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All Kneel - Cover

As part of the 10th Anniversary re-release of Katastrophy Wife’s second album All Kneel, a bonus album For Your Patients is being included. A download link for the digital compilation is available on April 19th as a companion to the 1000-copy limited-edition vinyl of All Kneel released for Record Store Day.




Inspired initially by Free Comic Book Day, the now-annual institution of Record Store Day takes place this 19th April in various countries. Record Store Day 2014, as was to be expected, already has a bunch of interesting releases in store (or literally IN store) for collectors and aficionados, including items from Nirvana, The Doors and the Pixies.



A decade on from it’s critically acclaimed UK release, Katastrophy Wife releases the “All Kneel – 10th Anniversary Edition” for Record Store Day on April 19th. The band’s 2003 album is also making its long-awaited international debut on vinyl and digital release in early May.

Katastrophy Wife (or “Kat-as-trophy-wife”), aside from having possibly the best band name ever, also has one of the very best front-people of the last few decades in the form of former Babes in Toyland singer Kat Bjelland. Babes in Toyland remain one of my all-time favorite bands, their singular style and sound and Kat Bjelland’s distinctive, trademark frontwomanship being one of my fondest memories of what was my generation’s own rock golden-age. (more…)

All Kneel Vinly
Disappearing projects or albums long rumored but never materialising are not entirely a new phenomenon, neither are highly-anticipated releases that take an exceedingly long time to emerge, one of the more famous examples being the decade-plus it took for Guns N’ Roses to release Chinese Democracy. But a current example of note is Katastrophy Wife’s mystery third album, initially planned for release in 2008 under the speculative title ‘Pregnant’.