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Is The Last Jedi the ‘worst Star Wars movie ever’? Possibly. Even probably. But what does that even mean?

Needless to say, this is my provisional review of The Last Jedi.

Writing this review – and thinking all of this through – has actually been a form of post-The-Last-Jedi therapy for me. And I needed that. A much longer version of this review can be found here. (more…)


As Episode 8 of the Star Wars saga hits cinemas and adds a new chapter in the mythology of the galaxy far, far away, here’s a timely revisit to all the existing films in the epic, magical universe Uncle George made.

Even die-hard fans have mixed feelings about the various films, particularly in regard to the prequel trilogy, which has been excessively and mostly unfairly maligned. But here is a loving and critical look back across cinema’s greatest saga, with the added power of hindsight and greater perspective.



You may have heard that Suicide Squad is terrible.

You may have also heard that’s it’s actually pretty good. Ultimately, as with everything, you should make up your own mind: and judging by how well the movie seems to be doing at the box office, the harsh criticisms don’t seem to be hurting it commercially. (more…)

The Fourth Kind1

‘Yes’… is the short answer. I wouldn’t have bothered writing about it if the answer was ‘no’.
Now I know lots of people will disagree, or will pour scorn on this suggestion. This isn’t a popular film (it has only a 19% score on Rotten Tomatoes); but as it’s Halloween, I thought I’d make the case for it. And if you’re looking for a ‘scary movie’ recommendation for this evening, this is one I’d recommend.