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So I’ve just rewatched The Last Jedi for the fifth time now. And I want to talk about why it may be… time for the (Last) Jedi (hate)… to end.

And why this film flourishes emotionally and viscerally, even as it collapses logically and critically. I wish I could outright hate this movie or outright love it – as it is, however, I’m in the frustrating position of both hating and loving it at the same time – and I really can’t figure out how I’ll feel about it five years or ten years from now.

In this ‘re-evaluation’ or essay or whatever you want to call it, I want to reappraise my views on The Last Jedi, see what’s changed over time, and essentially conduct something of a defense of this movie – even though I could write another equally valid piece on everything that’s wrong with this movie.

This is motivated in part by how bored I am with all the ongoing hate for The Last Jedi – some of which is valid, and much of which has been excessive. But it is also motivated by how much the film has improved for me in these nine months. I also want to talk about how the Five Stages of Grief relate to my/our response to this movie and I also want to talk about The Last Jedi in the context of The Phantom Menace.

I have to say, it’s a film that seems to get better and better the more I watch it. It’s a film that grows over time – not a film that necessarily enamours you on first viewing.

I certainly wasn’t enamoured with The Last Jedi back in December: but to be clear, I never totally hated it. My initial review of the film was balanced between praise for the film’s significant strengths and pleasures – and dismay at some of the storytelling choices, character portrayals and frankly bad structuring.

My sense of the film now is still generally the same: I love lots of it, I definitely have an emotional response and engagement in key scenes, and I adore the cinematography and the visual tone and dynamics of this movie. But I still dislike some of the story choices, am still baffled by some of the lapses in logic, and I still question – as I always have – whether these sequel films needed to exist at all. (more…)


Is The Last Jedi the ‘worst Star Wars movie ever’? Possibly. Even probably. But what does that even mean? It could be the ‘worst’ Star Wars film and still be really interesting and have great stuff in it.

Needless to say, this is my provisional review of The Last Jedi. And yeah, it’s probably going to get ugly at times.

I say ‘provisional’ because I have only seen the film once, a few days ago.

I plan to see it again, to try to understand it better and see if I feel better about it the second time – which is a distinct possibility. And I usually don’t write Star Wars reviews until I’ve seen the film more than once – however, my sense of dismay and confusion from this experience was so strong that I have felt compelled to write this out earlier than I would’ve done.

Writing this review – and thinking all of this through – has actually been a form of post-The-Last-Jedi therapy for me. And I needed that. If any of you out there have also been suffering from post-The-Last-Jedi psychological issues or distress, then perhaps reading through this might help you a little too.

I saw the film on Saturday night. I’ve been aware that there’s been some degree of ‘backlash’ online, but I haven’t looked at any of it, having been mostly off-line for a few days. (more…)


I deliberately waited some time before attempting to write a review of Star Wars: Episode VII, as when it concerns something like Star Wars one really needs time to process their reaction before committing to a viewpoint.
I also don’t like posting anything amid the flurry of knee-jerk reactions and reviews that accompany the release, and prefer to get some distance beyond the immediate hype before formulating my thoughts. And moreover, something as complex and subjective as a Star Wars movie also needs time to age, especially if – like me – you’re a deep Star Wars fan. Our view of The Force Awakens may be different six months from now; it may also be different years from now, once the other films in this trilogy have emerged and we can see the whole picture more fully.
Nevertheless I have now had time to gather my thoughts: needless to say, major spoilers will soon follow. Also there will be talk of midi-chlorians, so be warned about that too.


Something is wrong with Luke Skywalker.
That much by now seems evident. The Luke Skywalker we’re going to encounter in  Star Wars: Episode VII  is going to be very different from the hero we’re used to or even from the young man we last knew from those timeless final scenes of  Return of the Jedi.
By the way, possible spoilers ahead; so be warned.



So the final trailer has broken out for what is the most rabidly anticipated film since Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.
Which is to say that the final trailer for  Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens  has sent fandom, film buffs and the Internet into a frenzy unseen since… since, well, the first and second teasers for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.
Interestingly enough, it doesn’t reveal that much more than the previous trailer did; but reveals just enough to fascinate and lure us in that little bit further. And, yes, we just saw Princess Leia for the first time since 1983 (think about that).


When I was a little kid, I remember I used to draw Darth Vader, Boba Fett and the Imperial Tie-Fighters compulsively.
Whenever I had a spare bit of paper or whenever my mind wandered, I would end up doodling variations of those images. I also drew (and coloured in) a few fanboy, speculative comic-book covers; one with Fett crawling out of the Sarlaac pit and another of the Ewok Wicket.