Reposting/Republishing Etiquette…

I hesitated creating this notice for some time, as it didn’t seem in the spirit of things; but I recently decided it was necessary.  This notice is primarily directed at non-WordPress users.

While I am of course perfectly happy for fellow bloggers or websites to re-post my articles or reference the texts on this site, please make sure you credit this site as the source and please include a link back to The Burning Blogger of Bedlam. It should be obvious that this is the commonly observed etiquette for these things; and 90 percent of people do operate by this etiquette.

But I’ve found more than a few websites taking my work and pasting it onto their sites – without any reference to me being the source or any link/url back to this site. While of course I want information to be shared (and I don’t want to sound like I’m being too precious about content), it is unfair that I spend time and effort putting an article together and then have *someone else* take it, put it on their site and take credit for it.

This is really a problem that doesn’t apply to WordPress users: since, on WordPress, you can just re-blog the post and the source is automatically linked to – and also, in general, there seems to be a spirit of understanding among WordPress bloggers for what the correct, honest etiquette is.  The problem is mostly with non-WP sites.

There have been a number of instances over the last few years where I’ve come across this issue – and I usually ignore it. It often involves very small, very new sites or blogs – so I won’t be mean and specify them. But sometimes it involves fairly large, successful websites.

This is a particularly bad example ( the website has taken the entire text of a very long article I wrote and pasted it onto its own page – without mentioning me or this blog at all. The ‘author’ has cleverly changed a few words in the first paragraph and the end paragraph; but has otherwise used the entirety of the original text and presented it as if it is his writing.

Here is the original piece – if you need to compare.

All he would have to do is credit the article to me and include a link to the original – and I would be perfectly happy for him to republish the text. But that particular article is an example of a post that it took me something like three weeks in total to read up on, write, edit and post – it is therefore blatantly unfair for someone else to take that vast amount of text and present it as their own and I’m sure you can understand why I would be annoyed.

If you do wish to reproduce or republish an article from this site (and you’re not doing it on a WordPress site), this and this are examples of the friendly/correct way of doing it.