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I’ve been feeling a little weird lately, particularly over the Christmas season. A little off-balance. It was a weird sort of year.

And this feeling was amplified a day or two after Christmas when Carrie Fisher died – something that was not only very sad for me, but also seemed to mess with my sense of reality in a weird way.

I usually like having my sense of reality messed with, by the way – I always find it engaging, because it forces me to think and to also go back to thoughts I’ve had periodically over the years concerning what the real nature of reality is. But no so much this time; not when it involves a sad event or the death of a personal (and, as it happens, massively popular) icon.

It wasn’t the only thing lately, however, that got me thinking outside of the box. And for the first article here this year, I decided to take things in a different direction for a moment. (more…)



So yesterday was Star Wars Day.
I’m a day late, but I spent most of yesterday getting back to my foremost passion in life – defending the genius of George Lucas and trying to explain that he created one of the greatest and most under-appreciated works of art in all history.



If the Jurassic Park  films have taught us anything, it’s that bringing dinosaurs back to life could potentially cause one or two itsy-bitsy problems.



I deliberately waited some time before attempting to write a review of Star Wars: Episode VII, as when it concerns something like Star Wars one really needs time to process their reaction before committing to a viewpoint.
I also don’t like posting anything amid the flurry of knee-jerk reactions and reviews that accompany the release, and prefer to get some distance beyond the immediate hype before formulating my thoughts. And moreover, something as complex and subjective as a Star Wars movie also needs time to age, especially if – like me – you’re a deep Star Wars fan. Our view of The Force Awakens may be different six months from now; it may also be different years from now, once the other films in this trilogy have emerged and we can see the whole picture more fully.
Nevertheless I have now had time to gather my thoughts: needless to say, major spoilers will soon follow. Also there will be talk of midi-chlorians, so be warned about that too.



In lieu of a review of The Force Awakens, which I don’t intend to do until I’ve seen the film twice, I am continuing to re-evaluate some of the older films. A more in-depth, all-encompassing re-evaluation/review of The Phantom Menace is something I’ve been working on for a few weeks now and will appear in full shortly.
But recently, during a standard, heated argument about the Star Wars prequels, someone challenged me to “name ten things” that were good about The Phantom Menace.


Star Wars BD_04_1920x1200-bluray

As Episode VII of the Star Wars saga hits cinemas and begins a brand new chapter in the mythology of the galaxy far, far away, here’s a timely revisit to all the existing films in the magical universe Uncle George made.
Even die-hard fans have mixed feelings about the six existing films, particularly in regard to the prequel trilogy, which has been excessively and mostly unfairly maligned.



There’s one definite thing I would’ve done differently if I’d been formulating this teaser for Star Wars: Episode VII. I don’t know who it’s supposed to be doing the voiceover character-wise; but I would’ve got Mark Hamill to say those words. Imagine – imagine – fan reaction if it had been Luke Skywalker’s voice in this teaser! They missed a trick, man.
That voiceover was one of the not-so-encouraging things about the trailer, by the way. Moving on, I’ve chosen to react to this teaser promo (as much as I can) entirely on its own terms and without any reference to how much I didn’t want there to be a new Star Wars trilogy (not because I don‘t love Star Wars – but the opposite).
Also – and I cannot state this loudly enough – we just saw the fucking Millenium Falcon again!!


Star Wars “purists” who’ve for a long time been waiting for Lucasfilm to re-release the original, unaltered versions of the first Star Wars Trilogy may soon get their wish; at least according to, which cites two independent sources suggesting Disney/Lucasfilm is planning such a release for the near future.
Whether this rumoured re-release of the Original Trilogy in unaltered form will go ahead or not, it does reignite the old debate among fans as to whether the original untouched versions or the revised special-edition versions are the superior statements; and moreover the debate as to which versions should be considered the ‘definitive’ versions of the Original Star Wars Trilogy. Check out the Burning Blogger’s 10 Great Original Trilogy Revisions here.



First of all, Han should always have shot first! But while fan debate about The Original Trilogy will probably go on until the end of time, my position remains that some of the alterations that have been made to the Star Wars films over the years have been effective and have added to the overall quality of the films.