Latest Podcast – ‘Refugee Crisis, the Post 9/11 Generation, Putin, People Vs OJ Simpson & More’

Posted: April 15, 2016 in (All Things) CULTURE, Podcasts (Download)
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Here is the latest podcast – available to download or to listen to using the media player. 

I am joined again by my friend, presently exiled in an unspecified Eastern European city (and who may or may not be a gay porn star), Mumra 2K of

Discussed in this podcast (in approximate order);

Being on the conspiracy theorist ‘mailing list’ vs Sharing the name of a gay porn star.
Discussing ‘The People Versus OJ Simpson’.
Discussing the life of crime, gangsters and drug dealers who don’t see the funny side.
Mumra on life in one of the former Soviet territories.
The Refugee Crisis.
Islamophobia and the Rise of the Far Right in Europe.
The post 9/11 generation – Muslim youth who have no experience/memory of less toxic times.
Anjem Choudry – the media’s ‘Spokesperson’ for Muslims.
How Tony Blair/Iraq fooled so many.
An Eastern European resident’s perspective on Putin.
The Panama Papers
Burning Blogger recommends classic British political comedy, ‘Yes Minister’.


Here is the download link: (just use the download option on Google Drive). Or you can listen in the player below.



Intro music credit: The original ‘Pink Panther’ theme (composed by Henry Mancini) – buy it here.

Below is the trailer for ‘The People Versus OJ Simpson’.




Read: ‘Exposing the Lies & Racist Propaganda of the Refugee/Migrant Crisis‘, ‘The Migrant Crisis: Simplified For Idiots & Xenophobes‘… 



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