exercise that’s causing so much panic and anxiety in America right now is preparation for a full-scale US invasion of Iran and Syria. But if this is true, this won’t actually happen until after Obama is gone and either Hilary Clinton or Jeb Bush – both of them fully-fledged NWO Neo-Con/Zionists – comes into the Oval Office. Hilary has already openly stated that she is entirely willing to go to war with Iran, this being a flagrant contradiction of the President’s position.


Which brings us to Barak Obama and the matter of those Iranian nuclear talks. Barak Obama’s nuclear deal with the Iranians represents Obama and his key supporters within the US government rushing desperately to avert the war with Iran that Hilary Clinton, the Neo-Con Republicans, Israel and the Saudis are trying to bring about. The American government is a divided entity with different factions trying to undermine each other, just as it was in JFK’s time. Obama, I firmly believe, is trying to undermine the Neo-Con/Zionist agenda for war with Iran: this is why there’s been so much urgency in his push for a deal with the Iranians – before his term expires, he wants to sabotage the march towards war, even if it means him going out on a limb and being isolated.

Remember the treasonous letter the Republicans wrote to the Iranians, telling them that Obama’s peace initiative would simply be vetoed by the next American government once his term was up? They were essentially telling Iran that the war is coming, regardless of what Obama does.

But Obama’s Iran initiative, entirely at odds with the Neo-Con agenda and Right-Wing American interests, is clearly a noble attempt by the Obama camp to prevent war, even if it means falling out with Israel and the Saudis and even if means outraging a huge portion of the American political machine. Why do you think they were so up-in-arms about it? War with Iran is a pre-planned part of the agenda for the next US government in 2016: if either the Republicans get in or Hilary wins the Democrat candidacy and gets in, then the war with Iran is almost inevitable. They were angry because Obama is undermining their agenda.

I’m not necessarily Obama’s No.1 fan; and I’ll never forgive him for Libya. But the fact was that Obama was drawn into the Libya intervention by Hilary and by the French/British push for involvement. The more I assess the situation, the more I also begin to think that Obama genuinely is and has been someone interested in diplomacy and reconciliation and not war, but that he is essentially held hostage by the treasonous Neo-Con/Zionist powers that have hijacked Washington and Wall Street and has been afforded very little room to maneuver. Libya aside (and Libya was a broad NATO/European crime), he hasn’t launched America into wars. Had George W. Bush and the Neo-Con regime been in office still (or Hilary, for that matter), America would’ve directly attacked and invaded Syria already and Iran would be happening as we speak.


Obama’s legions of haters in the US can keep repeating their tedious, KKK-inspired spiel all they like and demonise about that “evil negroe in the White House”, but he’s the main reason that American personnel aren’t being sent back in body-bags or being laden with PTSD like they were in the Bush/Neo-Con administration; but for those of you who miss those ‘good old days’, don’t worry – the body-bag industry will be in full swing again come 2016.

There is absolutely NO moral justification for a war, however, and if a war does break out it won’t be for any legitimate reason, but purely for the preservation of the ruling elite and the crumbling criminal/financial system of control they rule by.

I’m not an apologist for Russia, which no doubt has its own Geo-political and corporate interests; but Russia has done very little to warrant this Enemy State status that Western/corporate media and governments have been trying relentlessly to lumber it with: they didn’t start the Ukraine crisis, they simply responded to it. Nor, for that matter, have they launched disastrous wars in the Middle East or sponsored mass terrorism. And in fact, given the sheer degree of provocation, Putin and Russia have been remarkably even-tempered. And when it comes to Iran, they’ve done even less to warrant the ‘Axis of Evil’ propaganda that the Neo-Cons used to justify demonisation of the Iranians, and it is obvious that a longstanding plan to wage war on Iran is still being kept on the table, despite President Obama’s efforts to avoid this course. The current War in Yemen is quite possibly a precursor to war with Iran.

Don’t take any of this, by the way, as any great endorsement of Iran or Russia in general, because it isn’t; but the point is that neither Russia nor Iran in this present context are the aggressors. Just as Iraq wasn’t an aggressor in 2003. Neither was Gaddafi or Libya in 2011. And neither was Assad or Syria.

Getting back to the point about the First World War, I noted in an older article how similar the conditions are in 2014/15 to 1914 and the events that led to World War I. In fact, they’re worse. There have been more potential triggers for a World War in recent years than there were in the lead-in to WWI. The conditions for war have been growing for over a decade at least; and most of these conditions were created by direct American or NATO orchestration. The American military-industrial complex and the  corporate/elite interests it serves has been manufacturing those conditions precisely to make war inevitable. Even now, the US Defense Department seems to be trying to make China out to be an active threat, even though this seems to have little basis in reality.

It’s highly questionable whether America and NATO would even *win* a war with Russia; but they certainly wouldn’t win a war that China was drawn into. This, if it happens, could in fact be suicide. And not just suicide, but *unnecessary* suicide.

But the NATO powers are clearly and blatantly trying to provoke Russia down that path, while at the same time Israel and the Saudis are trying to do the same with Iran. Why? Well, aside from a possible Rothschild/Elite/Bohemian-Grove fascination with fulfilling the famous Freemasonic Albert Pike predictions/blueprints for the ‘Three World Wars’, and the bringing about of the ‘New World Order’, it may be that a World War is simply the only option left for protecting the current, corrupt corporate/military-industrial Establishment, which has been left far too exposed by the unprecedented level of public awakening.

It may also be the only way in the long-run to divert any possible domestic revolutions before they gather momentum. Most of these entities and key bodies pushing for the conflict are already exposed War Criminals, financial criminals and worse; NATO itself is already a War Criminal (Libya), while the Ango-American Empire lost all moral footing after Iraq, Israel is being investigated for War Crimes against Gaza in the ICC and the Saudis and the Gulf States stand guilty of funding mass murder in Syria. The march into war would also give nations the ability to suspend all pretense of civil liberties and to act harshly to thwart their own populations (which may be what Jade Helm is about). But more than all of that, the current financial/criminal system is on the brink of collapse; a war may be the best way for the banksters, the politicians and the corporate elite to avoid being lynched by their own citizens.

In this post, I quoted Kevin Barrett, who wrote a particularly interesting piece on the Veterans Today site. ‘The Neo-Conservatives, whose top priority has always been Israel, are in a panic. Their only hope is to flee forward into ever-bigger wars,” he wrote. “That is why Netanyahu is so desperately lobbying for a war on Iran that would set the Middle East, and perhaps the whole world, on fire. And that is why such neo-conservatives as Victoria Nuland are pushing for a war with Russia that would in all likelihood go nuclear.’

He continued, ‘World War III is the last desperate hope for the Neo-Conservatives and their Likudnik allies. Such a war would usher in martial law, enable the suppression (or at least continued obfuscation) of the truth about 9/11, and save the Neo-Cons from treason trials and Israel from dismantlement.’

  1. […] Source: The Burning Blogger of Bedlam 100 years ago there was a war; a rather devastating war that wiped out half the male population of Europe. It was called ‘The Great War’, now commonly referred to as World War I. At the time, it was even optimistically referred to as “the war to end all wars”.Read more… […]


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  3. […] probable. Meanwhile, countdown to global war appears to be ticking away as troops from virtually every nation are busily training in preparation for a likely West versus East endgame scenario of World War […]


  4. […] probable. Meanwhile, countdown to global war appears to be ticking away as troops from virtually every nation are busily training in preparation for a likely West versus East endgame scenario of World War […]


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