Calling All Activists, People with Information, Artists, Creatives, etc


If you are someone with any important or relevant information to share or with input (and if you don’t feel comfortable posting visible comments directly to articles), please feel free to contact me anonymously using the contact-form.

Secondly, to all activists, campaigners, and generally highly politicised individuals, feel free to make contact and start a dialogue – again, I am more than happy to give coverage to serious issues, causes, campaigns and ideas.

Secondly, little in life imparts more pleasure than to discover and/or champion a new or currently unknown artist, band, writer, visionary or unsung genius…

So to all budding (or established) musicians, bands, rappers, comic-book writers and illustrators, aspiring (or amateur) film-makers, artists, novelists or anyone else involved in creative projects and looking for coverage: feel free to contact me to discuss possible coverage and/or promotion on this site and related social media. I am happy to conduct interviews, write reviews/previews, or in general simply give coverage to works/projects and creative minds whose stuff I think is awesome.

Contact me using the contact form below. You can also join The Burning Blogger of Bedlam on Facebook or follow on Twitter and on Google Plus. I look forward to hearing from you.

Or send me a direct message using this contact form…


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