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I’ve been feeling a little weird lately, particularly over the Christmas season. A little off-balance. It was a weird sort of year.

And this feeling was amplified a day or two after Christmas when Carrie Fisher died – something that was not only very sad for me, but also seemed to mess with my sense of reality in a weird way.

I usually like having my sense of reality messed with, by the way – I always find it engaging, because it forces me to think and to also go back to thoughts I’ve had periodically over the years concerning what the real nature of reality is. But no so much this time; not when it involves a sad event or the death of a personal (and, as it happens, massively popular) icon.

It wasn’t the only thing lately, however, that got me thinking outside of the box. And for the first article here this year, I decided to take things in a different direction for a moment. (more…)


‘False narratives and blatant lies continue to be put forth by the corporate media and lying “Human Rights” groups with ties to the CIA, US State Department and/or colour-revolution schemer George Soros…’ explains independent journalist Eva Bartlett. (more…)


Meet artist and painter Illma Gore.



Americans reportedly dump some 35 billion plastic bottles every year. Most of the rest of the world doesn’t fare much better.



If ever proof were needed that we inhabit an increasingly toxic, divisive climate, and that the modern arena of social media is awash in negativity, hatred and quick-fire BS of an insidious nature, then the incredibly brief saga of Microsoft’s short-lived ‘AI Chat-Bot’ serves as both an amusing and somewhat depressing reminder.



Though the Zika virus was originally discovered in 1947, cases of the virus being contracted were only sporadic, and even then only occurred in Africa and southern Asia.
It was until 2013 that that individual cases started to appear in the Americas. It was in May last year that Brazil reported its first case.



If the Jurassic Park  films have taught us anything, it’s that bringing dinosaurs back to life could potentially cause one or two itsy-bitsy problems.



One hundred years ago Albert Einstein, in his General Theory of Relativity, predicted the existence of a Dark Side of the Force to the cosmos.



“In my twenties, I had a lot of existential angst about who I was and who I wanted other people to see me as,” says the writer of one of the coolest new independent comic-books out there. “That conflict externalized in another character that eventually evolved to be  Paradox Girl…”