BERNIE SANDERS Wins American Presidential Election…

Posted: April 6, 2016 in (Politics) CURRENT AFFAIRS
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OK, now that the slightly misleading title has got you here, it isn’t quite a done deal.

There’s still every possibility that Establishment and Wall Street favorite (and HorseWoman of the Apocalypse) Hilary Clinton or celebrity billionaire Donald Trump might be the next US President (probably no need to talk about brain-dead Ted Cruz); which in the former case means war with Iran and in the latter case… well, that way madness lies and who knows what it would mean?

But Western Illinois University’s ‘mock election’ – which US political pundits are said to pay very serious attention to – has Sanders winning not just the Democratic nomination but the general election and the presidency itself.

It may sound like pie in the sky, but Western Illinois University is regarded as having form in this department, having accurately predicted Barack Obama’s presidential win in 2007 (and his reelection win in 2011), employing the same system that it is claimed has been used to predict every presidential election since 1975 ‘with 100% accuracy’. WIU’s mock election model originated with Professors Rick Hardy and John Hemmingway, who used their system to accurately predict Jimmy Carter’s unexpected victory in their 1975 mock election.

The results of their 2015 mock election has Bernie Sanders not just winning, but apparently by a landslide.

H. A. Goodman also writes a piece here on reasons why ‘Sanders Will Win the Presidency in a Landslide’.

The notion of Sanders winning even the Democratic nomination (let alone the presidency) is something the mainstream media in the United States appears largely unwilling to entertain. In fact, most corporate MSM probably prefers not to discuss Sanders too much at all. Rion Martin here helps to illustrate the American corporate media bias against the Sanders campaign in favor of the Republican Party comedy act (is Ted Cruz a real person or a malfunctioning android?) and the Hilary scandal.

This obvious MSM bias came to ahead a few days ago, with hundreds of protesters taking to the streets outside CNN headquarters to voice their frustration at the notable lack of coverage for the Sanders campaign. Protesters used the hashtags #OccupyCNN and #BernieBlackout to rally around.

The suggestion is also made, not unreasonably, that the reason for CNN in particular showing bias against Sanders is because the corporation’s parent company, Time Warner, is a major contributor to Hilary Clinton’s campaign.


  1. Heather Bea says:

    Yet another superb article.
    Up until Mr Trumps latest comments – re abortion – I could sort of understand where he was coming from – not anymore.

    Please no more Clintons either.

    Liked by 1 person

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