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I was recently asked to do a new interview, this one for William Ramsay Investigates‘ You-Tube channel and the Ed Opperman Report radio network.

This is the You Tube video upload on William Ramsay’s main channel. The audio/radio version should be airing on Awake radio at 22.00 tomorrow (Saturday 4th February) and then otherwise available on all channels of the Ed Opperman Report. (more…)



“In my twenties, I had a lot of existential angst about who I was and who I wanted other people to see me as,” says the writer of one of the coolest new independent comic-books out there. “That conflict externalized in another character that eventually evolved to be  Paradox Girl…”



Aspiring comic-book artists or writers, as well as fans of Manga – if you haven’t yet heard of ENSOKU-MANGA, you probably soon will.




The tradition of musicians writing songs or composing projects centered around issues of social justice, race, prejudice or war, is of course a longstanding one.