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Just when you thought the massive, endless distraction/pantomime of Planet Trump couldn’t get any sillier, the President ditches his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: and is replacing him with who? Oh, just the head of the CIA.

What’s even dumber is that, given all of the mainstream media hysteria over alleged Trump ‘collusion’ with Russia, the President chose to announce Tillerson’s redundancy right after Tillerson had publicly criticised Russia for its alleged involvement in the nerve-agent incident in Salisbury. (more…)


In the sixth Star Trek  film, The Undiscovered Country, Ambassador Spock tells Captain Kirk, “There’s an old Vulcan saying – only Nixon could go to China.”

The line was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, suggesting that Nixon going to China was so symbolically significant that it had even become a saying among an alien race centuries in the future.

The Nixon-going-to-China reference has also been cited a bunch of times in recent days, since it has been announced that Donald Trump appears to have accepted North Korea’s invitation for the US President to attend a talk with Kim Jong-un. The seemingly sudden onset of diplomacy and de-escalation seems to have caught most commentators off-guard.

It seems, on the surface, to be a positive development, with the historic meeting tentatively scheduled for May. (more…)


So here we are, a week on from a paradigm-shattering vote on Britain’s membership of the EU, and politics in the UK has descended into a malfunctioning mixture of Wacky Races, Blackadder and Game of Thrones; leaving the English no longer able to look down their noses at the odd spectacle of the American presidential race.

A week since the EU Referendum ended in a winning vote for Brexit, the country is in a state of political confusion and social anxiety, and the future is a blur of uncertainty. The Prime Minister has said he is resigning – but not just yet. The Conservative Party is divided and no one is sure who the Prime Minister is going to be. (more…)

Turkey’s ruling party, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) has won its outright majority in Turkey’s snap election days ago.

It is a result that has surprised many, given that polls had predicted a similar result to the inconclusive June election; though to others it would’ve been no surprise at all that the AKP and President Erdogan have attained precisely what they sought. This election has taken place amid ongoing intimidation of opposition parties and supporters, ‘terrorist’ attacks specifically targeting leftists, liberals, pro-Kurdish supporters and members of the HDP party that had been so crucial in denying the AKP its majority back in June.

The AKP, which exclusively controls the military, the judiciary and the media, is also being accused of vote-rigging.

While this result spells out a bleak immediate future for the country’s liberals and progressives, and may also pave the way for the AKP to subvert the Turkish constitution, it in some ways perhaps unsurprising that the party – even if there was elements of vote-rigging – might’ve won a legitimate majority: in times of fear, insecurity and potential chaos, voters naturally default with the devil they know and with the party that promises stability and guards against the uncertainties of change.

I already published a comprehensive post concerning Turkey, the election controversy, the threat to the constitution, the ‘Kurdish Problem’ and more, a few weeks ago. So instead of rehashing all of that, I’ve simply re-blogged it here…


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The two explosions at a peace rally in Ankara that have killed at least 128 people and injured some 245, occur amid ongoing tensions in Turkey and a danger of matters escalating to an even worse situation.

The blasts took place as people were gathered for a march organised by entirely leftist groups. The TV footage shows a peaceful, even playful, atmosphere suddenly disrupted by a visible explosion in the background, with people then either fleeing in panic and distress or on the ground covered in blood.

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On 17th September 2011, Occupy Wall Street gained enormous worldwide media coverage. The people were revolting against the corporate control over society, against the criminal bankers and their vassal government officials, against injustice and inequality.
It felt like, and could’ve been, a defining moment of a generation; it could’ve been world-changing.

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A brief moment to pay tribute to someone that people my age or younger might not even have heard of before; but nevertheless a cultural giant of his day and someone I never get bored of watching. That someone is the late Sir Peter Ustinov, this year marking a decade since his death in 2004.

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Last summer, when I first heard that a mysterious figure named ‘Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’ was being declared “the leader of all Muslims everywhere” by ‘Islamic State’ propagandists, it was one of the most disturbing things I had heard in a while.
There was only one figure in Islamic tradition that could make that claim of themselves and this is a figure rooted in Islamic prophecy concerning the End of the World. But there’s an explosive claim that has been circulating for many months now: that ISIL’s ‘leader’ and ‘caliph’, the elusive Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, might in fact be an Israeli Mossad agent.

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In commemoration of this year’s world Star Wars Day, I’ve decided to pick out the 20 Greatest Star Wars Moments (in my opinion, of course). Star Wars is and has been so much a part of my life that it was hard to narrow this post down to just twenty.

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To mark this Easter Sunday, I’ve decided to take the chance to pay respect to a largely forgotten film that no one ever talks about, but that I think it utterly worth talking about. That film was called The Greatest Story Ever Told, a 1965 Biblical epic produced and directed by George Stevens.

Now first off – I’m not big into Biblical films and I tend to dislike overly evangelical works of any type. In fact I resent any art that is really just sneaky evangelism masquerading as something else and I’m instinctively turned off when anything gets preachy. There’s a reason Biblical films have been so out-of-favor for decades now; the social and cultural climate has changed very much since the hey-dey of the Biblical Epics in the fifties. A more liberal film and entertainment industry in general displaced the more conservative old-guard a very long…

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