BIO-WARS: The Battle is Raging Within – And on Android and iOS..

Posted: January 20, 2016 in COMICS, Random
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You may have heard of the Bio-Wars comic book already. If not, you can go check out the comics online (and for free) here; or read my previous review of the first issues here.

The Bio-Wars  web-comic first launched in November 2013 and quickly developed a large and loyal fan base, drawing people into its world of micro-biology, bio-warfare and cellular heroism. A few months ago saw the formal universe launch, with a fully re-vamped webiste and more things for fans to enjoy.

To recap, Bio-Wars  tells the story of teenager Alex Hawking and the conflict raging within his own body; it explores the fascinating micro-world of the human immune system (or ‘Bio-Cosmos’), telling the story of the Bio-Warriors who protect this Bio-Cosmos; the characters are depicted in humanoid forms, but are essentially the living cells of the human immune and nervous systems, working together to defend their micro-world from hostile forces, such as alien microbes (viruses and bacteria) and deadly mutant cells. Theirs is the battle for life itself.

Gabriel Shaoolian, a former pre-med student at New York University, created  Bio-Wars partly out of his fascination with biology and immunology and particularly the way cells communicate with each other. He assembled a seasoned team of artists and designers at Blue Fountain Media, as well as a renowned comic book writer, to bring his vision to life, as well as to conceive and create a highly immersive digital experience that is expanding all the time. If you’ve missed getting in on Bio-Wars so far, now is the time to begin exploring this world.

The creative team behind Bio-Wars  includes Mark Powers, former writer at Marvel Comics, and illustrators Goncalo Lopes, Joana Lafuentes, Lucius Cross and Miguel Mendonça.

Bio-Wars  was always designed to be more than only a web-comic, however. The interactive website doesn’t just allow you read or download the free digital comics, but also to play a series of app games, explore the characters more (and their real-life counterparts), play social media games, interact with other fans, and even upload your own stories or artwork (and even have the chance for your work to receive cover art from the Bio-Wars team).

With their innovative approach to creating a multi-media platform and their expertise in web and mobile app development, Blue Fountain Media has designed, developed and launched  Bio-Wars mobile games for iOS and Android platforms, and a thought-out gamified website.

Two Bio-Wars mobile games have been created so far –  Biowars: Blastor’s Saga  and  Biowars: Invisible War.


Blastor’s Saga  is a free-to-play, level-based shooter on iOS and Android, in which players have to defeat enemies by using one finger to move an aiming reticule around the screen and another to shoot. In addition to the shooting stages, the game offers platforming sections that resemble rhythm games, where players swipe as arrows reach a specific point on the screen. When players take damage in either kind of stage, they can call in a healing Bio-Warrior to heal them.

Biowars: Invisible War  is also available on iOS and Android, as well as Facebook, and is a free-to-play, level-based, side-scrolling shooter. Players have to tap, or tap and hold, on the screen to make their main Bio-Warrior, as well as a partner character, move up and down in the environment. The Bio-Warriors fire their weapons automatically, leaving players to move the character to the appropriate height to hit or avoid stationary and moving enemies, as well as avoid dangerous obstacles. Each level in Biowars: Invisible War is timed and, as players take damage, their remaining time also decreases (however, defeating enemies adds time back to the clock). Gamers earn stars on each mission, depending on their performance, and can spend these on upgrades for their main Bio- Warrior (or the partner character).

While free-to-play, Biowars: Invisible War allows gamers to spend real money on additional playable characters and partners or star packages so they can upgrade their characters faster.


Mr Shaoolian recently told Social Times  that the Bio-Wars team has two additional games in the works, likely to be released in the next six months. While Blastor’s Saga  and  Invisible War  are single-player titles, the plan is to develop and release multi-player games in the future.

There can’t be many (or even any) other digital agency that has done what Blue Fountain Media has; taking a complicated concept, creating and designing the fictional world and its characters, creating the comic book, making the multi-faceted website, designing and creating the app games – and all of it done in-house.

With the recent, official launch of the brand, existing fans as well as newcomers now have access to the games, the fully revamped website, and the first ten issues of the  Bio-Wars  comic-book. Shaoolian has said his team plans to release a new issue in the series every two months.

For the latest, go to the BioWars  website. Or to start from the beginning, you can go here. To read my review of BioWars  #1 and #2, see here. And stay tuned for updates.



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