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This is probably the most important thing that will be posted on this site this year, so I would ask anyone here to read it all the way through and then draw your own conclusions.

The underlying theme that emerges from this article – which I have been putting together since December – is one of a possible international conspiracy behind the radical shifts in Western politics that may be occurring: that the perceived ‘rise of the Far Right’ across Western societies is not just a simple reactionary movement based on anti-immigration sentiment or refugee hysteria, but something more planned and with more obscured roots.

It is also a case of those simpler, more obvious things too, of course: there are multiple causes for the current wave of ‘populism’ and angry mobs. But it would fit this paradigm best to remember the quote by Dennis Healey about nothing in international politics happening by accident but being made to happen.

What follows in this article then is (1) what I conclude to be a demonstrable conspiracy, (2) some demonstration of what the connections are that support this conclusion, and (3) what the root of that conspiracy is and what its aim might be. (more…)



Right now, some over-excitable people are fretting or evangelizing about the imminent End of the World later this year, in regard to the Mayan Calendar and its ending world cycle.

In all likelihood these are the same sorts of great thinkers (and in the case of authors, profiteers) who were all hot-and-bothered over the Millennium Bug, the year 2000, the year 2006 (according to the much-hyped ‘Bible Code‘), or the year 1999 (according to interpretations of Nostradamus). Of course none of those other much-written-about Doomsdays ever amounted to anything and neither will this one. (more…)