Watch EVA BARTLETT Tear the Aleppo/Syria Narrative Apart…

Posted: December 14, 2016 in (Politics) CURRENT AFFAIRS
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Some of you probably have heard of Eva Bartlett already.

The Canadian independent journalist and human rights activist has been in Syria numerous times in recent years, independently investigating and reporting on the situation in the country.

Last Friday, she was part of a press conference organised by the Syrian mission to the United Nations. Her response to a particular journalist is so perfect that I wanted to make sure I shared the footage in the above clip.

When challenged by a journalist on her claim that Western media was staging a false narrative about Aleppo and Syria, her response simply tore his question to pieces and left him looking embarrassed. The journalist, from Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, complains about her suggestion that Western media is engaged in mass deception concerning Syria and Aleppo: “the agenda from us in the Western media, and why we should lie – why the international organizations on the ground should lie?…How can you justify calling all of us liars?”

To her additional credit, she is gracious enough to say that there are “certainly honest journalists among the very compromised establishment media”; but then essentially leaves him looking like the kid in class who farted and everyone knows it was him.

He asks, ‘Why we shouldn’t believe all these absolutely documentable facts that we see from the ground? These hospitals being bombed, these civilians you are talking about, the atrocities that they have been experiencing…’

To which she replies flatly, ‘So, international organizations on the ground. Tell me which ones are on the ground in Eastern Aleppo? [silence]… Yeah, ok, I’ll tell you. There are none. There are none.’

She continues, ‘They [the White Helmets] are not credible. The SOHR are not credible. ‘Unnamed activists’ are not credible. Once or twice maybe, but every time? Not credible. So your sources on the ground – you don’t have them.’

What’s telling, however, is how few reporters or cameras appeared to be in attendance at the conference, judging from the footage. Which demonstrates that the majority of media outlets simply have their orders and aren’t interested in cross-checking their received/assumed ‘facts’ with alternative sources – including journalists who’ve actually just been in Aleppo and Syria; when, as Bartlett points out herself, none of the major news broadcasters have had anyone in Aleppo.

The full conference video can be watched here. Most of Eva Bartlett’s articles from Syria are archived here in her blog In Gaza.

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  1. I read her blog and she writes well, just as she speaks well here. Much of what she says can indeed be taken as the truth. But just as there is no evidence that the massacre of the 82 did take place, by the Syrian forces, she does not have any evidence that it didn’t. And it could be argued that her amazing free access to all of Syria, when bodies like the UN are denied it, speaks to her being in some way in league with the Assad government.


    • Norman Pilon says:

      Just wondering, and perhaps I’m out of the loop on this particular point, but you seem to be implying that the Assad government is denying access to Syria to the UN. What is your source for making this claim?

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    • Norman Pilon says:

      Perhaps I’m out of the loop on this particular point, but what is your source for asserting that “bodies like the UN are denied” free access to all of Syria by the Assad government?


    • She is pro the Assad government, for sure – whether she’s ‘in league’, i’m not sure, though it is possible.
      But the context is that 90 percent of foreign media and journalism is against the Assad government, so you could hardly criticise the very few independent journalists from the West who are making the case of the pro-Assad support in Syria.


  2. Mark says:

    Be honest, only now reflecting c/o your posts – properly. Finding, need to find the right time, is sometimes about space, mood and being ready-for. Watched UK TV nightly news and few clips of Tucker Carlson facing off the shrilling for war makers, to feel the blast of the justice haters. Quite overwhelming, even for contemporary govt-group-think. And then comes Eva. Like you note, it’s the fierce combo of grace and anger. Tempered with a most natural credibility. It’s that we’ve come to call out Lying. Not bias and agenda’s of deeper perspective but presume, chosen deception. IF… the alleged crimes by the army on the rebels or held/accompanying people occurred, surely this will be evidenced? But not going to the scene at all… says what? No smuggled in Western correspondent/camera footage? Yet TV-millions, who should know better, sit watching smart lookers in Beirut tell us what they know, in another country, because…

    Bravo Eva, Vanessa, Liz… ‘n all the other truth-men.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    We should always know the bias of anyone who feeds us information and take it into account. There is no such thing as being unbiased.


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