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Our friend, El-Machete Illustrated, forwarded his latest cartoon to post. Here it is. He’s calling it ‘Illusions of Syria’. It seems to capture the mood pretty adeptly.




A quick introduction to the work of Eric Garcia – a bad-ass political cartoonist who got in touch me with me a few weeks ago.

Eric began creating his cartoons while he was serving in the U.S. Air Force and he decided to start making fun of the military. He has gone on from there to continue an incisive, cartoon-based assault on perceived political corruption, social injustice and mass media hypocrisy. (more…)


Freedom of expression is an absolute cornerstone of modern, liberal societies and should never have to be compromised.
And the right of journalists, commentators and satirists to challenge, provoke or criticise any and every establishment, institution, society, religion, politician, public figure or historical figure is absolutely essential to maintaining an honest discourse and is in the public interest.