Latest Podcast – ‘DS9, Senna, & When is a Spoiler Not a Spoiler?’…

Posted: May 4, 2016 in (All Things) CULTURE, FILM, Podcasts (Download), TELEVISION
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Here is the latest podcast, featuring I, the Burning Blogger of Bedlam, and my co-conspirator Mumra 2K.

You can download the mp3 using the link below; or you can listen to it using the media player.

Discussed in this podcast;

Mumra 2K recommends JJ Abrams’ new ‘Cloverfield‘ movie.
When trailers give too much away.
How we used to watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
The days of VHS and barely any Internet
Mumra’s debatable definition of ‘being spoiled’
DS9’s Sixth Season masterpiece – ‘Sacrifice of Angels’
Can pre-knowledge of key story elements can enhance viewing experience?
Revenge of the Sith and Titanic.
Discussing the classic documentary film ‘Senna’


Here is the download link: (use the download option on Google Drive). Or you can use the player below.



Intro music credit: Score from the Deep Space Nine episode ‘Sacrifice of Angels’ (composed by David Bell). You can buy the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Collection (4-CD Set) here.

Below is a YouTube fan-made teaser for DS9‘s ‘Sacrifice of Angels’, as well as the trailer for the documentary film ‘Senna’.





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