I was recently asked to do a new interview, this one for William Ramsay Investigates‘ You-Tube channel and the Ed Opperman Report radio network.

This is the You Tube video upload on William Ramsay’s main channel. The audio/radio version should be airing on Awake radio at 22.00 tomorrow (Saturday 4th February) and then otherwise available on all channels of the Ed Opperman Report.

It is mostly a discussion about Libya and Syria, particularly some of the information collated in the ‘Libya Conspiracy’ book. The book is still a free download here.

See all Libya posts here. See all Syria posts here.


  1. Mark says:

    Top teaching. Like y’writing, it’s the emerging picture coming into clearer focus, that makes it compelling. Open to ‘other sides’ and hearing you grow in understanding. Bored with the overly common, always over strident approach. Sometimes tentative, paradoxically, can be so strong. Hope you do more. You got the kind of voice and manner to imprint in us and memorable. Be as you are and look forward to next one/s. Thanks.

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  2. hey there. i did first hear you on the Opperman Report, and i checked out your website, love it, and signed up to get it…..thanx for what you do….the whole Libya issue was really an Amazing prism, the way general opinion just shifted overnight. he was always kind of a fascinating guy to me…..

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  3. would really Love to hear you talk about Libya on Joe Rogan`s podcast……..


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