I’ve been wondering for some time whether, in order to ensure victory for the Establishment Messiah Hillary Clinton, we may see a degree of vote-rigging or last-ditch foul-play to push Hillary over the finish line.

After all, it’s happened in very recent memory: specifically when last-minute ‘voting irregularities’ allowed George W. Bush to be installed into the Presidency in place of Al Gore in 2000.

This was accomplished largely by illegally purging thousands of black voters off of the Florida voter rolls, creating an obvious and unfair advantage to George W. Bush. Jeb Bush happened to be the Republican Governor of the State of Florida at the time, which was very useful for his brother and their Skull & Bones dynasty. Antonin Scalia and his conservative ‘justices’ also skirted democracy and intervened on the Republicans’ side by stopping the election vote-count – and were therefore probably part of the scheme.

All of this was, in the end, an utter subversion of American democracy for the sake of ensuring the Neo-Con regime would take power.

When I say I’ve been wondering if similar foul-play will be utilised to ensure a Hillary victory, this is primarily because Hillary – like Bush before her – is very much the figure of ‘destiny’ and the Establishment candidate; meaning that said Establishment might resort to any means to secure her presidency. Hillary, aside from being an amoral psychopath, is essentially a Neo-Con in Democrat clothing.


It is in that context that we note the ‘voting irregularities’ cited in the case of the New York primary a few days ago.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign team has understandably complained about these voting irregularities at the New York state primary, calling them “absurd”: more than 125,000 Democrats were unable to cast their ballots due to a mixture of broken voting machines, missing ballots and purged voter rolls. This figure of 125,000 accounts for voters registered in Brooklyn, the district where Bernie Sanders was born.

Much of the Hillary-aligned Establishment media has downplayed or entirely omitted any reference to these irregularities, choosing instead to ramp up the Hillary propaganda machine and all but announce her as the Democratic candidate, essentially indicating that Sanders’ bid is virtually over. ‘Hillary Clinton: New York Primary Win Means ‘Victory Is in Sight” declares NBC News.

The New York Times went with ‘A Homecoming, and a Triumph, for Hillary Clinton in New York’.

The American mainstream media’s sidelining of Sanders – in spite of his widespread grass-roots support, particularly among young people – has been pretty evident for some time; but the downplaying of serious voting irregularities begins to suggest media complicity in yet another subverting of American democracy for the sake of the Establishment Candidate. As with Bush, so with Hillary.

Prior to this, there had already been significant problems in multiple states that have left many thousands of Americans as victims of fraud or otherwise without the ability to vote for their chosen candidates. Arizona’s Secretary of State recently admitted that fraud had occurred on a large scale in her state. Detailed analysis has already strongly indicated that state databases were probably hacked and manipulated. There is also evidence that additional moves are also being made to inhibit or confuse voters elsewhere too.

It has long been easy to suspect that Hillary is simply destined for the presidency, much the same way Bush was. And like Bush, Hillary will come to office with a pre-fabricated agenda in place. Indeed, a pre-fabricated agenda is probably the *reason* she has to inherit the White House. In Bush’s case, the pre-existing Neo-Con agenda and the Project for the New American Century pretty much demanded his election victory, even if it had to be accomplished via foul play.



We have to bear in mind what Bush’s illegitimate 2000 victory actually meant – by looking at what came after. The Neo-Con’s pre-planned ‘New Pearl Harbour‘ that was 9/11 wouldn’t have happened had the Bush regime not been in the White House. The invasion of Iraq almost certainly wouldn’t have happened; which means the destabilisation of the Middle East (including the advent of ISIL/Daesh) wouldn’t have happened. In essence, Bush’s election win can be said to have changed the world.

In that context, the ‘voting irregularities’ become far more important than just American democracy – they become a global issue, to which millions of deaths and even the literal collapse of some nations and societies can be traced back.

In essence, the 2000 Florida vote *had to be* rigged – because the Neo-Con regime had to ensure that 9/11, the Patriot Act, the invasion of Iraq, the War on Terror, and all the rest of it went ahead as planned. Likewise, Hillary (who has already operated to bring about the destruction of Libya and to aid/enable the destruction of Syria) comes pre-packaged with a firmly pro-Zionist agenda and a stated intention to invade Iran – and that’s just the part that’s openly stated. As with Bush (and more importantly Cheney, Rumsfeld and co), the Hillary presidency package must also have a whole shitload of horrors in it that won’t be revealed until later.

There are fresh nightmares ahead in a Hillary presidency; just as we all knew there were when Bush took office in 2000.

Yet should Hillary be the Democrat candidate, lots of reasonable American voters might be just as worried about the dangers of a potential Trump (or worse – Cruz) presidency and thus be compelled to vote Hillary. That’s the sad state of American politics. It may also be that the Republican Party comedy act that’s been going on – including Donald Trump mania – is actually a pre-planned shambles designed to aid Hillary’s bid. And should it come down to a Trump/Clinton race, all it takes is for Trump to say or do a few more ridiculous things at the right time and Hillary’s campaign can reap all the more benefit.

Frankly, the possibility that the ‘greatest democracy in the world’ could come down to a choice between voting for either an unhinged lunatic or a vile, criminal psychopath says everything about the state of American politics. And is best summed up by this old Simpsons classic with the alien invaders Kang and Kodos hijacking a US election (“It’s a two-party system – you have to vote for one of us!”).

It was funny back then. Not so funny anymore.



  1. Heather Bea says:

    I agree whole heartedly with you – yet another superb post.
    And yes – it may not have started out that way – but I bet now it is being rigged.

    (I will have a seizure if I start talking about George Bush – so will stick with Hillary Clinton).

    The thought of her becoming president is very VERY scary.
    (The picture you put up of her says it all for me).
    I have a horrible feeling she will get the top job so brace yourselves for more of that ghastly grating screeching voice – more upheaval in the Middle East (and we all know who’s side she takes there) plus the usual beating of the breast and war mongering.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Norman Pilon says:


    James Petras recently wrote an interesting piece that only read yesterday.

    “Trump “The Fascist”: Backdoor Backing of a Political Psychopath Named Hilary Clinton”


    Interestingly, John McMurtry, has a similar take:

    “Joining the Dots: Why the Establishment Hates Donald Trump”


    From one perspective, elections don’t really matter: the public’s political will does not get really get translated into legislative and executive reality. On the other hand, and here I agree with the thrust of your article, it very much matters geopolitically speaking which of oligarchical factions do get to steer the ship.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. truthisstrangerthanfiction says:

    I said it from day one… Trump is a trump card for Hillary n u seemed to echo it here far more eloquently. If so, then what an easy way to derail an election… just wage a dollar that your billionaire buddy cant derail the process to bring Hillary out on top.

    Part of the bet is likely that if you lose you’ll have to pay the dollar but that the American tax payer will reimburse u for election expenses. Plus there’ll be opportunities for u to double ur fortune during the next 4 to 8 yrs!

    Seems most Right Wing Americans are more than willing to vote for this flaming liberal Pseudo-Con… can’t say i won’t either!


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