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I deliberately waited some time before attempting to write a review of Star Wars: Episode VII, as when it concerns something like Star Wars one really needs time to process their reaction before committing to a viewpoint.
I also don’t like posting anything amid the flurry of knee-jerk reactions and reviews that accompany the release, and prefer to get some distance beyond the immediate hype before formulating my thoughts. And moreover, something as complex and subjective as a Star Wars movie also needs time to age, especially if – like me – you’re a deep Star Wars fan. Our view of The Force Awakens may be different six months from now; it may also be different years from now, once the other films in this trilogy have emerged and we can see the whole picture more fully.
Nevertheless I have now had time to gather my thoughts: needless to say, major spoilers will soon follow. Also there will be talk of midi-chlorians, so be warned about that too.



Something is wrong with Luke Skywalker.
That much by now seems evident. The Luke Skywalker we’re going to encounter in  Star Wars: Episode VII  is going to be very different from the hero we’re used to or even from the young man we last knew from those timeless final scenes of  Return of the Jedi.
By the way, possible spoilers ahead; so be warned.



Information and spurious “updates” concerning the new Star Wars movies continue to flood the web, with new items emerging seemingly every day, some of which need to be taken with a pinch of salt, some of which might be more meaningful. I’m getting bored already of trying to “sift through the fog of lies”, as Palpatine once remarked.

There is of course a predictable level of excitement about the new trilogy, but there’s almost a fatuousness to this excitement in my opinion. I personally am not particularly excited; more sceptical, guarded. Certainly nothing like as excited as I was in the build-up to The Phantom Menace (oh, that trailer!) or Revenge of the Sith. (more…)