So, a few quick notes on the apparent terror attack/incident in New York.

As usual, this entirely could’ve been a straight-up ISIS-inspired, low-tech, ‘lone wolf’ attack.

And, as usual, maybe not.

The apparent perpetrator, Sayfullo Saipov – an Uzbek national – apparently shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ and left a note explaining that the act was carried out in the name of ‘ISIS’.

The Pentagon, it should be noted, has been training Uzbek militants for years – possibly for a future proxy war against Russia, along the same lines as how militants were used to attack Libya and Syria and how they were used to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.

The attribution of a terrorist act to ‘ISIS’ can never really be taken at face value, as it is well attested that the FBI trains all of its patsies to make sure they clearly register the ISIS or Al-Qaeda link, as was famously established with the Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, would-be bomber and FBI- patsy James Medina and laid out in the sterling work of Trevor Aaronson (for an explanation of how all of that works, see here).

Also, according to The Daily Mail, Saipov left early clues as to his intentions: in the form of an image showing someone (two months ago) holding an image of the ISIS flag at the precise same spot where the Halloween attack was carried out.

In the photo, the person (who could be anyone – only a hand is visible) is shown holding up the ISIS flag image, with the 1 World Trade Center building visible in the background. What’s rather disingenuous about the image, however, is that it bears the stamp of the SITE Intel group – the same organisation that puts out various ‘ISIS’ images or videos and is run by the Mossad/Zionist agent Rita Katz.

This incident was also probably intended to evoke 9/11, given its proximity.

What I also find odd is something that has been common to the last three major terror attacks – specifically London Bridge, Barcelona and now New York.

What I’m referring to is the fact that Saipov is reported to have been brandishing ‘fake’ firearms in his ‘shoot out’ with the police.

In the London Bridge attack, there were fake suicide belts – these were clearly reported in all media as having been fakes. And in Barcelona, there were also fake suicide vests reported.

Why? With the fake suicide vests, I suppose it’s possible they think the threat of a suicide-bombing would prevent police from shooting them. But with Saipov’s supposedly fake guns, what was he thinking? Did he simply want to make sure the cops shot him? Maybe so that he could go out like a martyr?

But in all three cases, it also seems possible that these were patsies set up by intelligence or security agencies and given only fake weapons (firearms or suicide-vests), such as you might get in some kind of training exercise. And in all three cases, we had vehicle attacks followed by additional attacks by alleged terrorists with ‘fake’ weapons.

In the Barcelona instance, it is clear now that this was a state-organised false-flag to justify a heavy police/military presence in Catalonia ahead of the Catalonia Independence referendum (see here).

In terms of motive for a lone-wolf terror attack in New York, it’s fairly easy to assume or accept that Saipov subsribed to the ISIS ideaology: and this would be all the explanation we need.

Whenever there’s a terror attack, however, we should also look for what legislation is in the works or what action or proposal is in search of a timely justification or premise.

In terms of motive for a false-flag – beyond the usual/obvious motives – it is possible this was timed to shift some focus away from the latest developments in the Russia-gate business.

More importantly, and more likely, there’s this. As is noted over at the American Everyman blog (see here), there may actually be a very good reason why this attack unfolded on the Tuesday specifically.

He notes, ‘On Monday Oct. 30th, Sec. of Defense Mattis and Sec. of State Tillerson went before a congressional committee and begged them to pass a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) which would grant them the ability to wage an endless war (no time restraints. Mattis said a limit would “embolden the enemy”) anywhere on the planet against anyone they deemed an enemy.’

As he notes; ‘…Less than 24 hours after Mattis and Tillerson made their plea to congress for endless war against anyone, anywhere… New York suffered what is being called a terrorist attack.’

I recommend reading the full post here – it’s the best thing I’ve read on this subject and it appears to have the motive all wrapped up.

With that in mind (and he also touches on these powers being basically a reboot of the powers the Cheney/Rumsfeld regime sought right after 9/11, paving the way for the endless war in the Middle East), it might be particularly significant that this attack was carried out in view of the site where the World Trade Center once stood.

On the other hand, it might’ve just been a weird, bearded guy from Uzbekistan doing his own thing for ‘ISIS’ and shouting Allahu Akbar. Whatever. Does anyone care anymore?


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  1. Mark says:

    False-flags are… “so last year”. Certainly, that’s the way it’s looking/going? We’ve chosen our positions; Care or don’t believe, be hot or cold. With the ever growing swamping multitude, “do I give a…” — either way? The reaction is, the flag. Likely, main purpose.

    Sandy-Hook-once and out we go bursting forth let’s shout. Now… inoculated. In the landscape and face of radical complacency.

    Someone ought to try light a flame. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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