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Or an alternative title for this post could ‘Turkey Comes to the Aid of Geert Wilders’.

I’m just going to come out and say it – even though I could be totally wrong about this. Does anyone else think that the ‘Turkish protests’ in the Netherlands are teeny-weeny bit suspect? I hinted at this yesterday in the post about Geert Wilders – though I didn’t suggest it being a conspiracy at the time. (more…)


Last week, for the first time since the start of the War in Syria, Turkish forces, backed by the United States, crossed the Syrian border and openly intervened against so-called ‘Islamic State‘ forces with heavy artillery strikes on the city of Jarablus (controlled by ISIS), which is situated on the Turkey-Syria border and on the banks of the Euphrates.

On 24th August, a rag-tag of Syrian ‘opposition groups’ led by Turkish special forces (and Turkish tanks) entered Syria and soon captured the city. (more…)


It is still no clearer what was really going in with the failed coup attempt in Turkey.
Some are still claiming Erdogan and his people initiated a false-flag coup themselves, while others are pointing to a failed, Washington-backed coup attempt.



The dramatic events in Turkey overnight are confusing, to say the least. All international outlets report that part of the Turkish military attempted to carry out a coup and oust President Erdogan from power.

We are also told the coup appears to have failed, that Erdogan is safely resuming his presidency and that all the conspirators are to be punished – there is talk of the death penalty returning for the case of these plotters.

If you’re confused as to precisely what has transpired last night in Turkey, don’t worry – everyone appears to be equally confused. (more…)


The dramatic scenes in Istanbul over the weekend can almost be viewed as an illustration of the present Turkish state’s relationship with journalism in general. But even by current Turkish government standards, the literal invasion and takeover of leading opposition newspaper, Zaman, seems pretty radical.



As Ankara has again been hit by deadly terrorism, Turkey’s Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu, has been very quick to assign blame for Wednesday evening’s car bomb in Ankara that killed 28 people.
All the evidence, he said, suggested that the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) were responsible.



Days ago, the Syrian Army, with Russian aid, encircled the crucial city of Aleppo.
Aleppo has for some time been a stronghold for Syrian and non-Syrian militias, rebels and terrorists fighting to topple the Syrian state. If Aleppo is restored to government control, it represents a major turning point in the devastating war that has been raging for five years now.



There seems to have been less mainstream media attention than there should be concerning the Turkish state’s escalating policy of curfews, military incursions and violent crackdowns on Kurdish towns and cities of south-eastern Turkey.


turkey_Tahir Elci

The shooting of prominent Kurdish lawyer and political activist Tahir Elci, dismissed by some state voices as ‘an unfortunate accident’, was almost certainly a targeted assassination.
Shot in the head during a political event on Saturday, the Turkish people have been told the activist died accidentally in a cross-fire. Had there not been a recent history of the Turkish state violently attacking or murdering people, particularly opposition activists, that explanation might seem more credible.