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TIME  magazine, perhaps inevitably, named its person of the year for 2016 as Donald Trump some weeks ago.

Also on its list was, among others, Nigel Farage. In fairness to TIME, they were seeking to reflect the narrative and climate of the year: in which case, Trump, given what he is perceived to have accomplished, is a sound choice; even if the sight of a misogynist, billionaire, Goldman-Sachs/Breitbart-backed elitist on the cover, proclaimed ‘PERSON of the YEAR’ is a little unsavory. (more…)


Michael Heseltine, the veteran Tory politician and reformist, said – just a day after the EU Referendum – that Brexit would provoke the “greatest constitutional crisis in modern times”.

He wasn’t wrong – as recent events are demonstrating. The idea of a quick, ‘Hard Brexit’ (which sounds like a sexual euphemism, but isn’t) has probably gone out of the window with the highly contested judicial verdict that is trying to limit Theresa May’s ability to trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approval. (more…)


As the interest and hype started to build around the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I decided to conduct a little experiment based on the mythology of sorts surrounding the very first televised presidential debate: which had been between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy.



OK, I apologise for the shamelessly attention-seeking headline. But not a day goes by without some attention-seeking newspaper headline or ‘story’ concerning Jeremy Corbyn.

Not since Princess Diana has a single individual in Britain taken up so much newspaper space on a daily basis (and it didn’t end well  for her when she was assassinated by MI5 died in an accidental car crash in Paris).



One of the moments I always remember most from Charles Dickens’ immortal seasonal story,  A Christmas Carol,  is the early passage where Ebeneezer Scrooge is visited by the charity collectors, who naively come to Scrooge for a donation to their ‘fund for the poor’.
True to character, the miserly Scrooge tells them that he doesn’t have time for ‘idle people’. “Are the work-houses still in operation?” he casually asks, implying that the poor, disabled and destitute  should be put to work. When he is confronted with the possibility of many of them dying, Scrooge simply says, “well, they’d best get on with it and decrease the surplus population…”



Right-Wing arch-SuperBitch Katie Hopkins has come under attack for comparing the hundreds of desperate migrants dying in the Mediterranean to “cockroaches” and for suggesting that European governments send “gunships” to deal with the migrants instead of rescue operations.


So who noticed this curious footage of French President Francois Hollande addressing the nation after the Paris attacks?
On the 9th January – a day after the end of the Paris sieges – Hollande gave a live speech on national television about the terror attacks. During his speech he appears to have said the magic word; that “the illuminati are behind the Paris attacks”.



It can’t have escaped too many people’s attention that the footage of Palestinian Cabinet Minister Zaid Abu Ein’s willful manslaughter at the hands of IDF troops bears something of a resemblance to the NYPD’s manslaughter of Eric Garner, albeit with the two crimes having very different (though equally longstanding and unchanging) contexts.
The bitter irony of Zaid Abu Ein’s death occurring on so-called ‘Human Rights Day’ also adds another layer of resonance to the bitterly shameful incident; a death that, it is clear from the footage, was unprovoked and caused by violence that was utterly, utterly unnecessary.


They say pictures speak a thousands words and in many cases that’s true.
And the picture above of anti-Russian, Ukranian forces may communicate something about the nature of what’s going on in that country, contrary to the mainstream news agenda’s portrayal of the situation as a plain-cut case of pro-European and democratic Ukraine on one hand and aggressive Russian domination and interference on the other.