TURKEY’S Election Result: The Election Controversies, the Threat to the Constitution, the ‘Kurdish Problem’ & More…

Posted: November 4, 2015 in Uncategorized
Turkey’s ruling party, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) has won its outright majority in Turkey’s snap election days ago.

It is a result that has surprised many, given that polls had predicted a similar result to the inconclusive June election; though to others it would’ve been no surprise at all that the AKP and President Erdogan have attained precisely what they sought. This election has taken place amid ongoing intimidation of opposition parties and supporters, ‘terrorist’ attacks specifically targeting leftists, liberals, pro-Kurdish supporters and members of the HDP party that had been so crucial in denying the AKP its majority back in June.

The AKP, which exclusively controls the military, the judiciary and the media, is also being accused of vote-rigging.

While this result spells out a bleak immediate future for the country’s liberals and progressives, and may also pave the way for the AKP to subvert the Turkish constitution, it in some ways perhaps unsurprising that the party – even if there was elements of vote-rigging – might’ve won a legitimate majority: in times of fear, insecurity and potential chaos, voters naturally default with the devil they know and with the party that promises stability and guards against the uncertainties of change.

I already published a comprehensive post concerning Turkey, the election controversy, the threat to the constitution, the ‘Kurdish Problem’ and more, a few weeks ago. So instead of rehashing all of that, I’ve simply re-blogged it here…


the burning blogger of bedlam


The two explosions at a peace rally in Ankara that have killed at least 128 people and injured some 245, occur amid ongoing tensions in Turkey and a danger of matters escalating to an even worse situation.

The blasts took place as people were gathered for a march organised by entirely leftist groups. The TV footage shows a peaceful, even playful, atmosphere suddenly disrupted by a visible explosion in the background, with people then either fleeing in panic and distress or on the ground covered in blood.

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  1. M Semet says:

    Do they vote electronically there? Do voters get a receipt after voting? If their system is anything like what happened in Ohio (Diebold manages their e-voting system) then it is very easy to rig the results in Erdogan’s favor without leaving a paper trail.


  2. migarium says:

    Even if it was late my Earthling friend, I am reporting from first-hand, so from Turkey:) When I made kind of enter, I felt myself like journalist:) In Turkey, there is a lot of talk about the elections is not fair. However, because of most of objections which were made, haven’t been accepted by High Electoral Instution and, noone can confirm in right way. When the votes are counted, after they were sent to the headquarters, and keep the records. But it said that the comparison is not healty way.

    And I guess, hereafter I will use sentences such as “it said that or there is a lot of talk, etc,” outside of me. I cannot anything else as an extraterrestrial who is trying to live in a country like 1984 after now:)

    Of course I am kidding, even if I cannot, WD would always talk:)

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    • Thanks, as usual, for your insights, my Extra-Terrestrial friend 🙂 I’ve become very anxious about Turkey lately.

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      • migarium says:

        Thank you and I understand you, my Earthling friend. Since I came to this planet, I also have been feeling anxious for this planet, for most the non-human creatures. For me, those creatures are more important the people, politicians, policies, countries for the planet’s survive. Actually that’s why I became a socialist:) And, I am watching and looking at the world which is created by human, with humor; mostly I am trying to do. Because the world created by mankind is full of dirt. This world is not like to be tolerated without humor. Of course I am talking about real humor:)

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  3. […] Erdogan is a dictator in all but name. His regime has been using false-flag terrorism against its own citizens, shutting down media organisations, censoring (and even killing) journalists, carrying out purges […]


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