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Human beings aren’t just getting greedier, but stupider.

That’s according to Professor Stephen Hawking: and, really, it doesn’t seem like a particularly shocking statement or commentary.

Just simple observation seems to indicate a rapid stupidification process going on all over the place, for a whole host of reasons and manifesting in a whole bunch of different ways.

You see it in society. You see it in people. You see in politicians and political discourse. You see it all across social media. You see in the entertainment industries. You see it in the White House. I’m not even entirely sure when it started to happen – but we appear to be fast-heading towards the comedy-Dystopian future envisioned in the cult movie Idiocracy. (more…)


If you happened to enter a hotel lobby or some other location and encountered this receptionist, would you sense anything peculiar about her? Or would she pass as normal?

A humanoid robot ‘receptionist’ recently (a year ago is still ‘recently’ to me) unveiled at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, ‘Nadine‘ is able to function in a remarkably human-like manner, is able greet visitors and remember their names, and even remember conversations they have previously had. She shakes hands with visitors, waves them goodbye, is able to smile at visitors, and possesses the human touch of looking into people’s eyes when communicating. (more…)


A couple of days ago, media outlets in the UK were filled with opinion pieces about the case of a girl who had died from cancer.

The reason a media fuss was made about it was because the young woman had won a legal claim to be allowed to be cryonically frozen upon her tragic, premature death. It is considered a landmark case; and it is genuinely fascinating for a host of reasons. (more…)


Americans reportedly dump some 35 billion plastic bottles every year. Most of the rest of the world doesn’t fare much better.



Though the Zika virus was originally discovered in 1947, cases of the virus being contracted were only sporadic, and even then only occurred in Africa and southern Asia.
It was until 2013 that that individual cases started to appear in the Americas. It was in May last year that Brazil reported its first case.



If the Jurassic Park  films have taught us anything, it’s that bringing dinosaurs back to life could potentially cause one or two itsy-bitsy problems.



One hundred years ago Albert Einstein, in his General Theory of Relativity, predicted the existence of a Dark Side of the Force to the cosmos.



No, really – there is a war going on inside your body. ‘As a pre-med student at NYU, I took an endocrinology course and became fascinated by how cells within our bodies communicate with each other,’ says ‘Bio-Wars creator, Gabriel Shaoolian. ‘I started to see the body as a bio-cosmos all unto itself. A micro-universe, in which incredible battles for existence and the struggle to survive constantly take place…’
‘Rather than going to medical school,’ he explains, ‘I decided to pursue Biowars ‘.


Scientists conducting experiments at the Large Hadron Collider imminently ‘hope to connect with a Parallel Universe outside of our own’, according to excited headlines doing the rounds in recent weeks.
While I find it highly questionable whether any of the actual ‘scientists’ actually made that claim in quite those terms, the LHC ‘atom smasher’ at CERN in Geneva is being set to its highest energy levels to date in an apparent attempt to detect (or according to some, even to create) miniature black holes.