The Crisis in Yemen and the Disaster of the Genocidal ‘War On Terror’…

Posted: June 2, 2015 in (Politics) CURRENT AFFAIRS
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While the Saudi-led airstrikes against Houthis in Yemen continue, with great humanitarian cost, some mainstream commentators and analysts have belatedly started to admit that the party to have benefited the most from this prolonged military assault on Yemen has been… yes, you might’ve guessed it: Al-Qaeda.

I would therefore like to reiterate that this exactly what I said would be the case weeks ago in – this video.

When the bombings began, I said Al-Qaeda would be the chief beneficiary; moreover that Saudi Arabia and the US were intervening for the sake of their Al-Qaeda proxies. Read this post for more context/background to why the bombing of Yemen was initiated; it was known that the Houthis were literally on the verge of wiping out Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula before the US-backed Saudi-led bombing campaign began. Al-Qaeda has been saved once again and there’s still no answer to the question of what *happened* to all of that ‘missing’ American military hardware in Yemen.

I also pointed out that another great danger was that ISIS/ISIL could use the chaos to get a foothold in Yemen and become involved in the crisis, “because they are the kinds of conditions ISIS/ISIL thrives in”. Well, just a few days ago it was reported that ISIS/ISIL has announced its presence in Yemen. For the record, ISIS had no presence in Yemen prior to this Saudi-led bombing campaign. This entire operation, along with all its civilian casualties, has served to rescue Al-Qaeda from the brink of elimination in the Arabian Peninsula and to create an even more expanded sphere of potential for ISIS/ISIL, who are by now not just active in the NATO-destroyed Libya, but are making inroads into both Egypt and Afghanistan.

There is now talk also of Saudi ground-troops possibly being mobilised for an imminent ground invasion into Yemen, which would potentially escalate the conflict into an even more dangerous stage. The Houthis in Yemen may be supported by Iran, but they are not international terrorists nor are they a threat to anyone outside of Yemen. The Saudis and the Gulf States (particularly Qatar) openly armed and funded terrorists unleashed onto the populations of both Syria and Libya: which somewhat removes any moral authority they claim to have in attacking the Houthis or to condemning Iran’s support. These are proxy wars, of course, being played out between Saudi/Sunni and Iranian/Shia influence in the region, with the civilian populations as colateral damage.

Yemen was supposed to be the Obama administration’s success story in the War on Terror. It has proven to be nothing of the sort.

America has not *had* a ‘success story’ to date in its post-9/11 Geo-political enterprises. Iraq was a catastrophic failure that has engulfed the entire region in turmoil. Libya, which Obama and Hilary bizarrely claim as a ‘success’, was an utter catastrophe too, based on complete lies. Arming terrorists in Syria has resulted in nothing but death, destruction and a sectarian nightmare. And now Yemen can no longer be claimed by the American government to have been a successful campaign either.

Where some might look at US foreign policy and see incompetence, in reality is appears more a case of design: the outcomes we now have all across the board – destabilisation, warfare, humanitarian catastrophe – were not accidents, but objectives. There is no other way to explain why the US allowed ISIS/ISIL to waltz into Iraq unopposed, and why it has done very little to stop the group’s expansion since (other than a laughably inept airstrike campaign). There’s no other way to explain why the US, its Saudi and Gulf-State allies and others embarked on a policy to destroy Syria through proxy terrorists and rebel groups, nor to explain why NATO allied with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups to destroy Libya and make it a Terror State.


Nor is there any other way to explain why after all these years of US drone-strikes against Al-Qaeda (or so we’re told) in Yemen, the US allowed its Saudi allies to begin bombing Al-Qaeda’s enemies at *the very point* in which Al-Qaeda was about to be eliminated in the country.

The ‘War On Terror’ launched by the George W. Bush administration has of course been a farce; one that had very little to do with Osama bin Laden (who seemed to know very little about ‘Al Qaeda’ until after 9/11 and who always denied responsibility for the attacks) and much more to do with the Geo-political ambitions of the American military-industrial complex and its various allies.

The only measurable outcome of this War on Terror has been for almost all of the secular Arab leaders and societies to be ruthlessly attacked or destroyed and for religious extremist sectarianism to emerge in their place, tearing apart the cultural fabric of those societies and drawing the region into an increasingly apocalyptic scenario.

Meanwhile Yemen’s civilians are suffering a humanitarian disaster imposed on it by the Saudis, and enabled and endorsed by the US. Blockades are preventing enough vital humanitarian aid from reaching the millions of needy Yemenis, while the limited amounts that are allowed in are of very minimal help. And there are frequent reports of aid shipments being diverted to other places, even stolen by third parties. Humanitarian agencies are complaining, unable to provide help to the civilians. And still it goes on, with no end in sight.

This is the legacy of the ‘War On Terror’; a phony, unending conflict created in 2001 to service Geo-political and corporate agendas, and which has by now claimed some 1,300,000 lives. With more being added to that toll every day.

  1. Neo-Pelagius says:

    This whole situation going all the way back to the aid of the Mujehadin in their fight against the Red Army … and of course Contragate so brilliantly exposed by Alan Moore in ‘Brought to Light’ .. has become so obviously contradictory it’s almost as if they are stupid … but I am sure they know exactly what they are doing … or at least they think they do … there must be an underlying reason for this apparent insanity?

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