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I was asked to share these links and information: and, as they relate to the same, very important subject, I’m doing them both together.

Fresh Start Foundation is an independent, Scottish not-for-profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims and survivors to seek justice and to support their recovery. They are inviting anyone with something to contribute or anyone seeking help to attend their free conference at The Station Hotel in Perth, Scotland, on 3rd May 2017 from 9:15 am to 6 pm.

Event information here. Or reach them via

On a related note, I was also asked to share a petition launched by Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse. (more…)



On 13th March 1996, according to the ‘official’ version of the event, a mentally-disturbed loner named Thomas Hamilton shot dead 16 children at a primary school in Dunblane in Scotland.



Dame Janet Smith’s 1,000-page report into the sexual misconduct of Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall and the actions and policies of the BBC during that time has now been published on the BBC website.


It has become increasingly evident in the last several years that if the full truth about possible Satanic/ritual child abuse among the British Establishment (and beyond) ever comes out, we could witness the complete collapse of the Establishment.
Indeed, other Western Establishments may follow, as the (alleged) cover-up appears to stretch beyond national boundaries.