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You may have heard that Suicide Squad is terrible.

You may have also heard that’s it’s actually pretty good. Ultimately, as with everything, you should make up your own mind: and judging by how well the movie seems to be doing at the box office, the harsh criticisms don’t seem to be hurting it commercially. (more…)



So last week, as Marvel launched a new Captain America  series, the first issue caught most people off-guard with its ending and even apparently offended a number of fans.

It also caused on online uproar and made headlines across most major American media outlets, along with accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’ and the writer even receiving death threats. ‘Outrage’ has never been so easy and so viral. All that’s missing are the pitchforks, torches and angry mobs.



I was nervous when I first heard Psylocke was going to be featuring in the X-Men: Apocalypse movie.



The X-Men film franchise in general has been a mixed affair, with some truly wonderful films and some very lackluster offerings, some mind-blowing sequences or scenes and lots of very underwhelming ones.



Some of that question might be down to a bout of comic-book movie fatigue; but actually it’s a serious concern.



“In my twenties, I had a lot of existential angst about who I was and who I wanted other people to see me as,” says the writer of one of the coolest new independent comic-books out there. “That conflict externalized in another character that eventually evolved to be  Paradox Girl…”



Paradox Girl #1  from Hana Comics presents a very fresh and original comic book; an interesting, original premise, written with smart wit, brimming with energy, and seamlessly illustrated.



Aspiring comic-book artists or writers, as well as fans of Manga – if you haven’t yet heard of ENSOKU-MANGA, you probably soon will.


biowars1 (1)

You may have heard of the Bio-Wars comic book already. If not, you can go check out the comics online (and for free) here; or read my previous review of the first issues here.