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As a few days ago marked the fifth anniversary of the murder of Muammar Gaddafi, I decided to mark it with a more low-key, fun-ish look back at Libya’s former national figurehead.

A more serious piece on the life and character of one of the most controversial world figures of the 20th century will follow in a few days, which I’d been working on for some time but hadn’t been able to finish in time. (more…)



Watching the memorial service to Muhammad Ali on Friday was at times, as you’d expect, very poignant.



Today the world will say its final goodbye to one of the greatest cultural figures – and probably the most charismatic – of the 20th century. And also the greatest sports star probably of all time.



Much has been made in the days since the death of Muhammad Ali about the ‘whitewashing’ of his life and legacy.



While no one is likely to dispute Muhammad Ali’s claim to the title of Greatest Sports Star of All-Time, it was his potency and relevance as an inimitable cultural and social icon that many more people beyond the realm of sport will always remember him for. (more…)