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Everyone will have noticed the sudden explosion of new Michael Jackson stories, claims and allegations, that have hit newspapers and websites in the passed fortnight or so – in the wake of the Sundance Film Festival screening of the film Leaving Neverland.

The claims have all emerged in the wake of the 4-hour documentary detailing the claims of two individuals who claim Jackson abused them over a period of years as children.

My chief question here is why. Or why now, specifically? And is there any truth to these very disturbing claims or is something else going on?

And, just as importantly, how does this relate to the broader question about alleged child abuse in parts of Hollywood and the entertainment industry and in some elite circles? I want to come to that matter, because I have some thoughts on how this whole Michael Jackson saga might relate to it: but I first want to pick through some of the current stories in the media and what we know about the Leaving Neverland film.

My approach here is to be as even-handed as possible. I have no idea whether Michael Jackson did or didn’t do inappropriate things with children. I’ve always been totally 50/50 on that subject: though if pushed, I’d probably have to say that I lean more towards being doubtful that he did that stuff.

I’m not a big Michael Jackson fan necessarily. I haven’t listened to his music for many years (I got turned off when he started getting a bit too messianic for my tastes): but I was a huge fan of his when I was a little kid in the eighties, I still love some of that music, and I still find him a fascinating personality. (more…)


I don’t usually do these kinds of subjects, for various reasons: even though they’re usually so interesting.

But a couple of current stories have prompted it. I’ll get to Michael Jackson: but the first thing is that I was baffled when I noticed a headline pop up on one of my newsfeeds that said: ‘New evidence suggests that Richey Edwards staged his disappearance’.

Really? After almost 25 years?

The NME piece reports, ‘A new book has provided fresh evidence to suggest that Manic Street Preachers guitarist and lyricist Richey Edwards staged his own disappearance…’ (more…)


Right now, some over-excitable people are fretting or evangelizing about the imminent End of the World later this year, in regard to the Mayan Calendar and its ending world cycle.

In all likelihood these are the same sorts of great thinkers (and in the case of authors, profiteers) who were all hot-and-bothered over the Millennium Bug, the year 2000, the year 2006 (according to the much-hyped ‘Bible Code‘), or the year 1999 (according to interpretations of Nostradamus). Of course none of those other much-written-about Doomsdays ever amounted to anything and neither will this one. (more…)