Having read so much witless shit about the migrant crisis, some of the particularly ill-informed, paranoid and hate-filled comments have made me wonder if we should be sending migrant boats full of our own unwanted citizens across the Mediterranean in a sort of reverse-journey.
I don’t think I can bear to hear or read one more paranoid alcoholic blogger prattling on about the ‘conspiracy’ to ‘wipe out the white race’; it was funny at first, but we’re way passed levity by now.

Just in the last day, two more horrific incidents have occupied headlines. One concerned the bodies of ’70 migrants’ found in an abandoned lorry near the Austrian border. The decomposing state of the bodies suggest that they had been dead for one to two days, the police have said, suggesting that the victims must have already been dead when the lorry crossed into Austria (a country swaying ever more to the Far Right).

Almost simultaneously, hundreds of people are now feared dead in the latest ‘Libya sinkings’, after two boats carrying up to 500 migrants have just capsized off the Libyan city of Zuwara. This is in addition to the well-over-a-thousand who’ve already drowned at sea just in this year.

Let’s establish a quick fact: the overwhelming majority of these people aren’t ‘economic migrants’ – they’re refugees. An example of ‘economic migrants’ are the scores and scores of Europeans who emigrated en-masse to America a few centuries ago and displaced the native population. Another example of ‘economic migrants’ are the scores and scores of Europeans who emigrated en-masse to Australia and New Zealand and displaced and persecuted the native populations. Another example of ‘economic migrants’ are the scores of European who emigrated to South-Africa and Rhodesia and subjugated the native populations for generations. Those are all classic examples of ‘economic migrants’.

Which is not to say, by the way, that this historic European migration/colonisation of faraway lands didn’t lead to anything good. Without question, this spreading of ‘civilisation’ was, on the balance, probably beneficial to society and to human progress. The point is that European migration (and radical transformation of the cultural make-up and racial demographics of foreign lands) has been far more comprehensive and total historically than immigration to Europe has been. And that historic migration was *entirely* economic – no one was fleeing hardship, deprivation, famine or war.




On the other hand, a classic example of a ‘refugee’ or ‘asylum seeker’ would be all those scores of European Jews who were fleeing Nazi Europe 70 years or so ago and who, almost without exception, were all turned back and sent back to die in the concentration camps.

As Jews fled Hitler’s Europe, representatives from Britain said the UK had no room to accommodate Jewish refugees. Australia (a country built on immigration and theft) told them “We don’t have a racial problem and we don’t want to import one.” Canada said of the fleeing Jews that “none was too many.”

Only the Dominican Republic offered to take 100,000 Jews, but their relief agencies were so overwhelmed that only a few Jews could take advantage of the offer. How sad that in this 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and the concentration camps, the same uncaring, xenophobic sentiments are being echoed across Europe (including, ironically enough, in Germany and Austria).

The view that these aren’t economic migrants who are arriving in Europe is also taken by the United Nations, which estimates that 85-90 percent of people arriving in the EU are bona fide refugees, fleeing violence or persecution in their home countries.

In fact the eye-watering statistics, according to the UNHCR’s annual Global Trends Report, is that one in 122 people worldwide is now either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum. And 58% of all refugees are children. According to the UNHCR report, the number of refugees had risen to a staggering 59.5 million in 2014, an increase ofover 8 million in just one year. The main reason is the war in Syria, which had an average of 42,500 people becoming refugees every day last year.

The response, by the way, from most Western countries to the Syrian refugee crisis has been described by humanitarian agencies, including Amnesty, as ‘pitiful’.




If you really think that people would leave their entire lives behind and get on a rickety boat to travel from Libya to Europe (many of them having paid virtually their life-savings to do so), with great risk of drowning, and with no promise of charitable treatment upon arrival, simply to sponge off the ‘benefit system’, then you’re a fucking idiot. You’re also probably conflating the motivations of legal migration from within the EU with the motivation of migrants from elsewhere – which are two different things. In key cases, such as Syria (where a large percentage of the refugees are fleeing from) and Libya, the conditions they are fleeing are either partly or wholly the creation of Western governments. Frankly, anyone fleeing Libya should get automatic asylum in France, Britain or any of the other NATO member-states or 40 nations that destroyed that country in 2011.

I can categorically go further and say that this migrant crisis is a direct consequence of the British, French, American, NATO destruction of Libya in 2011. If you doubt that, then hear it from one of the migrants’ own mouths.

Libya, which was a stable country that had a reasonably high quality of life, is now a failed state, with ISIL, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist militias fighting over the spoils and with no functioning government. Some will argue with me that many of the migrants aren’t Libyans but Africans simply coming *via* Libya: but you’d be missing the point that an enormous number of the African migrants that are now ending up in Europe were people who used to end up in Libya. Libya used to be THE END DESTINATION for large numbers of sub-Sahran Africans. There were well over a million of them living in Gaddafi’s Libya up until 2011; they were part of the society and the migrant workers worked mostly in construction. When the NATO-backed Islamist militias and terrorists were let loose on Libya in 2011 by France, Britain, America and the other co-conspirators, the Black Libyans were persecuted, many killed or lynched. From that point on, Libya was no longer a safe place for African migrants.




I’ll refrain from going into the Libyan intervention again, as all of that is covered at exhaustive length in my book on the subject (download it, if you haven’t already – among everything else, it explains why the migrant crisis exists).

But if you want to blame someone, blame David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy and co – blame the 40 nations who bombed Libya to pieces four years ago. Because Europe didn’t have a ‘migrant crisis’ when Gaddafi was alive. And in fact, as I’ve already noted, Gaddafi himself warned that NATO’s actions in 2011 were going to turn the Mediterranean into “a sea of chaos”. And as with everything else, he has been proven correct. No one was fleeing Libya or being sent from Libya as ‘psychological warfare’ prior to the West’s ‘intervention’ in 2011.

As for Syria, that too was an internationally generated crisis, in which the US, the UK, Turkey, the Saudis, Qatar and Israel are all culpable.

I propose that, at the very least, any migrant coming out of Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan is *owed* automatic asylum in the UK, the US or any of the other countries involved in those wars. And Australia too, of course – a country whose government seems to regard all refugees the same way as it regarded the Jews 70 years ago: as some kind of sub-human vermin.

Meanwhile the conditions and attitudes many of the migrants encounter when they arrive anywhere is becoming increasingly hostile.

Two particular stories of Syrian refugees that recently went viral are heartbreaking. One concerned a young Syrian refugee boy in Turkey who was violently assaulted by a shop-owner for trying to sell tissues to make a little money for his family, and the other concerned a Syrian man who had resorted to walking around trying to sell pens on the streets in Lebanon in order to feed his young daughter (who he carried on his back). These aren’t ‘swarms’ or statistics, but desperate human beings fleeing violence and loss. The pathetically low number of Syrian refugees being taken in by Britain is an embarrassment; particularly given how much support our government has given to Al-Qaeda-aligned ‘rebels’ in Syria.


But the backlash in Europe is growing dramatically. This is now party time for the Far-Right across the board. The eruption of Far-Right, anti-migrant activity in Germany will in all likelihood be followed by similar events in other countries. The recent attacks on immigrants in Germany are probably a sign of things to come; the violent anti-migrant mob were shouting “foreigners out” and carrying banners against the “asylum flood” while they threw bottles and stones at bus-loads of asylum seekers arriving in Heidenau, near Dresden. The demos were said to have been infiltrated by Germany’s Neo-Nazis. A car belonging to a politician who spoke up for the refugees was even blown up.

Support for far right-wing parties across Europe, including France‘s National Front, Germany‘s ‘Alternative For Germany‘ and Austria‘s Freedom Party, has continued to grow throughout the summer, as they are now in a great position to feed off of all the heightened xenophobia and tension. According to the International Business Times, ‘The Freedom Party’ in Austria (hardly a bastion of tolerance, historically speaking) has support from something like 29 percent of the population.

Like the European Jews seven decades ago, the dehumanisation process has already begun; and Far-Right groups and figures are cleverly manipulating anyone they can. See more on that subject here.

And even those asylum seekers who do manage to reach Europe are in many cases held in poor conditions for an indefinite amount of time (or worse in Australia, where they’re held indefinitely in off-shore concentration camps). To the traffickers operating in Libya (including ISIS/ISIL, who openly threatened to use the post-Gaddafi Libyans as migrants and ‘psychological warfare’ against Europe – which they appear to be doing), they are pawns, while to most European and Western governments they are inconvenient statistics and to many newspapers and European citizens they are ‘lousy immigrants and asylum-seekers’, ‘swarms’ or according to some high-profile commentators, ‘cockroaches’, trying to ‘sponge off our countries’.

The shanty town in Calais, a desolate wasteland near a chemical factory, has been described as a ‘horror movie’. In this piece from The Guardian, ‘Karim’, an Egyptian politics graduate with an admiration for Winston Churchill and “all things British” describes being pelted with potatoes and subjected to racist abuse from a passing car, while an Afghan physics graduate seeking asylum simply said, “I didn’t believe places like this could exist.” Worse, Australia is a whole other matter. A ‘Pit of human misery’ is what Manus Island has been called; meanwhile the various off-shore concentration camps the Australian government uses to keep asylum seekers in indefinitely are shrouded in official secrecy, but are described by those few who’ve been able to visit them as hell-holes that dehumanise their scores of refugee inhabitants.

What we are witnessing now, especially in Europe, is an evaporation of humanitarianism and instead a growing tribalism and even a sectarianism that is being deliberately exacerbated by Right-Wing organisations and the Right-Wing elements of the media. Much of this is driven by the growing anti-Islam movements (even in Germany, where you’d think there’d be a lot less of that, given the historic stigma). As I’ve said before, you’d be depressed by how many people haven’t learnt anything from history.


The best way to end here is to direct you to this piece by Zena Agha in The Independent earlier this year, in which she talks about her cousin from Syria, who died drowning on one of these ‘migrant boats’ trying to flee the war in Syria – and you can decide whether he sounds like a refugee or an ‘econimic migrant’ looking to milk the ‘benefits system’. She writes, ‘Our apathy towards those dying in the Mediterranean epitomises this growing intolerance. We are moving inextricably towards a point where we worship borders and security over human life‘.

Getting back to the point about sending off our own unwanted xenophobes on reverse-journey boats, it’s beginning to seem like a more and more viable solution. It could be a sort of exchange; we take a thousand refugees in and send off a thousand readers of The Sun to live in Libya or Syria or Iraq or Eritrea; everything is nicely balanced that way.

Or better yet, everyone who was in favour of the war on Libya or the invasion of Iraq can be sent to live in post-war Libya or post-war Iraq. That’s poetic justice, surely. David Cameron would love a weekend in Gaddafi’s old home-town of Sirte – ISIS only executed 100 people there last week; those are decent odds. And there’s got be a Baghdad bungalow with Dick Cheney’s or George Bush’s name on it, just waiting for them to move in.



Download ‘THE LIBYA CONSPIRACY’ here. Or read it in Google Docs here.

  1. Lia Santiago says:


    I don’t think I am an idiot or a xenophobe. I think the refugees need to be welcomed.

    I live in Brussels. Here, i don’t dare to go to certain parts of the city where there are a lot of muslims living. I have been called all names because in these places I don’t ware a scarf.

    In my neighborhood, there are muslims, belgians, portuguese, congolese, polish, … and everybody gets along.

    Thruth is, I am starting to fear muslims. Not the ones in my neighborhood but the ones where there are only muslims and where islam brings the rules of life and were women are less than men.

    My son is in a private school because ohterwise he would be in a school were 60% of students are muslims (no pork, Halal food…). This is not multi-culturality.

    I would like to say all that (because these are worries I have) wihtout being called a xenophobe.

    Yes. Refugees need to be welcomed but the muslim community needs to think about integration also. I think that so many European countries do not want to receive refugees because lots of them have had problems with the muslims community. On the other hand, muslims need to have the same access to jobs and revenues as all the europeans if we want them to be integrated.

    I am sorry my english is poor.

    I just wanted to say that I am starting to be a islamophobe and sincerely, if the rich middle east countries could take refuges, I would feel better. I really do think they have to be welcomed but I am afraid to have more muslims in Europe.

    Sorry. I almost feel ashamed.

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    • Lia Santiago, there’s no need to apologise for expressing your sincere view or speaking from your personal experience.

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    • Adam says:

      You do not need to apologise for your english, it is excellent. You raise some good points. Its not racist to notice that ghettoisation has led to many problems. Like in Brussels , in London we have certain area of Muslim immigrants that have many problems. Extremist Islam has become a problem and we cannot ignor that.
      In the past many services have been provided in other languages which didn’t help migrants learn english. Thankfully this has stopped and you either learn engish or do without services.


    • So we are xenophobics now? says:

      Lia, i don´t think you are xenhophobic, in order for you to pass tha feeling of “guilt” just remember that they are the one´s who can be xenophobics, because they only accept their religions, creeds and ideologies, you are an infidel for them! I believe that the refugees should be helped, but not by letting them enter on the EU unrestricted! They don´t need to be extremists, their muslisms period, their religion comes first!


    • Anonymous says:

      I am from England and your English is better than most.


    • Lia, I do not think you are wrong in your conclusions. And your English is not poor. Islamic people who refuse to integrate into the communities that shelter them are doing both themselves and the communities a terrible disservice. A group of us brought a family of Iraqi refugees out of Syria and they have refused to change in any way.

      They are still living the life of medieval Muslims. The eldest daughter finally ran away and moved in with a man she had met through school. The family has held a funeral for her as she is dead to them.

      This family had all the community support imaginable. A fully furnished apartment, a car, a job for the father. The problem, I think, was they did not get the life skills training and counselling they needed. THAT is the missing link to integration.

      We are not asking them to assimilate. We are asking them to become Canadians and integrate. And they will not. Their three younger daughters are kept inside the house and rarely go out. They are home schooled and have no friends their age. If they were Canadian, they would have been reported to Children’s Services long ago.


    • Zack says:

      I would say that this is not xenophobia but fear… and there is a very fine line that is easy to cross.

      When one start to categorise people by saying “muslims”, “jews”, “blacks” as if all muslims, jews, blacks were the same and worse associate them with stereotypes then it is a very dangerous thoughts.

      You mention that these populations need to make an effort to be “integrated”- integration is a word quite debatable- is it only one way? or is it the role of the hosting society to help these population build a future and have the same chances as everyone as well. The reality is unfortunately different in Europe- let’s face it these populations face so much discrimination and are often put in some ghetto and have to do the shittiest jobs that european do not want to do. Furthermore their children who were born in the soil of let’s say France, Belgium, italy, spain do not have the same chances even when they reach university and graduate. They face discriminations for jobs, housing, going to night clubs when they are younger etc.

      The problem with Europe is that instead of seeing these population as a source of wealth they see them as a threat to their values- looking at them as sub-humans- let’s be honest about it. Now if these population could help create better bridges with Europe and Africa, the middle east economically, diplomatically- not based on exploitation but on economic and social development then it will great for all sides.

      It is easy to blame- it is better though more harder to understand the complexities of things. It is not about getting along but thriving together- the day we will understand that we have one planet and that we are one human race then we can imagine a better world (that we are destroying at the moment). Call it utopia I call it realism.

      Fear is what the mainstream media want you to feel and they are doing a great job at it!

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      • Zack, that’s a brilliant comment – and I agree with you 100 %.


      • tom dolan says:

        ” Integration is a word quite debatable.”

        O K. Here is what is not debatable. If you come to live

        in my community, then you should be prepared to

        obey the law, abstain from violence except in cases

        of self-defense or protection of innocent third parties threatened

        by aggression, and to let your children learn the English language,

        even if you are too old and unwilling to learn English. Otherwise please

        look elsewhere to live. This has nothing to do with race, color, nationality,

        or religion. If I decide to move somewhere else, I will be prepared to

        obey the local law. I did live in another country and as a guest in that country

        I was prepared to obey local law and abstain from violence. We are one human race

        and violence against innocent people whether Hamas, Taliban, Hezbollah,

        Da’esh or any other group of loony tunes need to accept that others have

        a right to life, or they will need to be exterminated. My grandmother came here

        as an immigrant. She obeyed local law, spoke English ( not her native language)

        and her child became a registered professional engineer, a graduate of MIT,

        and an officer in the U,.S. Army who served in combat on Eniwetok and Okinawa.

        It was not easy then. It is not easy now. But we can accept no less.

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      • I don’t disagree with a word you’re saying. There is, however, a negative appropriation of the term ‘integration’ in some countries, where what they really seem to mean is that the migrants should ‘do as we do’ – in regard to everything from dress sense, food, religion, and social activity. That’s the unreasonable type of ‘integration’ demands I’m mostly thinking of.
        I don’t disagree with your point at all.


      • g says:

        Our country has been greatly enriched by the customs which newcomers from around

        the world have brought to add to our mosaic. The idea of ‘cultural appropriation,’

        which I don’t understand too well, seems to see such things as a bad thing.

        Seeing Americans benefit from the riches of nations all around the world

        I would be sad to see such cross-fertilization disappear from some misguided

        excess of political correctness

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      • tom dolan says:

        This country accepts people of any religion or none, all as equals.
        What Islamic country can say the same. There is no such crime
        as apostasy in our country. In Pakistan apostasy is a capital
        offense. Who are Moslems to speak to us about accepting others ?
        This country has the kind of freedom that few, if any, Moslem countries
        can even pretend to have. Turkey used to be a free country, but
        recent event shave put that state into jeopardy.


      • I don’t disagree. But that’s the point – a better society obviously aspires to higher standards and ideals. Those countries you’re talking about – including Pakistan – are disasters.


      • g says:

        You put forward an interesting and persuasive point .

        You remind me of a remark attributed to an IDF officer:

        ” I can forgive you for what you did to us, but it is hard to forgive you

        for what you have made us do to you.” The hypothetical person addressed

        is, I think, a PLO terrorist.

        As far as welcoming refugees and other immigrants, they have over the life

        of our country greatly enriched our society. Examples include Billy Wilder,

        Dr. An Wang, Irving Berlin, Bob Hope, Alexander Hamilton, Dr. Henry Kissinger,

        and Andrew Carnegie among many others.

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      • And Steve Jobs, whose roots were in Syria, is another good example.


      • g says:

        Ideally   we can live  up to our motto: E Pluribus Unum.

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    • tom dolan says:

      ” if the middle east countries could take refugees … ”

      I assume that you are thinking of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf

      States. Those countries are sparsely populated and have

      more fragile cultures and regimes than almost any European

      country . It may make more sense to ask those countries

      to give money to aid refugees living in other countries.

      Large, modern, stable countries such as France and Germany

      are now suffering from an influx of refugees and migrants

      ( even before the past two years ), because many of the new residents have

      no desire to do in Rome as the Romans do, to assimilate, or even to

      respect the laws and customs of the host countries All too many even commit

      crimes. In our country we are used to immigrants being loyal Americans,

      hard workers, stable families, and law-abiding. There are exceptions

      but the typical immigrant, I think, is more ;likely to finish high school,

      be employed, start a company, and obey the law than we native-born

      Americans are. It is noble to welcome refugees with generosity and kindness.

      It is prudent to require new residents to obey the law, to refrain from

      committing crimes, and to respect the customs of their new ( or temporary )

      country, even if they do nt choose to adopt some of those customs.

      Many more immigrants can be welcomed if these rather minimal conditions

      are insisted on, and met. I had a student in a nursing program from Algeria

      who ( unsolicited ) said that as a guest she felt a moral obligation to respect

      her host country. Native born citizens ought to do the same, of course. But those

      who do not insist on new arrivals who are adults refrain from violence

      and property destruction ( which the French have not done in the case of many

      children of Algerian immigrants – to the great disadvantage of all French people )

      do no favor either to those already here, or to new people, and do great harm

      to the relationship between the two groups. I am a victim of violent crime

      ( committed by native-born young men ) and I suggest that people who

      live in safe neighborhoods and have not been victims of crime do not realize

      how much damage both direct and indirect that violent crime does. It does not

      help at all in developing the kind of trust which good relationships among

      people in modern, civilized societies needs.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes. a lot of truth in what you write, but have you thought of the consequences if ISIS are sending hundreds of their recruits to Europe, posing as refugees? I am proud that most of Europe are welcoming the people in genuine need, but they must take great care.

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  3. Manuela says:

    Good article but not really fair.
    Germany takes the most refugees, together with Sweden. And when you ask them they all want to come to Germany. Some questions must be allowed without being called a Nazi!

    ‘Why Europe, why Germany? Why into Christian countries when Muslims actually are not allowed to even touch us? (not to forget they can’t even live together in peace and harmony) Why not going to Dubai, Oman, Abu Dhabi? How many more can we stand?’

    You only write about the attacks on refugees by some stupid idiots who will never learn but nothing about the hundreds of thousand people who do welcome the refugees!
    Nothing about the people who stand up against those brainless brown scum.

    In my eyes the USA should take most of the refugees because they (or lets say their governments) caused the wars almost all over the Arabian world. But look how they treat Mexicans!
    It’s also a fact that the USA does have more racists nowadays than Germany and Austria together.

    For years I’m telling my friends Gaddafi was right when he said the West would be flooded by refugees. Almost everybody laughed about it. As you said, Libya was a stable country, so was Iraq.
    Assad in Syria is a Dictator, yes, right, but with him even Christians could live their lives and religion. Now there’s Hunger, Death, Anarchy.
    As long as Western governments are trying to get their so called democracy to other countries there won’t be peace. Democracy is nice but it just doesn’t work everywhere.
    This should be accepted!

    You also talk about ‘Historic Stigma’….
    To be honest, I am fed up with being blamed on something I haven’t done! My whole family tried to fight against Nazi Germany. My grandma went to jail because she helped Jews and Sinti/Roma and she spit on the SS scum. Only by luck her than 7 children got her back (and me in the end the best grandma in the world!).
    Don’t we all have a historic stigma? USA, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Russia……even the good old Incas did wrong in their past.
    Btw….not only the Dominican Republic told Jews to come some 70 years ago. Palestine did so as well. Now see what’s going on there!

    Oh well, we could also say humans are a faulty design and as long as humans are alive peace on this beautiful planet is far far away…..


    • Manuela, sorry I wasn’t attacking Germany, I was only referring to incidents that have been well reported in the media involving the Neo-Nazis. And I actually did devote an entire article to how much of a welcome the refugees received in Germany:
      As for the historic stigma, I wasn’t pinning it all on Germany either, but mentioned the Jewish refugees turned away by other Western governments of the time.
      And you’re right – the US should be taking much more responsiblity for the crisis and the refugees, since most of it is a result of US foreign policy.
      Finally, I’m not sure which ‘brainless brown scum’ you’re referring to, so I won’t address that.

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      • Manuela says:

        Don’t know your name Burning Blogger, so sorry for just saying Hi.
        Just read your other article. As a German I have to say lots of thanks for that one!
        With ‘brainless brown scum’ we name our ‘beloved’ Neo-Nazis, the ones that will never learn, the ones I would love to shoot in the universe as far away as possible!

        Well, we are not at all satisfied with our government. I think the main reason why some Germans don’t like to welcome everybody is the fact that all refugees get money. Money from our social system, money that could also been spend for our own poor people. And believe me, we have a lot of them.
        Nevertheless we have to help as much as we can.
        I so much wish we would have peace all over the world, but it seems this will remain a nice dream.


      • Thanks Manuela. What Germany is doing is fantastic. And I apologise if I sounded like I was criticising Germany in this article; I know from experience that Germany is probably the most progressive, liberal society in Europe, maybe in the world. And thanks for clearing up the ‘brown scum’ business – I get it now; ‘brown’ as in the ‘brown-shirts’, right?

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      • Manuela says:

        Yep, as in ‘brown-shirt’. It’s a pity, actually I like the colour brown. Unfortunately it really sounded like lot of critiscm the first 2 or 3 times I’ve read your blog. Well, normaly I would not have replied but this whole thing is just too emotional and because of this article I did have an argument with a Dutch friend and this was not so nice. We made it up, still friends. 😉

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      • Good you made up with your friend. It was criticism, Manuela, but it wasn’t directed at Germany. And you’ve hit the point right there – the whole thing does get emotional and sometimes we get carried away with out language and we have no choice but to offend people.


      • Manuela says:

        I know it was critism and because it read like ‘all the shame on Germany’ I got a bit angry. Emotions.
        You’re right, sometimes it does happen that we offend others without wanting to. And you’re right with your critism but this is for the whole world. Or lets say almost the whole. I do dislike politics, I dislike our Merkel and Co….as much as politics in the USA and the Arabian World. At the momemt everything feels just wrong! German politicians say we have to stop people from going to Syria to join the IS. I say: let them go and never get back to Europe!
        I never had a problem with religion at all but I do have a problem with fanatics, no matter which God they call to. Live and let live, that’s what I believe in.

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    • Christian countries? There aren’t any. I am a Christian and there has never been and certainly aren’t any Christian countries that exist. Most people have very little knowledge and understanding of our faith.


      • There are plenty of Christian countries – I don’t know what point you’re trying to make.

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      • tom dolan says:

        You are misunderstanding either intentionally or unintentionally what

        is meant by the phrase ” Christian country.” No country has a mind,

        a soul, or a body. Countries are political beings, geographical

        abstractions, and groups of people. As such a country can not be

        atheist, Jewish, Moslem, or Christian in the way that a person can be.

        Most people have very little knowledge and understanding of our faith.”

        I am quite sure that you are right in saying that. Many people whom you,

        perhaps have minimal knowledge or understanding of the Christian faith

        are themselves Christians. No doubt you will deny that those ignorant

        people are ” real ” Christians.. I suggest that setting yourself up

        as a judge of whether people, most of whom you do not know and

        will never meet, are ‘ real’ Christians is arrogant. Only God sees into our hearts.

        Now I do not see Mormons, Christian Scientists, or, perhaps, Jehovah’s

        WItnesses as Christians. this is not meant as a negative judgement on adherents

        of those religions. It merely means that I don’t recognize much similarity between

        the ; little I know of these religions and the teachings of Christianity through the ages

        ( and there is a lot of variety in what different Christian groups have taught, but there

        are some essential common beliefs).

        The usual meaning of a Christian country is a country the majority of whose

        citizens do and have been Christians. this does not mean that you have personally

        approved each of these people as being ‘ real’ Christians ( virtuous people whose beliefs

        accord with yours, perhaps ?). So Turkey and Iraq are Moslem countries .

        And even countries such as the Czech Republic and Germany, where, perhaps, the

        minority of the current residents are Christians have a centuries long tradition which

        is largely based on the Christian traditions. You no doubt think that most Germans

        or Czechs have an inadequate knowledge and understanding of your faith.

        Even you in the eyes of many may have an inadequate knowledge and understanding

        of your faith. That does not mean that you are not a Christian.

        Being a Christian does not mean meeting with your approval, nor does it mean

        being perfect. Being Christian means a number of things, some having to do with belief,

        some with being a member of a community of faith, some having to do with a public

        profession of faith. There are other things which point to or away from being Christian.

        But being a Christian does not mean being perfect in this world , but beig forgiven.


      • tom dolan says:

        Natasha, for you to contradict someone who says that he or she is a Christian is an interesting,

        but ultimately rather arrogant, perhaps even ‘Unchristian’ classification. I am not saying that

        everyone who says that he is a Christian is being truthful ( some are truthful and others not, I

        suppose ). I don’t even say that people who sincerely think that they are Christians might not

        be mistaken A person can being honestly confused about what being a Christian means.

        I do say that even someone whose knowledge of and understanding of your faith may very

        well be a Christian. Do you have any Biblical warrant or rational argument for saying

        that you are the final judge of who is and is not a Christian, even to the extent that you

        are right and the person is wrong about the person being a Christian. How deep must be

        your discernment , if you are able to contradict people about what they believe – and be


        Much of the literature, art, music, and architecture of Western civilization over

        many centuries has been heavily influenced by Christianity. This is so, even when the

        author, composer, or architect is not Christian. Bach and Beethoven were, as I understand it

        Christian. Hemingway was, I think, not Christian ( I don’t know ). But his novels were

        certainly written ( and for the most part read by readers ) in a Christian tradition.

        You are in a very narrow ( and perhaps insincere ?) way that there are no

        Christian country, nor, perhaps can there be in any complex society ( any society whose

        economy has gone beyond barter ). But if you mean to set yourself up as an authority

        ruling on who is and who is not really Christian – be careful. Judge not, lest you be judged.

        As high as the heavens are above the earth, so are my ways above your ways.

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      • tom dolan says:

        Many, many people are Christian and have quite limited understanding of and knowledge

        of your faith. Examples of these people are young children, poorly educated people,

        and newly converted Christians ( not all of these people ).

        Can we think for a minute that Jesus loves these people less ( or even that these

        people love Jesus less than better instructed people or even more intelligent people ?

        Jesus knows his own. It is not given to us to judge the relationship between anyone else and

        that person’s Savior, with, possibly, a very few exceptions.

        We are told that we ought to cast first the beam out of our own eye, so that we can see

        better to cast the mote out of our neighbor’s eye.

        No real Christian would ….. I would be careful about finishing that sentence, especially

        if I were applying it to a specific person. One could finish it ‘ deny Jesus three times.’

        But I would not finish it that way.

        Peter later, after the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles on Pentecost, was a

        fearless preacher of the good news, and later was a martyr for his faith.

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    • tom dolan says:

      While it is probably true that the USA has more racists than Germany and Austria have combined, it is also true that the population of the USA is much greater than the combined population of those two countries. I suggest that deciding how many racists there are in
      any country, much more to compare the numbers is attempting something which is neither
      important to do nor practical to do, except for people who are gifted mind readers. With the exception of the rather small number of people who admit to being racists ( or brag about it ),
      it is hardly easy to know whether someone is a racist. Someone having political views or opinions with which you disagree definitely does not mean that that person is a racist


  4. John says:

    Am I a xenophobe?
    Most of these migrants/refugees are fit young men and within their ranks are many jihadists who WILL bring atrocity to our streets. It has been ISIS’ stated policy to infiltrate Europe with thousands of their people. Compassion without any caution is criminal negligence.
    We are importing a cult that hates our democracy and hates us, and we’ll pay a heavy price.
    Read the Qur’an and see.


    • John, I understand your position; but is the answer therefore to let hundreds or thousands of people either drown or be permanently displaced (including children) just so we can keep two or three possible jihadists out of Europe? And again, the real extremists are the ones LEAVING Europe to go to Syria and join the Islamic State, not the one fleeing Syria.

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      • Ogami Itto says:

        Yes, it is. No one is forcing those people to come to Europe. Pakistan is right through the mountains, Russia through Afghanistan. Turkmenistan is open, and surely could use the “economic benefits” that mass refugees supposedly bring.

        In parts of the United States you can no longer fly an American flag because it is offensive to Muslims, in Germany girls are already being told to change the way they dress to protect them from Muslims who might be offended. In Sweden, rapes have grown by 1472% over the last thirty years, since they decided to become “multicultural”.

        You want refugees, you open your home to them. You bring in twenty refugees yourself, feed and clothe them yourself, see to their needs, before you call the rest of xenophobes for not wanting to do the same.

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      • Wow, you don’t sound like a xenophobe at all.

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      • Also that bit about not being able to fly the American flag because offends Muslims sounds like you just made it up.


      • John says:

        Understand Islam. Read the Qur’an.
        Islam’s intention, as in the Qur’an, is to subjugate Infidels – that’s you and I; the “unbelievers”. To criticise Islam is to incur a death sentence. Same, if you leave Islam.
        Sex slaves are permitted in Islam. Mohammad was a slave trader; he used and abused captured girls and had sex, at the age of 54 with a nine year old. Fact.
        Islam is intolerant, it is authoritarian and hates democracy. Islam was and is spread by the sword and now the Kalashnikov.

        Read the Qur’an. There’s no mercy or accommodation for unbelievers, according to their God, Allah, who demands that infidels be struck in the neck. It’s all there in the ‘holy book’ and is happening now.
        Understand the agenda, but you won’t unless you read the Qur’an. Understand that our flawed democracy is under grave threat and that Angela Merkel and our simpleton politicians will have to answer for the atrocities that are to come. By then it’ll be too late.


      • John, I read the Koran years ago. And there are some pretty unsavory verses in it. But most moderate Islamic scholars (as in not Saudi or Wahhabi) easily explain those as passages being in direct reference to events in the specific era the Koran was written in and not dictates for how all Muslims should live forever. Muslims and extremists aren’t the same thing. Extremists have an extreme interpretation/ideology to suit their political or military purposes; most ordinary Muslims don’t, just as most ordinary Christians don’t go around stoning adulterers.
        Everything you think is morally wrong with the Koran is also morally wrong with the Bible; because the Bible contains just as many, equally questionable, passages and in some cases virtually *identical* ones to the Koran.
        You say ‘sex slaves’ are permitted; well, they’re permitted in the Bible too. You say Muhammad was a slave-trader; well slavery was condoned in the Bible too. You say he used and abused and captured girls? I don’t know where you’re getting that from – unless it’s from the EDL. He had a nine-year old bride, true – it was normal at the time, however unacceptable it is now. The same things occur in the Bible – the Biblical Prophet Lot, so says the scriptures, had sex with his child daughters. ‘Islam was spread by the sword..?’ Well, how was Christianity spread? Ever heard of the Crusades or the Inquisitions? ‘Allah demands infidels be struck in the neck’? The Biblical God demanded the same things. Read the Old Testament.
        I’m not here to defend Islam or the Koran – that’s not my fight or my area of interest. But it’s easy to pick things out from a book to suit a pre-existing agenda. If all the Muslims in the UK were the people you seem to think they are, the streets would have been filled with blood years ago. The extremists/terrorists of the so-called ‘Islamic State’ are criminals using an extremist ideology – and who only exist, by the way, because of US-led Western warfare and policy in the Middle East. If you’re position is to let thousands of people die or drown, including children, because you didn’t like some passages you read in a book, then I really feel sorry for you.


      • Ogami Itto says:

        I actually meant to write Mexicans. And it’s actually true. California schools have on several occaisions banned students from having American flag shirts, a college campus actually banned the flag out right, out of fear that it would inspire racial based attacks by Mexicans. Mexicans, which is what I mean to say, as Muslims are not as visible a minority as they are in Europe. Sorry for the confusion.

        And no, I’m not a xenophobe, I’m just not a fan of colonization and annexation, which is how America gained Texas in the first place.


      • America in size and in economy is the best-placed nation to take in a much larger number of refugees. Not from everywhere – but specifically from Iraq, Afghanistan and probably Syria, given the US role in the destabilisation. That’s all I’m suggesting.


      • Ogami Itto says:

        We don’t have the jobs for these people to work. Too many of our own people are out of work, so how will these people support themselves? Are we expected to foot the bill for them? Because I can assure you the politicians who commit those actions without our consultation or approval won’t pay for them, themselves.

        Where are they to work, where is the housing for them going to come from, the schools (most American schools are already over crowded)? Are they going to adapt to us, learn English, ditch the burqa, integrate with the community – or they going to form insular groups, with their own social laws that they enforce among themselves? Is America going to have to deal with a rise in sexual violence like Sweden is?

        Because frankly, I personally don’t owe them anything. What actual benefit do I derive by taking on an new underclass in my country that I will have to support. We already have some forty million illegal immigrants, why the hell should we take a single one of these people in?

        And Qaddafi was a monster, Hussein, monster, Assad, monster. If we toppled Polpot you’d cry about that.


      • So what do you propose America – and I don’t mean American people but the American government, DOES to help all these refugees that have been created from the (illegal) Iraq War, and from the interventions in Libya and Syria? Libya has been rendered a no-man’s land and Syria now too, along with Iraq. Why should a country so directly responsible for that not bear any of the burden?


      • People are also getting confused about the ‘Muslims’. Syrians don’t wear ‘burqas’; it’s not in their culture to be extremists or fundamentalists. It was a broadly secular country until Saudi Arabia started sending in jihadists. I also have to disagree with you on Gaddafi – he wasn’t a monster. Hussein was, but that’s another matter.


      • Ogami Itto says:

        I propose the American government does nothing, as it won’t be the American government that suffers, just the American people. Sorry, but again we cannot afford the endless hordes of Mexican illegals, we cannot afford to house people, give the jobs at the expense of native jobs and economy cannot bear the burden. Let them beggar Africa, or Asia. America is full.


      • Ogami Itto (below) has quoted a statistic about the increase in rape in Sweden. This article may help illuminate why the numbers appear to be so large.

        “In Sweden there has been this ambition explicitly to record every case of sexual violence separately, to make it visible in the statistics,” she says.

        “So, for instance, when a woman comes to the police and she says my husband or my fiance raped me almost every day during the last year, the police have to record each of these events, which might be more than 300 events. In many other countries it would just be one record – one victim, one type of crime, one record.”

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Amazing but not surprising that this whole article blames the western civilizations for all the problems, also how it blames all peoples in Europe and beyond for all the ills in the world, I did not vote for open borders for Wars or any of the government’s who may have contributed to the unrest ,therefore I accept no responsibility for these problems . The mainly Muslim and Jewish factions in these regions are to blame for the unrest and for not subdueing the problem in the bud, to continually blame the west is obsurd way to continue. The Arab countries should take responsibility for their action and should help their fellow brothers and sisters not rely on the rest of the world to once again bail them out.


    • I didn’t blame ‘all peoples in Europe’ for anything – I blamed the specific governments that waged immoral wars and carried out disastrous regime-changes. But I find it hard to believe you honestly think what’s happening now in the Middle East and Northern Africa is solely the fault of the people there and that Western governments have no fault or responsibility.


      • TIM says:

        Dude lay of the hyperbole, illegal wars, blah blah blah. Sovereign nations don’t ask what everyone else wants, they act in their own interests. I am sure you live in a migrant heavy area. They are in a mess because they are involved in a death cult, are extremely lazy (refuse physical labor) and reproduce like rabbits.


  6. SIr-Cum-Alot says:

    LOL… you really do have to laugh at the OP’s original article … it is so contradictory to the cause he wishes to project … YOU provide the counter claims to your own view point with stunning effect to degrade yourself

    firstly – within anything ‘IN LIFE’ you need to take into account a few things – how things evolve and most importantly human nature to leave these out and just take things at face VALUE just because they are seen to be righteous or politically correct is the reason why the world is in the SHIT in the first place …. EVOLUTION of humanity is about taking into account a chain of events caused by action and reaction to determine the lesser EVIL and less turbulent path to further humanity this does not mean the path is always sunshine and lollipops ie:your own designs of basking in righteous ‘what would jesus do’ adulation ….. even HUMANITY has a price or cost as it is a ACTION that causes a reaction and evolution of ‘actions and reactions’ will create a SPECTRUM ie: rich -poor , righteous to evil ugly to beautiful -love and hate ,fat and slim everything has a counter point in life etc etc

    – in the topic terms the negative effects of 20+ years of uncontrolled MASS immigration are being suppressed and ignored ….they are building up and infecting humanity until they can’t be contained any more,Then a volatile reaction will occur probably born from frustration – SOCIALLY the containment of this negativity is contained by INDIVIDUALISM but as the social indicators indicate hate crimes , a few bombs , and divisional race,religious and nationalistic collectives are being formed and are on the rise within such countries were immigration is a problem – … this is eroding the containment of the negativity as individualism is being formed into collectives – COLLECTIVES have higher purpose and has needs or agenda’s that will will supersede individualism ( the break down of humanity ) due to your Jesus approach that is creating it ( fuelling the CORE motivation ) by your actions of suppression – YOU ARE THE PROBLEM and creator due to your ignorance of your actions seduced by the glory of humanity – you believe fanatically that you can do no wrong and that no consequence is created from your actions at face value being humane is the lesser EVIL but it disregards the build up over time of negativity deeming it always as acceptable, YOU can not rule or control a collective 100% of the time with individual ideology as it works on the greater good have purity within a national collective it must have individualism , family values and ‘national’ being a mirror image of family values as a collective of people working together for the greater good of as a LAND MASS ( regardless of race religion or gender etc etc ) at it’s core with the humanity and world stage as a by product of the foundation it creates

    you kick of the article with saying how America ,Australia new Zealand ect etc were all economic tourists …. one could debate – of the limited view points and social knowledge of the time .It was COLONIZATION as the populations were not very big and the land mass was enough to house all of them but it does not matter either way as two NEEDS collided ie: one out grew the other …

    infact at the time TRADE was often set up amongst indigenous populations and settlers and this had a period of time were they lived in harmony side by side on the same land MASS . As resources and space were in abundance

    It was only when things EVOLVED and the settlers needs ( plus tributes to the empires ) and numbers expanded did the displacement occur as one need or design super seeded the other ….

    SO with one hand in the article you are using this HUMAN NATURE MODEL as a defence for modern day MASS immigration .But then you go on to say that people are idiots and Xenophobes ( a fashionably over used word to stigmatised people for going against your agenda = pathetic ) for not taking into account the probability of displacement in their own countries based on increasing numbers and needs . which you are indicating as a ISSUE of migration So can you really go on the offensive calling people names to hinder their perception or views to further your own selfish image projection ..WHEN you have infact acknowledged the causes and effects of introducing foreign bodies to a host —- our nature is biological in the way it manifests socially ‘the stronger will consume the weaker ‘ ie: darwins law of nature – survival of the fittest . SO the ‘fear’ is actually endorsed by your own ramblings but then rejected when it serves you no purpose for your agenda


  7. QCD says:

    I must admit that most of the ppl in the West are incredible naive. As an open-minded guy I can understand this wave of sympathy for them BUT: Do you think they are all refugees? NO, largest share, 90% is represented by economic migrants…So please explain me why do they refuse to settle down in other countries of the EU than Germany, Holland etc ? Well in rest of the EU benefits are lower, and they have to work hard, not to stay on taxpayers money as usually the middle easterns do in the UK. So since they claim that they wanted to flee from death and destruction, what’s wrong with relatively safe like countries Poland, Italy, Romania, Estonia, Czech Republic, etc. ? On the other hand, tell me why rich countries from arab world don’t want to help more ? This wave of people, mostly muslims will change the fragile social equilibrium of the EU forever. Please don’t tell me stories, or dreams about multiculturalism, because this is a huge hypocrisy, most of the white people will avoid areas possessing a large muslim community, and this is a fact anywhere in the West. If EU will turn to Islam, that day will be the end of Europe with all our privileges, culture and our common lifestyle. Our children will put the blame on us, be sure of that.


    • I don’t know where the 90% economic migrants figure is coming from. Who worked that out? As for the rich Arab countries – specifically Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, etc – they refuse to take refugees because they’re corrupt, nasty dictatorships and supremacists. I tend to think European nations have somewhat higher moral standards. But if you’d rather be like the Saudis and Qatar, that’s fine.

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      • QCD says:

        I don’t think we will ever equal the saudits or qataris only because we still have a different opinion, the right to say no, or simply to refuse what’s basically imposed by our politicians. Indeed in history we did have plenty of examples about successful integration of refugees but muslim migrants are totally incompatible with Europe. I have thousands of reasons to think so, remember how dangerous life in the big cities of France is when they consider Islam somehow offended, or the wave of thousands of “european” recruits flocking to IS controlled territory – how is that possible ? Just another simple proof that our efforts to integrate them have failed~!. Our moral standards are still there but nevertheless they represent also our biggest weakness, as they have learnt how to use them in their advantage. I am working with muslims and there is only one true and reliable conclusion so far: never trust them, under no circumstances. About 90% figure, that’s what I observed in pictures/movies/online resources: standard refugee would be a young male, 20-35 years old, relatively well dressed, uses a smartphone keen to go to Germany or Holland only. If I were a war refugee, I would have kissed the land of Greece or any other european country without imposing suspicious preferences.
        Anyway, islamisation is in progress and in just couple of years will shift in the fifth gear. Until then we open the doors wide , smiling and saying Welcome, please feel like home!


      • QCD, firstly I disagree that Muslim migrants are ‘totally incompatible with Europe’ – I know lots of Muslims who are totally integrated and get on just fine. It’s also incredibly unfair to expect Greece or Italy to carry the burden of all the refugees just because they’re geographically the first point of entry, especially as both countries are having serious financial problems, particularly Greece. And also even if you’re correct about the 20 – 35 year-old demographic, are you going to apply the same rule to mothers and children and just bar everyone from asylum?


      • Ogami Itto says:

        It’s incredibly unfair to ask Greece to allow any refugees in, considering their own trouble with the Islamic Turks in the Ottoman empire. Janisaries anyone?


      • I do not know who you are, Mr. Burning Blogger, but I like your attitude!

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    • tom dolan says:

      Your point about the ” fragile social equilibrium of the EU ” and of almost everywhere else

      is without question both true and important. I don’t necessarily agree with every other point

      you make ( or disagree, these are difficult questions ), but any rational course of action must take into account the fragility of any complex society. Societies which are slow changing,

      ethnically homogenous, and very traditional are probably most fragile to the challenge

      of many new-comers with very different customs. For example, Japan two hundred years ago

      was much more fragile to such a challenge, which it did not allow, than today’s Japan.

      But any society when challenged sufficiently in this way can suffer from the disruption

      of too sudden change. This does not mean that many newcomers always cause severe problems, it does mean that the danger of these problems ought to be planned for and
      avoided. The very large immigration to this country one hundred years ago was

      a great benefit to our country, but it was not easy either for those already here, of for the
      new-comers. It di help greatly that the immigrants and their children worked hard to become Americans, and, to a larger extent than native born Americans did study hard, work hard,
      and obey the law. Those who are unwilling to obey the local law and respect ( not necessarily adopt, but respect ) local customs are both unfair and imprudent to settle somewhere
      whose ways they can’t accept. If the clothing worn on American beaches bothers you a lot, don’t go to the beaches. If being within twenty miles of a beach still bothers you, don’t come here,
      or at least don’t stay here. Even from generation to generation, with no moving about, different generations have different customs and bother each other, for example parents and children. Such friction can only be solved with mutual respect. I don’t play or buy RAp mmusic, and no one truies to make. I don’t interfere with anyone of anyage who enjoys it. I don’t hate fans or practitioners of rap. I don’t look down on them or bad mouth them. I ;leave them alone
      ( actually I associate with them all the time, but not at musical events, maybe.)
      If Moslems find our country just too modern and immodest, well, they have a point. But either get used to it, or don’t come. Those few Msolems who are in the habit of killing people who have never done them any harm are culturally insensitive. They don’t realize that in our culture
      killing in nocent people is not tolerated, and often can lead to being killed yourself.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Some of your points a valid but the vast majority are just pointless waffle….nowhere do you mention the probability that after declaring in May isil would send 500k troops into Europe also you fail to mention that the vast majority of these “refugees” are remarkably well dressed and groomed considering they have just fled a war torn country.Granted some are genuine victims but anyone who knows the story of the trojan horse knows how that ended…..those are the concerns and fears of people which has resulted in the backlash you mentioned


    • Well, if ISIS’s intention was to cause panic and paranoia in Europe, then it has succeeded. Firstly, there’s no way 500k ISIS troops will ever get into Europe. Only the Daily Express takes that kind of idea seriously. But secondly, the argument I seem to be mostly encountering now is that we should let as many people die or starve as is necessary to keep out one or two possible terrorists.
      Finally, if you consider that mentioning an illegal war (Iraq) or the destruction of an entire nation (Libya) as ‘pointless waffle’, then you probably ARE someone who doesn’t mind watching people drown or die.


      • So we are xenophobics now? says:

        Where´s a honest question for you…what do you believe? Are you cristhian, muslim, atheist, hinduist, monk, priest, prayer? It´s very important that you understand the fact, that we don´t want people to die (at least i don´t), EU citizens are inclued in the pot as well, so the reason of “i believe in humans”, is invalid, because, humans don´t believe in humans, humankind is an evil that roams the earth to leech changes out of life. Religion is a dicease, that preaches something that occured (who knows if it´s real) thousands of years ago, christianity evolved it´s teaching over the time, yet islamism remain the same. It´s fanatic! don´t you agree? It is of no importance if muslism are radicals or not, they follow their religion, no matter what! On a side note i offended you earlier on a post i made, wich i ask sorry for! Regarding the future of Europe, Siria, Iraq, US, it´s uncertain. For humans to believe in kindness and sympathy, religion must be purged from our lifes. and if in fact there´s a almighty GOD in the after life, then you make scores with him, and ask for justification on the shitty job that is being carried out and his name!


      • I don’t believe in a religion. But what’s going on with Islamic extremism is less to do with the religion and more to do with political and social conditions in those countries and the effects of warfare. You can’t say that ‘Islam’ hasn’t evolved; people in certain countries have evolved according to their situations and their societal conditions.
        A thousand years ago it was Christian Europe that was beheading people and mass-murdering its own minorities and burning ‘witches’ and all those things; and it was the Muslim East that was developing philosophy, astronomy, medicine and the sciences. The Islamic world had an Enlightenment long before Christian Europe did, even though it was a much younger religion – you can look this all up; it’s history.
        And maybe, as you say, it would be better for ‘religion to be purged’ from our lives, but how would you do that?

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      • So we are xenophobics now? says:

        Sadly there is no way to purge religion. But Greece created democracy, and yet was founded on top of multiple gods! Today, those gods are relics of passed times, can´t christians, muslims, and other religions do the same? Is it so inveterate in the human being that has no more room for improvement? When you say in your title “The MIGRANT CRISIS: Simplified For Idiots and Xenophobes…” you need to realize that the xenophobs are not atheists, or christians or whatever matter. Islam preaches that either you are muslim or need to be converted by sharia if you don´t you die,in the converson aspect of course. I do not wish the death of refuguees, i wish that this needs to be delt in a different maner. You can see UK, France, draw examples from there, and i´m not speaking trought the media, the insulting and discrimination from the muslims, towards the EU citizens from those countries! It´s not new! It´s old! It´s pack mentality! Their different points of view on this issue, humans need to be humans! When they deny food from the red cross, doesn´t that strike you as a xenophobic attitude? When in Rome, be Roman!


  9. Dom Clegg says:

    “European Jews who were fleeing Nazi Europe 70 years or so ago and who, almost without exception, were all turned back and sent back to die in the concentration camps.” ?????? Just plain wrong.


  10. John says:

    I appreciate you taking the trouble to reply courtesiously. As a Christian I take my morality from the New Testament and Christ. Whilst some might not accept even that Christ existed, what is unmistakable is that the teachings of Christ are unambiguous……. essentially love you enemy, and forgive those who offend you.
    The law of Allah as proscribed in the Qur’an is alive and well and is NOT an archaic piece of history. Recent studies are clear that Muslims in Europe want Sharia Law, where, for example, the testimony of women is worth half that of a man, where homosexuality is to be punished, and so on. This is not extinct law or law for the extremists as we see brutally practiced across the Mediterranean waters, but what the majority of Muslims, living in and enjoying our democracy want. Do you want to live under Sharia?


    • No, John, I don’t. But your information is second-hand conjecture. I could just as easily – and logically – suggest that ‘all Christians’ are waiting for the Rapture and for all the ‘non-believers’ to be left behind on the earth. After all, that’s part of Christian lore. But I know that most Christians don’t think that way. And I know that Muslims don’t think the way you’re suggesting either.

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  11. Msw3681 sw says:

    No genuine refugee refuses food even if it does have a red cross on it from the RED Cross, no genuine refugee throws food and water onto the ground because the French gave it to them, rampage through the streets of Italy and Greece, Germany too, because they did not get the best hotels and halal food, no genuine refugee would go through one safe country one after another to get to the richer countries with more generous benefits, nor would genuine refugees chant Allah Ackbar, kill the infidels, riot and rampage through the streets burning cars because they did not get what they demanded. These are predominantly healthy, well-dressed, well-fed, strapping males with expensive phones. Where are all the women and children? The elderly? These facts alone are suspicious. Where are all the Christians, Chaldeans, Yalzidi’s???? Oh that is right, thrown over the side of the boat to drown. 15 muslims were arrested in Italy for that crime. Sorry, these are invaders nothing more. There is plenty of evidence of all this to be found.


    • Msw3681 sw, if that’s true – and I don’t know that it is – then it’s the crime of a few people (15, you said). That’s out of *thousands* of people seeking asylum. I saw a Hungarian journalist trip and kick an elderly Syrian refugee carrying a child yesterday – by the same logic you’re using, is she representative of all Europeans..?

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      • Julius says:

        The burning blogger, you don’t adress MSW point so i repeat :
        “These are predominantly healthy, well-dressed, well-fed, strapping males with expensive phones. Where are all the women and children? The elderly? “


      • How do you know they have ‘expensive phones’? Honestly, you might want to stop getting all your info from right-wing press or websites. And are you seriously telling me you haven’t seen any children or women among the refugees? I’ve seen plenty. A whole bunch of children just washed up, dead, off the Libyan coast last week. You can’t be that ignorant unless you’re deliberately ignoring whatever information doesn’t fit your pre-existing viewpoint.


  12. Iran’s nuclear warheads will eliminate this Sunni problem in the near future. All of this mass suffering will soon be over. God is great! الله أكبر‎
    الله عظيم


  13. Anonymous says:

    Notice you didn’t mention Tony Blair in your accusations? David Cameron had nothing to do with Libya? I don’t defend politicians cos they’re all Liars, who do what they want when they get in office, but don’t play “Left/Right”politics with this issue. Refugee is not Immigrant and that line needs to be firmly drawn.


  14. Ana says:

    Glad to see more and more articles like this one on the rise. It’s scary to see how many racists started to speak up and threaten with violence (both physical and verbal). I’m ashamed of those who are trying to excuse their racism and xenophobia with false accusations like “they’re terrorists, they’re trying to convert us” etc.

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    • It scares me too. Too many people seem to care more about their tribal/racial issues than about humanitarian concerns.


      • Julius says:

        Is the fact that it’s the poorest in our countries that are gone suffer first from those new arrivants bother you? Is the fact that most of those illegals have several thousands of euros to give the criminals that conduct them in Europe and are not fleeing war bothers you? Is the fact that the more we let them come the more will take the road and die on the way bother you? Is the fact that when they leave their countries they empoverish it a great deal bother you? By the way do you receive migrants in you home?


    • Julius says:

      “Glad to see more and more articles like this one on the rise.”
      There is no need for more articles like that, all western medias are already spraying the same irresponsable message.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Yes violent muslims are just sweet little migrants, they mean no harm you say. They are flooding the west, here in Michigan they cry and whine about movies (American sniper), trying to censor the university of Michigan, they fill our welfare offices (birthright citizenship), they demand mosques in residential areas. Yet if we don’t do what the want, when they want the victim card comes fast and furious. Take your diatribe and shove it, I want my children to be safe, my schools to not be halal, and our nations future to be free of sharia.


    • Well, then you should ask your government to stop arming and funding terrorism, conducting regime-changes and importing ‘sharia’ into other people’s countries. There’s absolutely no real danger of American schools becoming ‘halal’ or America being subject to ‘sharia’ – and I think you know that.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Mike Gorga says:

    The crusades was 800 years ago. That you attempt to draw a moral equivalency between what is happening with Islam today with what happened with Christianity 800 years ago makes you know better than Barack Obama at the prayer breakfast.

    Christians are not stoning their wives. You’re trying to defend Islam by bringing up 800 year old examples of Christianity.

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if you think it is insulting to vet anyone who was brought here from Middle East.

    As for humanity I think it’s pretty likely you are also pro choice. And likely pro late term abortion if not partial birth abortion.

    Finally, that you use names like Bush and Cheney freely but have not mentioned Hillary Clinton’s role in Libya or Barack Obamas roll with red lines and failure to eradicate ISIS when he could have says a whole lot about you and your bias.

    Just like the pro illegal immigration people are never there when they murder someone so to be pro Islamic apologists will be first in line to blame the Tea Party and guns when one of these Syrians shoots up another Army recruiting office.


    • Mike Gorga says:

      Excuse my iPhone’s inability to take correct dictation.


    • Mike Gorga, I was responding to a comment that Islam hasn’t ‘evolved’ since its birth and was making the point that the religion has gone through different stages, just as Christianity has – hence the reference to the more violent Christian eras. And there’s no bias when it comes to the blame-game; I didn’t mention Hilary or Obama specifically in this post, but have mentioned them in other articles – and mentioned them at length in the book about Libya; I’m not going to keep repeating the same information in every single post. Clinton, Cheney, Bush, etc, are all as guilty as each other.
      The extraordinary degree of absolute ignorance and entirely non-Christian attitudes that this article has provoked in response makes everything written in it even more justified than it originally was. Also, I’ve never heard of ‘these Syrians’ committing *any* crime in America. All Muslims aren’t Syrians, and all Syrians aren’t Muslims. And what has gone on in Syria – a country that used to be stable – is largely the result of external interference by foreign parties, of which the US government has been one of the biggest contributors.


      • tom dolan says:

        ” largely the result of external interference by foreign parties … biggest contributor ”

        Perhaps, although surely foreign Daesh fighters are also a candidate for biggest contributor ?

        I find it hard to believe that no Syrians ( not even Bashir al-Assad or his infamous father )

        are important causes in the terrible situation n in Syria now. The father of the current tyrant

        used artillery on a rebellious city ( Homs ?). Who does that ? I don’t think that the brutality of the Ba’athist regimes in Syria or Iraq can be fairly blamed on outside influences.

        To place primary blame on outsiders is a way of infantilizing Syrians. If their problems are not their fault, then are you seeing them as children, not responsible for their own actions ?

        When the Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia ( or any other country they invaded) the terrible events that happened were the fault of the Nazis, who were much more powerful than the countries they invaded, except for the Soviet Union, I suppose. But few surrounding countries are even as powerful as Syria was. One exception is Turkey, but Turkey has played more of a role of saving helpless victims of Assad than victimizing them.

        The terrible violence committed by Daesh, the Syrian Ba’athist regime, and other ‘rebel’ groups ( many of whom are not Syrian, most of whom are Syrian ) is the faut primarily of those who are pulling the triggers, dropping the bombs, and raining down artillery on helpless, innocent civilians ( and on each other).


  17. […] recipe for fruit + nut frozen yogurt bark by Laura. I need to veganise this ASAP!//This article on the refugee crisis happening right now.// LAST WEEK(S). Holiday.//Birthday (I’M 30!)//Manchester Orchestra […]


  18. Anonymous says:

    We should be responsible for our own action. Killing, war, is never been an answer to any crisis. Communication is, educating people, the leaders should provide it. Let’s go back to basic, where love, sharing, respect to one another could make the world a better place to live in. We are in one planet. Why don’t we share our resources. Greed can cause human misery.

    Liked by 1 person

    • tom dolan says:

      When the Allied forces overran the concentration camps of the Third Reich, they uncovered

      something worse than war. World War II was a longer and more extensive war than most

      wars, so that it was a worse war ( more deaths, more wounded, more destruction, more

      lingering hate ). Yet if the Allies had not resisted Nazi aggression effectively, the result

      would have been much worse, and there would have been no end to it.

      War is the answer to some crises. M. K. Gandhi’s resistance to Imperial Great Britain

      was successful. M. L. King’s peaceful resistance to Jim Crow laws, based in part

      on the teaching of Gandhi and the Congress party was successful. These successes

      resulted in part from the civilized nature of the British Empire and of the United States.

      The non-violent campaigns were resisted violently. Injustice did not disappear easily or

      quickly. But part of what led to victory was that when, for example, people saw

      photographs of police dogs and fire hoses being used on non-violent teenagers, they

      were surprised, shocked, and moved to change this. Resisting the Soviets, Nazis, or Imperial

      Japanese forces by such methods would not have been successful, because the Nazis,

      Soviets, and the Kempe-tai were not ashamed of what the did and they would not have

      changed their methods.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. anonym says:

    I stumbled upon this post just now, and the scope of racist shit storm and celebration of ignorance just amazes me. Xenophobia and racism all come from fear and ignorance, making generally people an easy subject to manipulation. I usually never comment on any public discussion so please excuse if my reasoning will be not too logical.

    First, I would recommend to most of the haters in here to get themselves familiar with macroeconomics and the functioning of the state finance. I’m an economic migrant myself, working in Germany. I got 2 university degrees and speak 5 languages. German government didn’t spend any money to get a worker as I am. So I’m getting my earnings in Germany, spending most of it here, contributing to the welfare system. That’s how put very simple the economy works. Given there are working places available (e.g. in our city in South Germany it was a huge trouble to find the cleaning personnel for the office!), the newcomers will create also the value for the economy, and btw help to support our pension system which will crack when millennials will hit the retirement age. So please consider this.

    Second, I read a lot of hate comments that among the refugees there are a lot of young ‘rich’ looking males. People making it to EU as refugees aren’t the poorest as they need to pay to the traffickers to get here in the first place. The most deprived people have literally no chance to flee the country. That’s why among the refugees we can see decent looking people. Then most of the families can afford to send only ONE family member to hit the road investing often all of their savings. They send males as they have higher chances to survive during the trip.

    Third, everyone is saying here about how all of us should be afraid of Muslims which is absolutely nonsense. Once again please look at Germany. In the city where I live between 30-40% are foreigners or immigrants. Still everyone coexist quite well. I have a few neighbors: one of them is Turkish working for the local police and who used to help me with groceries when I had a broken foot; and the other neighbor is a white German (apologies for such a racist description) who smokes pot every day, and every other month trashes his flat so that we have to call the police. And at the end of all that as an immigrant from ex-USSR country I would fall into a slut-shaming attitude equally by all the nationalities. So everything is relative, please inform yourselves on the matters. There are crazy individuals, radicals and fanatics among all the ethnic and national groups.

    Staying ignorant you just make yourselves an easy subject for manipulations. Get your own opinion on things.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. I wanted to reply to the “expensive phones” issue. In Canada, we pay the highest rate in the world for our cell phones. A basic contract that includes texting, data, and 10 free phone numbers costs me $70 a month for three years..$2,520. The law has just changed around contracts, so I am looking forward to paying less. But in India and other third world countries, there are a lot more “pay as you go” programs and phones do not cost anywhere near they cost us here.

    The last time I did pay as you go here, you had to pay a minimum of $10 a month and if you were late to pay, you lost all your built up equity.

    So you see impoverished Indian farmers with cell phones and in African countries too. So do not equate what you are paying to what they are paying in Syria

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Varsavist says:

    Very leftist and very stupid.


  22. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the enlightening article Blogger and, above all, for your patient and respectful responses to those who disagree with you. Something that is urgently needed is an open dialogue with people who do not understand what is going on here. It’s really helpful to see these comments handled in a constructive way. I don’t know how much people really want to listen but it’s certainly worth trying. A big part of the problem here in the UK (and presumably in other European countries) is a narrative constructed by the government/media that we do not have enough – to fund our schools, our health services, social housing, and so on. Of course people are frightened of the idea of ‘outsiders’ coming in who might try to share these scarce services, when they are already underfunded. Perhaps even more so people who are not so privileged themselves who feel they will be pushed further into poverty when others arrive and start competing for what little there is to go round. Unfortunately the government also starve normal people here of a good education that might enable them to get a more accurate and well informed world view. The truth is, of course, that there is stacks of money for services – but the system is designed to benefit the richest, with nowhere near enough money being distributed to where it is needed. There are plenty of campaigns trying to change this (such as the so called Robin Hood bankers tax proposing 0.001% tax on banks speculative financial transactions, which could raise billions of £s- an idea opposed by our government). Whatever we can do to get the message out there that this is political and economical, the better. The same people we are terrified of letting in because they will nick our scarce services are victims of the same system that protects a global elite and claims there is not enough to go round. It takes a brave person to seek the truth and face it and accept that we have a huge fight for justice on our hands and that the simple idea that we are being spoon fed where all the immigrants and muslims are the bad guys is just a handy story that we swallow – Divide and conquer… Those at the top are watching the poor desperate British people kick off at the poor desperate refugees and sit tight safe in the knowledge that nobody is challenging THEM. This is not even a conspiracy theory, which lots of people seem to suggest – well respected academics write about this situation and there is plenty of evidence to back it up. Yet those who are claiming such things as ‘100s of terrorists are getting in’ or ‘90% of them are extremists’ don’t have any sources to cite – no facts, no evidence, just fear….Incidentally, to whoever said ‘they can’t even live together in peace and harmony’ – please be careful with the word ‘they’. It appeared you were talking about Muslims – this is a huge generalisation. Take Malaysia, for example – it’s a muslim country where I have enjoyed a wonderful holiday and witnessed hindus and buddhists living there very happily along with the muslims and plenty of white british ex-pats as well – so please be careful when you make such sweeping statements. Finally, I should add that my only experience of mixing with muslims in the UK was working at a multi-cultural school where the kids all respected each other’s religious and cultural differences, openly discussing their religions and cultural backgrounds with interest. Thank god that they are better than so many adults at mixing and accepting one another. Let’s hope that they are the ones who will soon be in charge. Thanks again Blogger.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for that contribution, Anonymous. I hope everyone reads your comment. This post has gotten so many aggressive, racist, insulting or just plain ignorant responses; but a comment like yours counteracts all of that beautifully and restores some of my faith in the goodness and intelligence of people.

      Liked by 1 person

  23. Anonymous says:

    In regard to the economic migration by Europeans to the rest of the world, you assert, “And that historic migration was *entirely* economic – no one was fleeing hardship, deprivation, famine or war.”

    Have you actually read any of the European history relating to people fleeing famines, clearances, civil wars, religious persecution and such like?

    From your stance, it would seem that you are quite unfamiliar with the history of enforced emigration to the New World and Australasia.

    Please look up the Irish famine, the Highland Clearances, the Lowland Clearances, and the selling of human beings into ‘white slavery’ (Sorry, I meant to say ‘indentured servitude’). And I haven’t even mentioned what went on in England.

    Your ignorance is remarkable, if not downright deliberate.


  24. Paulo Henrique says:

    The name of the game: Build Eretz Israel…


  25. […] to ‘destroy the white race’, my own view was entirely different. But you can see here how much of an aggressive, angry reaction that article got from some people who saw it – who […]


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