How a Teenage Girl Becomes a Scapegoat for Britain’s Role in the ‘Islamic State’…

Posted: February 22, 2019 in (All Things) CULTURE, (Politics) CURRENT AFFAIRS, This Week's News (From a Certain Point of View)
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It’s been difficult to ignore or avoid the massive coverage, controversy and debate surrounding the ‘ISIS bride’ Shamima Begum that has dominated British news in the passed week or so.

The massively inflated ‘scandal’ has created differences in opinion over what should be done with her, whether her citizenship should be revoked, whether she should be allowed back into the UK, etc.

I personally have no interest in Shamima Begum: basically a dumb girl who drank the Islamic State Kool-Aid, went to start a new life in the Wild West, and now wants to come home because the ‘adventure’ has crumbled to dust.

However, the entire ‘controversy’ over what to do with British kids who went over to Syria or Iraq to live in (or fight for) the ‘caliphate’ seems to me to be a massive distraction strategy: it’s aim being to get everyone fired up over highly divisive idiots and their dumb decisions or their radicalisation… while completely failing to register the role of the government and the state in the entire misbegotten saga.

In effect, all of the focus and debate is over a nineteen year-old girl who made a shitty decision when she was 15: so that none of the focus or debate is on more important aspects of the equation that she became a tiny part of.

So let’s briefly look at some of that equation: and then come back to Public Enemy No.1 – the ‘ISIS bride’ – and why her situation has been turned into a mass public frenzy.

I had always been suspicious of how so many British (and other Western countries’) ‘jihadists’ were able to leave the country and find their way into Syria or Iraq. Certainly, once the bloodshed in Syria and Iraq was unfolding, it shouldn’t have been that easy for British Kool-Aid enthusiasts – invariably kids under the age of 30, and mostly under the age of 20 – to leave the country and head to the ‘caliphate’.

It always seemed likely that authorities were deliberately either turning a blind eye or even actively facillitating that movement: which would make sense, as the idea was always to use the Islamist rebels in Syria to both split up Syria into sectarian enclaves and to overthrow the Damascus government.


It is beyond doubt at this point that elements in British, American, Saudi, Israeli and other foreign policy establishments and intelligence agencies wanted an Islamist ‘caliphate’ established in those parts of Syria and Iraq (as part of the destabilisation and Balkanisation plan).


In order for that ‘caliphate’ to try to sustain itself, it needed not just ‘jihadists’ and fighters, but to be populated: it needed a ‘community’.

Does anyone really believe that the British authorities simply lost track of all these teenagers – particularly when it was always clear that a very coordinated path into Syria had been established via the Turkish border?

The Sun’s frontpage has chosen for some reason to link Shamima Begum with the Manchester terror attack: so let’s remind ourselves for a moment of that terror incident and its relationship to this broader equation. The British intelligence agencies were collaborating with the Islamists and anti-Gaddafi ‘rebels’ for years prior to the ‘Arab Spring’: and then, in 2011, the British intelligence community was happily allowing Libyan rebels (who’d been safely housed in Manchester for a generation) to flood back into Libya to join the ‘uprising’. And, famously, this included Salman Abedi, who later came back from Libya and carried out the Manchester arena bombing (I covered that whole saga here).

The fact that the British intelligence services were quietly allowing Britain-based Libyan Islamists to go over to Libya to join the fight against Gaddafi makes it fairly easy to understand why they would also allow British Kool-Aid fans to head over to Syria to help populate the ‘caliphate’: it was servicing the underlying agenda.

Yet it seems now that the propaganda/perception-control plan is to have everyone focus all their anger on a low-IQ teenager who drank the Kool Aid – and not on the actual conspiracy or conspirators who created the whole equation in the first place (let’s call it the Kool-Aid manufacturing and distribution network).

Britain’s role in creating the ‘ISIS’ situation was comprehensive: ranging from its role in the Iraq War to its decades-long operation to use Islamists to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya, to its involvement in aiding Syrian ‘opposition’ to destabilise Syria, its psy-op expertise in helping run the ISIS drama, and much else besides.

We really don’t need to go over all of the evidence of British involvement in the geo-political machinations: but let’s just pick out a few things to reiterate the case.

We know, for example, that British Special Forces were always involved in Syria and the ‘opposition’: just as the SAS and the ‘Black Watch’ were involved in the Libyan jihad against Gaddafi (see ‘The Libya Conspiracy‘).

We knew that, in 2012, SAS Special Operations Forces as well as agents of the UK’s MI6 were already operating in Syria, training fighters. As Finian Cunningham wrote in 2012, ‘One can discern the malevolent hand of British state terrorist expertise: the training, weapons, intelligence and logistics. Moreover, the use of terror gangs to inflict mayhem and sectarian bloodletting is straight out of the British military manual, as devised by General Sir Frank Kitson…’

Sure enough, we also know, for example, that British SAS officers were found staging fake ‘Al-Qaeda’ attacks in Iraq during the occupation: to help establish the ‘Al-Qaeda in Iraq’ momentum – which, in turn, is where the Islamic State group came from.

We know that the propaganda element of the Syrian regime-change operation was in large part being run from the UK; and we know, for example, that the ‘White Helmets’ psy-op was being run by a former British military officer (see here).

Hell, it even emerged that some ISIS social media accounts were traced to IP addresses that belonged to either British government departments or Saudi Arabia.


But, as far as the creation of the ‘Islamic State’ caliphate is concerned, what a lot of people don’t fully appreciate is how long in advance this whole thing was being seeded.


Let’s look at everyone’s favorite Mad Extremist Preacher, Anjem Choudary.

In September 2014, just as the ‘caliphate’ was being formed in stolen land in Syria and Iraq, Choudary described Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS/Daesh, as “the caliph of all Muslims and the prince of the believers”. Whether Choudary knew or didn’t know that ‘Baghdadi’ was a phantom menace (who either didn’t exist or was an actor) is impossible to know: if he knew, then he was simply participating in a vast fiction – and, if he didn’t know, then he was obviously being duped like a lot of other people.

Police believed Choudary had connections to as many as 500 of the 850 young British Muslims who travelled to Syria to live in the ‘caliphate’ or to fight with the group.

It is important to put Choudary’s role in the advent of the ‘Islamic State’ in the Middle East (and his statements about Baghdadi) into proper context: something that Choudary shared with a number of his fellow caricature/super-villain Mad Preachers for years was a longstanding interest in creating an extremist ‘caliphate’ in the Middle East.

Choudary has spoken of this long before the real-world emergence of ‘ISIS’ in Syria and Iraq (and long before the conditions emerged for that to happen). All of the Cartoon Preachers seemed to talk about (or know about) this ‘caliphate’ in the Middle East that was one day coming. They either had great prescience or they were part of a long-playing and remarkably effective operation to bring it all to pass over many years.

Though, given that people like Anjem Choudary or his mentor Omar Bakri didn’t plan the invasion of Iraq, the intervention in Libya or the Arab Spring, you have to wonder how they had such a prophetic vision for what was going to unfold.

According to an article two years ago in the Telegraph, one counter-terrorism source, who investigated Choudary a number of times, ‘insisted the decision not to prosecute him had come from the security service, MI5.’ He is quoted as saying “I am gobsmacked that we allowed him to carry on as long as long as he did. He was up to his neck in it but the police can’t do full investigations on people if the security service say they are working on a really big job, because they have the priority...”

Interestingly, when asked by Andrew Neil on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme (in 2010) about his financial affairs, Choudary was very evasive, saying that his finances were a private matter. But he did, very vaguely, say that he was “doing something, and I don’t want to discuss that with you. I’m not on Jobseeker’s Allowance…”

What did he mean by that?

I guess we’ll never know: but again, this is a man credited with the radicalisation of a very large number of young British Muslims and specifically with around 500 kids who went over to Syria to join the emerging IS ‘caliphate’.

So, again: if Choudary was doing some unspecified work for MI5 and if Choudary was helping radicalise a large number of kids to send over to ‘the caliphate’, how likely is it that the intelligence services were somehow unable to know about all these teenagers going over to Syria or unable to stop them?


Again, I have no real sympathy for Shamima Begum or for anyone who went over to Syria. But it seems to me that a group of brainwashed, radicalised teenagers are being used as scapegoats for the conspiratorial machinations of much bigger agencies and agendas. We’re being encouraged to miss the forest for the trees.


That girl was 15 when she developed her love of the Kool-Aid.

When I was 15, I did some stupid stuff too – nothing as stupid as that. But I got into lots of trouble, had fallings-out with parents and family (to the point even of being kicked out of the house and twice suspended from school), and got into some bad things. Given a few years, I got passed all that and grew into a different person.

The point being that 15 year-olds don’t know shit yet: but are emotionally still developing, easy to indoctrinate, and easy to lure into ‘gang’ mentality, terrible relationships, or retarded idealogies. Particularly when entire psy-op campaigns are being run to bombard their sense of identity, purpose or belonging.

On the one hand you have the constant coverage of the ‘Muslim Problem’ following the War on Terror (if someone like Shamima Begum was 15 when she left for Syria in 2015, then she was a 1-year-old when 9/11 happened and has never known a pre-War-on-Terror society); and then you have the entire IS ‘caliphate’ thing being calibrated to deliberately evoke Islamic ‘end times’ prophecy (and thus draw susceptible minds into the idea of religious duty at the end of days); and then you have indoctrinators like Anjem Choudary doing their part; and then, on top of that, you have what is best described as a massive media/marketing enterprise psy-op in the West.

In terms of that mass-media psy-op, I covered a lot of this in this older article (‘ISIS, Europe & the Fear-Porn Psy-Op: Reaching Critical Mass‘); and Black Catte writing at Off-Guardian put in the clearest terms a couple of years ago, when she wrote (‘‘The Idiotic Media Version of ISIS – Are We Losing Our Critical Thinking‘): ‘“Media ISIS” has a business portfolio Goldman Sachs would admire, and the kind of reach SMERSH could only dream of. It runs a billion dollar oil empire that can’t be stopped, a multi-million dollar artefact smuggling business that can’t be tracked, witnessed or halted, keeps a vast fortune in western banks that can’t be traced, runs movie studios and social media campaigns from locations that can’t be bombed… Maybe it’s the glossy end of year reports that lure in so many would-be employees? But then “media ISIS” is a law unto itself even on Twitter. Heck, it can even create its own Android app and sell it through Google...’

That’s true, by the way: ‘ISIS’ somehow managed to have an Android app on Google.

Under that kind of bombardment and confusion, it’s really no surprise that the under-developed intellect of a 15 year-old could be brainwashed into going off on some exciting ‘adventure’ in some kind of semi-mythical holy land where religious prophecy was somehow being fulfilled.

In some weird, warped way, it’s not that different to pre-1948 Jewish immigration to the ‘Zionist State’ in Palestine: people were sold an idea or ideal that involved going off to a new land to create some kind of promised society based on a specific intrepretation of religious ideas, etc, and to find a safe-haven from insane levels of Anti-Semitism (and, again, if Shamima Begum was a 1-year-old when 9/11 happened, then she is of the generation that has only ever known post-9/11 Islamophobia – which would also render someone like her all the more susceptible to retarded notions of the ‘caliphate’).

Curiously, that mass movement to Palestine also happened under British contrivances: but that’s a different subject.

None of this is excusing her for her dumb choices – or the evil cult she joined. But the point is to ask why her story is being so blown up in the media.

We know there were other ‘British jihadis’ who went to Syria and who have since come back to the UK – with no media attention on them. And this would include actual fighters – unlike Shamima Begum, who only went over there to be a bride. Those guys would presumbably be dangerous (just like Salman Abedi was when he came back from Libya): yet they haven’t been talked about, we don’t know their names and we haven’t seen their photos on TV or in the papers.

Add to that the fact that, for example, an unspecified number of the Al-Qaeda-linked ‘White Helmets’ were rescued from Syria and brought back to the UK (see here): and yet no questions have been asked in the media about where they’ve been resettled or how many were brought to the UK.

Yet suddenly a teenage girl who’s just given birth to a baby has received all of this immense media coverage, had her picture all over the newspapers and television, and is being talked about up and down the country?

The point is that, now, media is full of questions or debates about this teenager – and there are still NO articles, news items or debates about the British state’s or security services’ role in the ‘Islamic State’ nightmare.

And that’s probably by design. They entirely understand that, in these highly toxic societal times, it’s very easy to string up stupid little kids in the court of public outrage – so that everyone’s outrage or resentment is focused on the wrong people: or at least on the easiest targets in the equation.

And Shamima Begum is very much the easiest target: because, again, how come there are no photos of actual returned *fighters* all over the newspapers? You know, the ones who might’ve actually been involved in the fighting, or even in executions and the like? But a brown-skinned girl in fundamentalist Islamic head-covering – well, in this age of maximum ‘culture war’, that’s perfect.

And we’re in an age of such broad cognitive dissonance, that this strategy can work very easily. Stir up everyone’s fear and anger and keep them from asking the more important questions.



Read more:ISIS & the Fear-Porn Psy-Op: Reaching Critical Mass‘, ‘The Extraordinary Mystery of the Islamic State ‘Caliph’, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi‘, ‘The Story of Sirte – From Proud Libya to ISIS Caliphate‘, ‘The Truth About Salman Abedi, the Manchester Attack & the British Government‘, ‘From London to Orlando: The Terror Psy-Opera Continues‘, ‘The Paris False-Flag: There Were NO Suicide Bombers‘…



  1. Sha'Tara says:

    Deliberate misdirection, what else? Did anyone interview this woman to find out if she’s changed here viewpoint about Islamic end times extremism?


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