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The passing of Peter O’Toole in December 2013 was a sad moment for me.

I had a strong personal affection for the man and his work, stemming primarily from my undying love for the film Lawrence of Arabia, which I consider a contender for the greatest movie ever made.


You may have heard that Suicide Squad is terrible.

You may have also heard that’s it’s actually pretty good. Ultimately, as with everything, you should make up your own mind: and judging by how well the movie seems to be doing at the box office, the harsh criticisms don’t seem to be hurting it commercially. (more…)


To mark Easter Sunday, I’ve decided to pay respect to a largely forgotten film that no one ever talks about, but that I think is utterly worth mention. That film was called The Greatest Story Ever Told; a 1965 Biblical epic produced and directed by George Stevens.

Now first off – I’m not big into Biblical films and I tend to dislike overly evangelical works of any type. In fact I resent any art that is really just sneaky evangelism masquerading as something else and I’m instinctively turned off when anything gets preachy. There’s a reason Biblical films have been so out-of-favor for decades now, the social and cultural climate having (rightly) changed very much since the hey-dey of the Biblical Epics in the fifties. But if this particular film wasn’t so damn special, I wouldn’t be caught dead evangelizing for it.

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Mideast Israel War Probes   CAIMA501

Killing Gaza  is a film chronicle of the extraordinary suffering caused by a military campaign of grossly disproportionate force used against a trapped population.



There are few modern actors or famous entertainers who have as much effortless charisma as Alan Rickman.
There aren’t many people who could narrate about a tortoise munching a strawberry and make it entertaining.



In lieu of a review of The Force Awakens, which I don’t intend to do until I’ve seen the film twice, I am continuing to re-evaluate some of the older films. A more in-depth, all-encompassing re-evaluation/review of The Phantom Menace is something I’ve been working on for a few weeks now and will appear in full shortly.
But recently, during a standard, heated argument about the Star Wars prequels, someone challenged me to “name ten things” that were good about The Phantom Menace.


The Fourth Kind1

‘Yes’… is the short answer. I wouldn’t have bothered writing about it if the answer was ‘no’.
Now I know lots of people will disagree, or will pour scorn on this suggestion. This isn’t a popular film (it has only a 19% score on Rotten Tomatoes); but as it’s Halloween, I thought I’d make the case for it. And if you’re looking for a ‘scary movie’ recommendation for this evening, this is one I’d recommend.



Eighties kids and film fans have inevitably been getting excited about the arrival of a special, rather iconic date: 21st October 2015.
Why? Because of course it is the date in which Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrive in the ‘future’, as per the unforgettable events of  Back to the Future II.


Christopher Lee, aside from being one of the last greats, was also like some otherwordly force at times too.
It’s difficult in fact to even think of him being deceased without imagining him lingering on as some powerful, supernatural being.