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This year’s quintessentially British festival of mud and music concluded a few days ago, Glastonbury 2014 no doubt leaving its scores of devotees and regulars happy for another year and its newbie first-timers suitably initiated, some with memories and impressions they’ll never forget and others probably with the vow that they’ll never go back again.
There’s undeniably something about Glastonbury that marks it out as the classic British cultural event, even with all the other annual festivals that now take place across the UK, some of which are genuinely relevant events and others seemingly being there merely for the sake of it.




Long-awaited albums are not an uncommon phenomenon in modern music, with various examples that could be cited, including Katastrophy Wife’s elusive third album, which was originally rumoured for release in 2007. But the 23 years since Trompe le Monde surely makes the new album from The Pixies some kind of record in that department (no pun).



Inspired initially by Free Comic Book Day, the now-annual institution of Record Store Day takes place this 19th April in various countries. Record Store Day 2014, as was to be expected, already has a bunch of interesting releases in store (or literally IN store) for collectors and aficionados, including items from Nirvana, The Doors and the Pixies.