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For at least two months after Chris Cornell died a year ago, I didn’t listen to any Soundgarden music or any other Cornell music at all.

And I avoided all videos or Cornell-related content.

I wrote something here right after his death was announced: and something a few months later when Cornell’s friend Chester Bennington committed suicide on Cornell’s birthday.

But, aside from that, I went cold-turkey. I was too upset, too emotional, about Cornell to carry on business as usual: and business as usual, for me, would’ve been to be listening to Soundgarden or Audioslave tracks or albums at least once or twice a week. (more…)




Not a day goes by anymore without the newspapers sensationalising something or another that Jeremy Corbyn has said.

The latest is the claim that Corbyn called the death of Osama bin Laden “a tragedy”. For one thing, you might have the mistaken impression from Social Media or from newspaper headlines that Mr Corbyn had said this in recent days; in fact, it’s something he said four years ago, at the time of Bin Laden’s alleged assassination in May 2011.


Christopher Lee, aside from being one of the last greats, was also like some otherwordly force at times too.
It’s difficult in fact to even think of him being deceased without imagining him lingering on as some powerful, supernatural being.


“…one of the few brave voices who spoke out. She did it anonymously – to do otherwise would have brought immediate death. But her blog detailing the abuses meant no one could pretend an accommodation with the terrorists was anything other than a deal with the devil.”  –  Rob Crilly,  Pakistan correspondent for The Daily Telegraph.

If we’re looking for a genuine heroic figure, a genuine cultural icon, in an age where such terms are bandied about without much substance, then 14 year-old Malala Yousafzai is it.

The Pakistani teenager, shot in the head and neck a week ago by the Taliban for the heinous crime of speaking out in favour of education for girls, has come to much wider international attention due to the horrific nature of the attack on her, coupled with the simplicity and innocence of her cause. (more…)