This Footage Raises More Questions About the LONDON BRIDGE Terror Attack…

Posted: June 5, 2017 in And Now... The Weird Stuff, False-Flag Terror
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In the main post earlier, I alluded to video footage that I wanted to share – and which I said probably undermines the entire narrative regarding the June 3rd attack.

Well, here it is.

In truth, with further consideration, it probably doesn’t fully destroy the entire narrative; but it does raise serious questions.

If you haven’t read the bigger piece on the June 3rd terror attack, you should probably watch these videos in conjunction with some of the information in that post (particularly concerning Special Forces and the ‘Blue Thunder’ helicopter’ – shown in the photo above, landing on London Bridge).

The footage I was referring to is shown in two videos below.

Someone caught up in the chaotic events of Saturday night managed to film some odd footage of a large group of  ‘police’ changing their clothes in the street. There were originally several uploads of this video that I found, but the one I was going to embed here – as shared by the Trust One YouTube account – has now been deleted or taken down.

Probably removed by YouTube.

Instead here’s a longer version – courtesy of How I See the World’s YouTube channel – which goes even further with the same footage and speculates that what we might be seeing is one of the officers literally CHANGING INTO THE CLOTHES that the dead terrorist with the fake explosive vest is later shown wearing.

I’m not validating that theory: but  I suggest watching the footage. It is very curious, regardless of what conclusions you draw from it.

I would urge you all to watch it quickly, as this version may soon be taken down too and it is possible that all versions/uploads might be removed by YouTube.


Whether these people filmed on the street here are police officers, SAS personnel (the ‘Blue Thunder’ unit that landed on the bridge?), Israeli Mossad or something else entirely, is impossible to know. It’s possible they’re a mixed group, or even that there could be some private contractors involved, as with some of the previous terror attacks (Boston Marathon, for example).

At any rate, I tend to assume these aren’t Metropolitan Police officers.

Here’s a different upload of the same footage, just in case the other one disappears.

I am not saying that the people shown in this footage – whoever they are – are doing anything wrong. Merely asking the question of what it is that’s going on here; and pointing out the oddness of it, when examined in conjunction with some of the issues raised in the main piece on the June 3rd attacks.

Read main article on the London Bridge Terror Attack here



  1. I saw this footage live when the events were unfolding. It made absoolutely no sense of course and I noticed how the newscaster did not speak across it and nor was it referred about afterwards. The behavious of the cameraman was also a little strange in that once the onlookers were pushed back he immediately swung the camera away from the stripping policemen and back on to the empty street – he seemed devoid of curiosity and at no point attmpted to film more footage from further back.

    Another moment of interest was an eyewitness who came from the direction of the police cordons and stopped to tell a cameraman that he had seen what appeared to be police firing indiscriminately towards the crowd who were rushing about in all directions. In the middle of explaining this the feed cut away again for no reason whatsoever to the newscaster in the studio. His account was then briefly replayed a few minutes later although without the pictures (the eyewitness had at one point crouched down to mime how the marksmen were popping off rounds). I have heard nothing more about him but perhaps this footage is also uploaded somewhere.

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    • Yes, I saw that too, WoC. Also, I didn’t watch much TV that night and was instead listening to hours of live radio call-ins from people who’d been in the area and were witnessing what was going.
      This was interesting, as there were a lot of conflicting reports. One guy said there were at least 5 attackers. What was also interesting was that a radio journalist was watching all of these people being marched down the street by ‘security personnel’ or ‘police’ with their hands over their heads – the journalist tried to talk to people as they were walking passed, but the people kept saying “we can’t talk” or “we’re not allowed to talk”. Which I found very troubling.


  2. HIghly suspicious footage indeed, however, after viewing the video several times I have doubts as to this being the same man – supposedly changing his clothes then pretending to be dead. The camo trousers are not the same, the t-shirts is not the same, they have very different body types and ethnicities. The “policeman” is white with a muscular squat frame whereas the terrorist is definitely non-white, possibly arab, and has a wiry narrow frame.

    That being said, the video of the “police” changing their clothes most definitely raises questions, which nobody is asking or anwering, and further investigation of this footage needs to be done.


    • The photo of the dead attacker is very unclear – but you may be right. The main problem is still the general footage of the people changing clothes, however – and it is more than curious that the bearded guy was changing into clothes similar to the attacker’s clothes.


  3. ablet1 says:

    If all of these events (from Boston onwards) were staged using “actors/players” don’t you think, given the opportunity to garner money/fame, that at least one of these “actors” would have broken ranks and spilled the beans? That is the big weakness in all of your conspiracy theories. People can not keep their mouths shut!

    Too many people are involved for silence to be maintained. After all, even spies now sell their stories, why wouldn’t actors do the same?


  4. Great article! I shared the second video on Twitter. First video is gone (as you predicted). I have very little doubt this attack was bogus. Whether people really died, I don’t know. Same with Manchester. Every one of these has a differing quotient of reality. But these two attacks, on the whole, are complete rubbish. It’s orchestrated. Keep telling the truth! Great work!!! –Paul

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  5. It’s possible the police officers were changing into civilian clothing to go undercover, as some have suggested the officer and man lying on the street are not the same person. However, that does not rule out the possibility that Manchester and/or London were staged or false flag Gladio-type operations designed to prevent Corbyn from winning the Thursday, June 8 election.

    The Manchester event features absence of any forensic images of bomb detonation damages (please advise, if anyone has seen Manchester blast site images made public), but it is wise to remember the history of false flag events much larger and more complex than these when considering if either or both were state-sponsored.

    The UK election is huge. Consider Trump’s effort to influence the recent South Korean election, ISIS chaos in Duterte’s Philippines, Trump’s “meddling in the UK election” – see Russia-gate – by (deliberately and intentionally)taking London Mayor Khan’s statement clearly out of context, then “doubling down” with another, second smear Tweet.

    Khan is mayor of UK’s largest city, and Trump clearly attempted to help Theresa May – because Corbyn’s election as Prime Minister absolutely ruins any chance of UK military cooperation with Trump’s very real war plans for the Middle East. The stakes could not be any higher. Vote for Corbyn – vote for world peace.

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  6. what a load of shit says:

    right where to start!!! you clearly have no clue in police response and also clothing.

    to start with you complete rubbish about camo trousers……

    the police officers who were working and getting changed in this video are public order officers. they will wear their normal police uniform whilst on duty. when they are told to put on their public order kit this requires them to change. The clothing that has to be worn under the public order kit has to be made of natural fibers to prevent the officer setting on fire if they are petrol bombed!!! the police do not issue these under garments so officers have to purchase their own. Most officers will purchase cotton pajama bottoms and cotton long sleeve tops. As they have to purchase this you will find a whole array of bottoms being worn including superman ones and minions!!! please note that the officer that is getting changed is clearly putting pajamas on as im sure Camo trousers are sold come with a button and zips. the officers trousers clearly have pull string around the waist to secure them! the final image you have displayed shows a scum bag terrorist laying on the floor. please not the dead guy has hair the officer you are comparing him to has no hair in that picture!

    it is worrying that you are so quick to pass the blame onto other people. please just accept the fact that things happen and its not always a conspiracy. Also learn how the police work before casting your piss poor views on people. sharing this video will only demonstrate the rubbish people are willing to say.

    You was correct in your video at 1.53 you are no expert. you are bored that is it!!!!!!


    • ‘what a load of shit’ – it isn’t my video.
      I shared it because it seemed like it might be significant. And I was sharing it in the context of the much larger article on the subject of the June 3rd attack, which covers the subject on more levels. The argument that June 3rd might’ve been an act of state-enabled terrorism doesn’t hinge on this video footage.
      And, for that matter, I haven’t fully committed to insisting this was a false-flag terror attack either here on in the bigger article. I have simply tried to present a different set of perspectives and contexts to what was being presented in most mainstream media.
      All of that being said, I entirely respect and value the argument/explanation you have countered it with in your comment. You might be entirely correct – but again, this is only one video you’re reacting to and not all the rest of the issues and questions.


  7. Jason baxter says:

    The officers are changing into protective overalls

    Son officers choose to wear trousers underneath them for comfort

    The trousers underneath have to be fire proof – hence why cammoflage / military trousers work best

    Not a story … please move on


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