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Seriously? A ‘Day of Rage’?
The problem I have with this protest in London is two-fold. The first is wanting to ‘bring down the government’ (according to the event page on Facebook), which is totally wrongheaded.

And I say this as someone who generally supports Jeremy Corbyn.

The second reason is much more ominous to me – and is to do with language, branding and connotations. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Anyone who reads this blog often enough knows that I’m not defending Theresa May’s government. And most of the reasons people are angry with the government and protesting against it are reasons I entirely agree with. (more…)



The situation around the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota, which has been largely glossed over by much of mainstream US news media, appears to be disturbingly and dramatically indicative of the true dynamic – between citizenry on one hand and law-enforcement and state powers on the other – when the giant corporations (i.e: the real ‘government’) see their enterprises threatened by human rights and pesky native peoples.



On 17th September 2011, Occupy Wall Street gained enormous worldwide media coverage. The people were revolting against the corporate control over society, against the criminal bankers and their vassal government officials, against injustice and inequality.
It felt like, and could’ve been, a defining moment of a generation; it could’ve been world-changing.