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A week ago, I relayed the report, via the Times of Israel, that President Trump was seeking Stephen Feinberg – CEO of the private security firm (mercenary group), DYNCORP – to conduct an “audit” of American intelligence and security agencies.

I suggested that the Israeli billionaire’s enlistment by Trump for that purpose might essentially amount to a ‘coup’, with all American intelligence and security operations being controlled by a private entity with foreign/Israeli interests. I also suggested this might relate to the sudden resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

If this report is true and this move goes ahead, it is worth looking at precisely what DYNCORP is and what its track record consists of. If you’re not familiar with it, prepare to be very troubled. (more…)

The Nobel Committee’s considered decision to try to focus attention on the subject of child suffering comes amid a resurgence in forced child labour and child trafficking for both labour and sexual abuses in various parts of the world.
Child hunger and homelessness have also become a massive problem of the 21st century, particularly as a result of the three-year Syrian Civil War, though the phenomenon isn’t limited to Syria by any means. It is extraordinary that these horrors are transpiring on so vast a scale in the year 2014, representing a failure of global civilization and human society.